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  1. Hey All-Star, Thanks for doing this! Long time fan. Who are some of your favorite heroes to team up with and why? Also I saw your recent fight against Bonezone, is he your nemesis? Thanks, Douggie
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YNDMRwwHGMX5MdKXK3ta7DowLbhaFUFoQQgGJqSM7gs/edit?usp=sharing
  3. I ran into All-Star today at the natural history museum. She had a gecko crawling over her and she was like "Do you want to learn about geckos?". I didn't answer but she proceeded to give me all kinds of gecko facts and tour me around the museum. Anyway it was a pretty cool experience! Thanks All-Star! - Ace
  4. Hey all, Ace is cool and all but does anyone else think he's a bit overrated? I mean Incrediman is just as cool but I don't see any posts about him on this forum SMH. I just think maybe Ace isn't as cool as you guys think.
  5. Wanted to start a thread about everyone's top Ace ships. I use to be a big Aceccultist fan but now I'm starting to really see the light of InterfACE. What are your guys thoughts? Why?
  6. This hero is quite good and others should be a fan of her. I am very proud of her work as a hero. Thank you, Paige "Chromeheart" Pearson
  7. Pretty much my flow is I first create a base version. Usually just white and grey to get a form I'm happy with. Once I have a template I'm happy with I create a new layer to quickly recreate characters I like! The animations are a bit more complicated. Usually I create a really loose version where I just frame out the animations. Once the animation is looking ok in a really basic form I start to go over each frame again to draw the character in. The discord emojis I usually just do from scratch as they're pretty quick.
  8. Hey folks, For the last bit I've been doing sprite stuff for my buds. I'm pretty proud of my most recent stuff so I thought I'd do a dump of work I've done. Character Line-ups Portraits Animated GIFS Discord Emojis
  9. Absolutely stellar looks. I love how look 2 manages really feel like the more armored version of the toga look. Great stuff.
  10. Here's a bunch more because I was very pleased with the reaction from my other chars Graff my old main Katana/SR Scrapper Laser Fist Rad/Energy Blaster Dr Dread Beam Rifle/Time Corr Diamond Skin Spines/Ice Brute
  11. What a nice compliment thank you 🙂 .
  12. Hey all, Here's a few I've done over the last while. Fist Fight (Inv/SS Tank) Bumble Babe (Elec/Energy Stalker) Acid Wash (Water/Poison Corr) Brainflayer (Mind/Mind Assault Dom)
  13. A couple new ones Ace leader of The Vanquishers Zapp a cool electric guy that I don't know what to do with
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