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  1. The reason to do broadsword is because you want something with +def to go with shield. In that regard it isn't bad. War mace hits a lot harder though and works with shield. Without a shield katana is clearly superior. I loved my bs/sd on live, early on near when sd was released, but...
  2. If your chromebook has an intel/amd processor, you can get a linux shell (/container) on it (my impression is most-to-all can these days), that linux system can install graphical apps, eg, vscode, etc. If you can do that, you can also install playonlinux or wine. If you can do that, you can in theory launch city of via that. I see wine in the repos, so there's a chance. That said the wine in the repos is 2.something, and wine is up to 4.something so it probably is going to be more complicated than loading up linux and apt installing wine. If your chromebook is arm, you'd have to emulate the x86 processor via qemu or similar. If you could even get that to launch it isn't going to be playable. Back in the day when CoH was new, windows PCs weren't really rocking more than 2-3 gigs anyway, so there's a chance.
  3. I do see a difference -- I had to un-reverse my mouse buttons, because suddenly CoH played nice with my leftie mouse on linux using synergy to control windows running CoH. GG A++++ would run a modernized program again. It makes me wonder (and maybe I'll test tomorrow) if scroll would work for me (over synergy), without having to have a scroll wheel device plugged directly into the windows box.
  4. You don't really feel good about defense until you get to 40% def is my memory. 45% is god mode unless you suffer cascading defense failure. I've been meaning to work on a bio scrapper... maybe I should!
  5. I prefer rad/fire to spines/fire because of the pbaoe vs the cone. Otherwise they are highly comparable. But positioning for the cone is annoying in a group of mobs. They jump around. Them move to your landing zone and push you around and the client thinks you aren't on the ground so you can't cast burn... or you leave the spawn on the ground to get the cone right and your aura is not hitting them. That said at a very base level pretty much any brute is going to be able to farm. Spend 500mil-1bil on them and I'd be surprised if you can come up with a combo so bad it couldn't run an appropriate farm at +4x8. Now it may not run it *fast* but I can't imagine it can't run it. I'd tried to build a no-cost-barred ss/fire build to farm with in mids, but I couldn't get past the 10 sec rage crash with high recharge looking ugly. I'm a lazy farmer -- I want to convert to reds only and not monitor def. I did that before mine were kitted out and I don't want to go back.
  6. With how few slots you likely had per power (unless you're dumping all the slots in one or two powers), it isn't like you're really going to notice DOs helping all that much. @cejmp -- The purple insp note is a good one too. I like the uniques because then I don't have to remember to eat (or have) a purple. 6% won't likely do it for you by itself if you have a 15% hill to climb, but if you can find another 3-4%, I bet that will. The other thing you should check for is get your defs on the monitor window so that you can see if you are suffering cascading defense failure. Slotting some of your powers (I think its the mez prot?) with res can help that, but of course you want the mez prot more, so it may have to wait until you have enough slots to go around.
  7. Do you have the +3% def uniques slotted? If not, prioritize that.
  8. Honest question from someone looking at an ill/time controller -- if chrono shift's heal isn't a big deal (which it shouldn't be, you want to pre-buff with this for the rech/end so at best its a bit of HoT as you go into a fight post buff) then why waste so many slots on it?
  9. Scrapper builds should largely be "good enough." Only diff will be they can't get as high of resist, but on SD that doesn't matter anyway...
  10. I don't know that I'd SS/SD, because that rage crash is going to be no fun when it hits. YMMV.
  11. Rockfall

    Old old Brute guide

    Not the same guide, but similar: https://web.archive.org/web/20120905165029/http://boards.cityofheroes.com/showthread.php?p=858511#post858511 Also, since its i13 it isn't quite accurate anymore (Fitness was still a pool... O.o). And there's forums code gore too from sometime they upgraded. I've thought about updating it but never quite got around to bothering.
  12. This is a "conversion" of my WM/SD scrapper: | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1450;672;1344;HEX;| |78DA6594494F136118C7DF69A756A0A52D05CBDE82AC05BBA817592441C08060308| |D5E9BA11DDAD186366D5D387AF00B78F1E496B85EFC0E5E5DE227118C1E5DEAD3F9| |FF5B0E3381FC78FECFFA3E332F3B0FD67C1FAE3E5C515AF7959251AB6533B9AA51A| |99855EF75A37EB76A94943C9ED54C32B3E695BF065BEEEC8E5932CDC46AB56CE4B3| |99FBE56A3EDA76AD99FBE641CD4C648A9659CAB74CE5DB2D974B896DD3A8580705B| |F6D6C5885625DAC40CB9537ABB5A25509D9F6E6C13DAB66ED5925AB7E185AAF58B9| |C46A397F98DD316A75B37AD82FE34CCA6FB63997FD343CCAD0954AEBEAD41EE8CB8| |1DD79D204831F5D4A8575D5E99734CDCE75AB23377CC760CF4FF2176878192A7DB4| |97A8E3621DD753D8FA33F239E7780176491F37FBB83750AF7793DC02CF5C037D12E| |B41ACC733AFE023FB23E21811DED26C7BF4267903CCC98C5E7BCA86C7FB09F54E67| |C59C167E81DDF995FCCC7EDF40BFF4EDC0F954C71CFA45A45E17B5AE863C6A4F143| |F14CDCFA818D92D8E80667757813168A6C487B8B5D0023AC516C925706C99BC0C4E| |AF7023921B46AE2B1CC409E77BC93E5093983E4ED8674FE81625C25D4792A834952| |653EC701EDC97D8014E37B08F89070B64111CB6C8DBE0E81D5097DC21F619E27413| |9C6E220C4E71CA90C48E20D635C2D83863E38C29484C94B3442FB9B09105F0EC22B| |9442E8313FCFE42B2F971E68EFF862FFE073CF797FC472A9C3DF908768F17F7A8B9| |C149BEB51EA937436D86DF5E58E2E6F85DCEBD42EEFC6B30F9867C0BA6DF91EFC18| |0D44B20572546512F285A8A5A8A7D87F5F65D969FE6DB8CEAED1BDA883BBC298792| |7628171CCA4587B2ED5076F5F66D579AAD1C778AD2FA5FB1A5D9776A76931CC34E6| |763E0D1492CEBFD38515C2A86D34E3FE6969E80DF1D591D41D57C5BF6E9FF03AB2B| |E528| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| +5% to both melee/ranged, -5% to aoe defs. Better rech, to-hit, acc, etc. Its more expensive and not optimized (I literally flipped wm->bs in the builder and fixed things that unslotted). You may want more or less recharge/-res procs or to rearrange them. It is expensive though, with ATOs, a purple set, and a winter set. I probably would look at pulling slots out of parry -- with enough defense parry isn't adding a lot. If you keep it, it can be a set mule or you can drop it for something else. This is a team-friendly build -- thus the leadership pool (plus maneuvers is handy for getting up to softcap). YMMV of course.
  13. Are all the mobs mobile and adding 5x the server load in the new one?
  14. I'd tried similar on Linux but had little success. A web version would be lovely. Especially one that had essentially no backend -- save all state in the link itself.
  15. "Measure twice, cut once."
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