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  1. Thanks for sharing this and the type up, AA. Message me on discord or tag me here if you run into issues.
  2. Yep, EM/ and /EA stalkers are pretty popular for playing in RV. Ice is a really good all-round blaster set. Dark is pretty decent too, especially in 1v1s. /nrg's ok as a secondary. Most popular secondary for ice/ and dark/ would be /plant, good damage with toxins and proc'ing out strangler, sonic manip is a pretty good pairing for those too.
  3. Yeah, on boomtown you can jaunt into some of the crane areas, but can't get out other than jaunting out. Overall it felt like all maps we tried are pretty good for 8v8s (Boomtown, Council Earth, new Industrial, Last Bastion, Luna Square) in terms of size, layout, and geometry. I think a few people mentioned getting stuck on ramps on Industrial, but I didn't have issues. And someone mentioned one of the map spawns being too close together, but I don't remember which one. Thanks for the work on this, doubling the number of viable team PVP maps is pretty great.
  4. @xhiggy @dan petro (?) @average player ice/emp contr psn/beam beam/elec
  5. Thanks to all participants, people who stuck around to observe, and congratulations to Chris and Dak on their flawless upper bracket run, not dropping a single death! And thank you to Wombo and Fire Wire for funding the prize pool and Hot for the addition to 1st prize. Final bracket. Great job to the costume contest winners Reib, Riq, Hot Dogger, and Justin and to the FFA winners Silit and Silent (sudden death honorable mention Alouu). Checkout the upcoming PVP events on the 19th:
  6. Travel suppression and heal decay. These are also both off in PVP zones so these 2 rules will be the same if you're used to that.
  7. 500. Incredible. Well done, HP. To correct this: HP and I are the only people on the team that really use the root cancel in a significant capacity, averaging about 60 per match each (~6 per minute). Everyone else on the team doesn't really use it at the moment, on average ~6 per match per person for everyone else (or a whopping once every 90 seconds). On top of this, drawing the pistol doesn't mean the animation root is necessarily cancelled, the actual number of successful uses will be lower than this. An unsuccessful crey timing will still cause you to lose target, but leave you
  8. .mxd is a plain text format.
  9. Open in Mids which you can get working on Mac with Wine with a bit of effort. Or in a pinch just view it in a text editor.
  10. Here's a general ill/emp build with 1606 and some extra slots to do what you want with. Should be noted that there are a lot of different ways to build it and most builds I see have different power selections/priorities and they all work fine. E.g. some builds go power boost instead of hibernate, take both phases, take more/less pets, go medicine pool instead of concealment, etc. And with more people playing elec affinity now you mightwant to work recovery aura into the build. Usually you don't want more than 4 panacea sets since you're slotting at least 1 set of glad nets and you
  11. I think this was a hastily done build for 2v2s only and would be really bad in any other format.
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