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  1. FYI Pines should work on Mac thru Wine, try searching for the Tools section of the forums for info.
  2. I don't think so, it's been posted a few times in the bug section though.
  3. The invalid target thing is a bug on Homecoming - either on your end or the invalid target's end. I think the bugged player needs to relog to fix the issue. This doesn't happen too often though. Exemplaring was changed at some point so you have access to powers +5 your exemplared level. So in SC you get your 35 power, in Warburg you get your 41 power, etc.
  4. Hey all, based on some discussion that’s been going on we’re gonna add a few restrictions to kickball matches: No Electrified Net Arrow on /TA blasters, remove if from your tray if needed. This is blasters only - no restrictions on web grenades, /TA corrs and controllers, or TA/ defenders. No IO mez procs. Just gonna put a blanket restriction on all of them as a bunch of them are doing broken durations; same thinking as the existing mez bans. When there are less than 4 emps in the pool team sizes are limited to 6. I’ll try to remind people about these changes during kickball, but if you notice someone using a banned power just (politely) let them know about the rule change. As always discuss changes or things you’d like to see here or on the PVP discord.
  5. I agree 6v6 is a fun format. It think it comes down to 8v8s being what we remember playing on live and just running max team size to get everyone to play (especially in kickball).
  6. Thanks Glacier, I'm glad you found it useful. Arena PvP's always had a bit of an accessibility issue coming from PvE and the current PvP system is pretty fast paced which makes it harder to get into. Kickball is probably the best intro for someone interested in team arena PvP, but it's still pretty daunting for someone new.
  7. Hey all, typed up some info for new players interested in kickball. Might be a useful read If you've seen some videos/streams and would like to learn more or have showed up once or twice and had questions about the format. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-kJ0klKlgG3TrXNKGmVgbKEYRcHXUHTH2K5byrYYbvQ/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Congratulations to MJB and Spag Bol on their 2v2 win coming in from the loser’s bracket side! And thanks to all the players who showed up and to @Fire Wire for helping with the event. Final bracket shown here with BP/Justin taking the 5th place (by default) and Peanut/Somonenice taking the 7th place tiebreaker. I believe all the prizes have been paid out, check with your teammate if you don't have it. 3 40 mil prizes (per team, 20 per person) were raffled and won by Spinezor/Ghost, Head Case/Tortoise, and Jorim/DischargedBolt2 (check your emails). Grats to Justin for winning the 26-man FFA. Couple hiccups today, but thanks to everyone keeping the event running smoothly. Stay tuned for another event in the next month probably and if you're running a PvP event be sure to advertise on the PvP Discord as well.
  9. Yep, play by honour system. Alphas are allowed, some interfaces and hybrids will show up in the combat log. And destiny, lore, and judgement are obvious to see.
  10. We're allowing late entries up to 32 teams, late entries won't get a first round bye if possible
  11. Yeah, we're reminding people to edit their posts. FYI 2 other teams signed up by PMs since they couldn't get on the forums in time @shogun alpha @seductive @bp @poned psi/ta emp/*
  12. It depends on when you're in the zone and who else happens to be in there. Some people like to do the standing around, dueling PvP (fight clubbing), most of the time it's just a few people on either side with a bit of back and forth, and occasionally you'll get 20+ people in the zone on teams and it will be more fast paced and chaotic.
  13. Hi everybody, 1 week reminder to sign up. I’ve added some rule clarifications below. There’s 1 person looking for a partner in this thread plus I’ve seen people asking in arena chat and discord. Remember on top of the huge influence prizes you get: bragging rights (most important), maybe a custom Discord title if you want, and potentially you can get featured in some of the various community content like the possibly upcoming Terminal, people’s Twitch/Youtube, and the totally real Arena magazine (Aug ‘19 featuring the previous champs). Clarifying a few questions and concerns that have been brought up: Can you use temp powers which can’t be disabled in arena? (e.g. mystic fortune) Yes. They’re accessible for everyone to get without major hurdles and pretty minor buffs, plus I can't really police this in every match. Can I leave my team as a defender to get the extra vigilance damage boost? Yes. If a teammate DCs in the first 2 minutes restart the match. If they DC in the rematch you must play it out. Both players (barring DCs) must stay in the match for the entire duration. If a team is found to be doing something really stupid like having one player “DC” when they’re ahead and leaving a stalker or tank in T9 in the rest of the match they’ll be given a loss. I don't expect cheesy stuff like this to be an issue, just use your best judgement. If a team is shown to be running non-alpha incarnates (in combat logs for example) they’ll be given a loss for the round.
  14. Don't know if there's been a Psi/EM build posted, but there have been plenty of Psi/* builds posted on the PvP Discord. Have a read thru this general build post and then you can search the discord for blaster builds to use as a starting point.
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