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  1. .mxd is a plain text format.
  2. Open in Mids which you can get working on Mac with Wine with a bit of effort. Or in a pinch just view it in a text editor.
  3. Here's a general ill/emp build with 1606 and some extra slots to do what you want with. Should be noted that there are a lot of different ways to build it and most builds I see have different power selections/priorities and they all work fine. E.g. some builds go power boost instead of hibernate, take both phases, take more/less pets, go medicine pool instead of concealment, etc. And with more people playing elec affinity now you mightwant to work recovery aura into the build. Usually you don't want more than 4 panacea sets since you're slotting at least 1 set of glad nets and you can only have 5 of the same set bonus in a build (i.e. if you have 5 panaceas and 1 glad net set then 1 of your 7.5% recharge bonuses wouldn't be doing anything). ill_emp_general.mxd
  4. I think this was a hastily done build for 2v2s only and would be really bad in any other format.
  5. Defense is not very good on ranged characters due to the DR curve that's applied defense. Tough is useful only if you don't have a resistance shield from your epic/patron pool; the additional PVP resistance you get from running tough on top of other resistances is really minimal.
  6. hp (captain) dex hells lib march silit vinnie xhiggy z. standby: sorrows unholy pf h0j
  7. consolidating various pvp-related links that have been posted elsewhere into one place. if anything's missing post it below or you can ask me to add it to this post. pvp wiki page - covers a lot of technical info well like base resistances, diminishing returns, damage differences, and pvp flags on powers. good place to start with no prior or outdated pvp info. pvp discord - the unofficial homecoming pvp discord. lots of helpful people willing to answer specific questions. advice skews towards team arena over pvp zones or dueling. homecoming pvp forums - these forums here, pvp section of the homecoming forums. good for more structured conversations vs discord. pvp calc - Mallex’s calculator for figuring out effects after diminishing returns and proc rates on powers ppm list - list of all enhancement procs with PPM rates and effects from macskull arena/kickball primer - goes over general info for arena pvp and kickball specifically. Links to Twitch channels with VODs at the end. emp basics - document covering some of the basics of healing in arena team pvp (and pvp in general). links to VODs with additional emp info at the end. for new healers with some starting pvp knowledge. pvp builds - spreadsheet listing all Mids/Pines builds that have been posted to the pvp discord #build-discussion channel. Note there’s no curation of the list, so the builds may not be good. mids’ reborn hero designer - the program almost everyone uses to plan their character’s builds before respec’ing/leveling, usually up to date for homecoming servers mallex's guides - check the channel description for links to mini graphics covering various topics general build advice - good comment by Dan Petro on general pvp build philosophy (be sure to also read his other comments in the thread) attack frame data - frame data on popular pvp attacks put together by mallex Attack chain guide - Basics on common 8v8 PvP attack chains
  8. Mallex's RV list is pretty good https://i.imgur.com/XAjzpj5.png though it's from a while ago and there are some things he'd probably change now. Like dark control is no longer top tier since the hold is no longer bugged.
  9. good event 👍 if you have any info you'd like added to that kickball doc msg me on pvp discord @daniel.
  10. there's the KB on friday which may become a semi-regular thing, plus the impromtu kb's which start up here and there. problem doing kb on scrim nights is that half the regular people are playing or would prefer watching the scrims. maybe mondays if anyone wants to give it a shot.
  11. Mystic flight is still very nice for 2v2s imo (unless it's an indoor map). For 2v2s compared to 8v8 builds you can get away with less range, not capped HP, and not capped move speed. I don't think the pets really do anything in a 2v2, but I still like them. Controllers don't bring much damage to the table so basically in a 2v2 you just want to keep your damage dealer alive. Maybe start with something like this, switch leviathan to primal forces maybe http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1467&c=661&a=1322&f=HEX&dc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