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  1. Who or what is this "Fluffy"? Is that the Phantasm?
  2. Awesome, will take a look when I get home from work
  3. Oh, that sounds pretty good. But the umbra beast in Dark sounds nice, but have no idea if it's any good. But do any of you guys have a build I could try, preferably a leveling build
  4. But will you be able to solo as Ill/Dark? It's getting hard to find a party on red side 😄
  5. Hi guys I primarily play Spider & MM on Villain side, but kinda wanna try out a controller. Was wondering what i should roll? Been toying with the idea of a Dark/RAD Or Dark/Dark Controller. Let me hear your thoughts about it.
  6. Hi guys I've got a problem. My Crab feels weak, and I can hardly do any missions solo. Is there a way to salvage this "build" ? See pic below, can provide ingame pic if need be
  7. Hi, Denmark here. Don't know if I'm moving yet, since I play mainly villain, and it seems we are quite few. Will keep and eye on the status site for now.
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