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  1. Yes! it is! Who were you?? Hopefully I didn't stink.
  2. I've been torn on this build for the past few days. I really like both approaches, but something still feels off. I'm going to try retooling it a bit myself, with some inspiration from both Darkir and Oedipus. Appreciate you all so much -- which I could give more detail to what is bugging me with the build, but I'm not entirely sure yet. For starters, I think I'm convinced in switching to Mace for Scorp Shield. Whether I go all in and grab web+pet is TBD. Scorp shield, although boring, is too important to give up. Being able to soft cap defenses much easier is important to me as I want to be as tanky as possible. Oppressive Gloom, while fun, is super weak right? Like a suspiciously low Mag 2 compared to base ST holds of Mag 3.... Soul Drain is amaaaazing, but damage is least important to me... I also don't think this toon is really going to put out much damage. I was thinking about how to stay at range a bit more to compliment my cones, but I realize that with HL and Blackstar I have to be in melee at least once a minute anyways. Also I definitely will be dropping Infrigidate in my final build... and I don't need a travel power. Ninja Run might as well be one, it's simply so good for free. Giving me access to vengeance or assault or anything else. Just speaking out loud.
  3. Super interesting take on the build! Mind if I ask about the Boxing slotting? I've seen, in several scenarios, people slot the heck out of Boxing (or brawl) to achieve certain set bonuses, but it seems like such a "feelsbadman" to have to spend so many slots on a power I never use. Are the bonuses that important? Are there different ways to achieve it? Genuinely curious.
  4. At first glance this looks AWESOME -- The only change I would make, myself, without being able to see the full build as I'm at work... is swapping Torrent for Assault. I think Torrent is super meh, and don't feel like it's needed in my attack chain. At least if I pick up assault, I can provide some general-wide damage and gain back 4 slots back to put into Tactics for a full Gaussian set. What you think?
  5. Good to know! Appreciate the small changes... Will try to implement them! BTW, on my Fire/Dark right now... my opener looks like this: 1) Flashfire / Howling Twilight 2) Bonfire 3) Fire Cages 4) Tar Patch 5) Darkest Night Do you do something similar?
  6. Holy crap, I was looking for a team-oriented Fire/Dark build -- THANK you for this!
  7. That's what I'm hoping for, too. When I'm back home I can post it into the thread properly without an attachment.
  8. Hey there, friends - I really appreciate all the help with the Therm/Sonic build, and while I'm currently leveling it, I may have found a toon that I enjoy even more. I promise I won't squander everyone's help in the other build, I definitely plan to level it up and IO it up, but I may finish this new toon first. It's Cold/Dark. I realize it's not min/max, as I'm not going Sonic, but I'm enjoying it so much! Would love any/all input! Couple things to mention. My priorities are: 1) Support First -- whatever I can do to augment to offense and defense of my team because I never, EVER solo 2) Tankability -- I want to be as tanky as the build will allow 3) Damage -- Might as well, right? Hoping for perma hasten and HL, which shouldn't be too hard, though I am not perma on the build just yet. Thinking about potentially dropping Infrig for CJ to get tankier, but let me know what you think.... Hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year! Defender - Cold Domination - Dark Blast V1.5.mxd
  9. You're amazing! gonna try this change for SURE
  10. this is SUPER helpful -- any other tips I'll gladly take. Especially positioning, too. Or how you open and stuff like that ❤️
  11. Generally speaking, I prefer being as tanky as possible without sacrificing my ability to support a team. A dead support is a useless support 🙂 So, I feel like I'm more likely to roll the first one? Maybe? Appreciate the alternative approach though, this looks cool too!
  12. This build is DOPE. I love it for a few reasons: 1) I had no idea you could get epic pool pets to perma (or close-to) which gets me very excited 2) I hate Thaw HAHA. It's a great power, but I don't like the upkeep portion of it. Totally fine with Forge. 3) Really clever use of Shout Thank you for putting this together so quickly!
  13. I'm certainly no expert in the game, but I have learned to approach things a bit different from others... and I think that mindset applies to your question. Two points I should make... one general and one specific. The general point: People. Select. Too. Many. Attack. Powers. It's my biggest pet peeve in toon-building that I've seen (obviously this is all a personal opinion). It may not seem like it while leveling, but once you reach endgame, when you're in the 150%-170%+ recharge numbers, your attacks recharge so fast that you end up not using a lot of them. People often develop their own attack chains (that solve a variety of purposes) to determine their most effective DPS. Not only does that smooth your rotation of abilities, but it ensures that you're using everything effectively based on your own, personal recharge. Additionally, for defenders, you'll often see them skip long-animation powers and SNIPES. Doms and Blasters have a much easier time getting enough ToHit to get insta-snipe. Defenders is a lot harder, so it's often skipped. The specific point: At the end-game build, for example, you could go Scream > Shriek > Screech and repeat that endlessly with no holes. So why would you need Shout? As someone who is specifically focusing on the Defender aspect first, the blasting comes secondary (despite how good -res is) and so having a minimal, effective, tightened attack chain for Sonic feels best. A good way to test this is to go onto the test server, Pineapple, and try and make a build like this. Heck, take all of the abilities, slot up some recharge and you'll quickly see that you can't click powers fast enough to effectively incorporate all the attacks without wasting recharge (if that makes sense). I make it a priority to focus on building effective attack chains. Remember this ONLY applies to end game. In fact, I'd even recommend you take all the attacks while leveling (since respecs are all over the place) to get the attacks you want and then as you finalize your build, you can slim it down. Lastly, look how tightknit this build is. I can't even get everything I want with the minimal powers I've taken in Sonic. I still need to get amplify in there somehow and not sure what to give up. At the end of the day it's all based on what you want to play but hopefully this provided some perspective on how I think about it.
  14. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind sharing your version of a Thermal/Sonic? ❤️ Regardless, I really appreciate the input!
  15. Thank you for putting this together, Auroxis. I like this looks of this a lot. Sucks to lose aim, but damage is secondary for me anyways. The only thing I might try to move around is Melt Armor. 47 feels a tad too late for me, so I might try to swap it with tough and weave. Melt Armor at 32 Tough at 44 Weave at 47 Is there a reason you went Melt armor so late? Maybe I'm missing something.
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