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  1. They're exchangeable enough that I wouldn't worry about having both. If you go defender I'd go /Ice right now since you can slot range bonuses in BFR and freeze ray. If you're playing in zones or smaller arena matches the play style starts to move away from spike damage and towards sustained damage where the extra ~15% heal value is nice. Also, having a better heal other sometimes means you can stay out of AP more often which can work in larger matches too depending who and what you're playing against. Plus you can slot BIB for damage 🙂 Larger matches if you're playing against a team that consistently targets you if you AP then having the dimension shift on the grav/emp is very useful for survival.
  2. Seems like most people with both controller and defender emps are switching between them depending on the match/night, either AT works depending on where you'll be playing mostly (zone, kickball, scrims, match size, etc.) though grav/emp does seem to be the current trend. For range>heal you have a lot more leeway for your own+your target's positioning and you're more likely to be in range to heal people when you need to be which is important since heal timing is much more important than heal amount for most matches. A lot of the time your heals will be bringing your target to full too where extra healing bonuses wouldn't help. I haven't really run the numbers or anything, but I don't notice missing a little bit of healing bonus but I did notice switching to a higher range build. Usually it works better for people to set their team's target caller as waypoint rather than an emp.
  3. We ran a PvP event on test tonight (~23 people for 3 hours) and having the fixed mez durations was great to have.
  4. Congrats to Poned, Chris, and MJB on the win with the 6-1 record! Thanks to the 8 teams (~23 people) who came out and played and all the people who made their characters last minute.
  5. Looks like Ethereal Shift is partially fixed to obey the NoPhase timer on test server. It now is disabled from being used after the initial 30 sec of the NoPhase timer, however you can activate it before the 30 sec is up and still get the full duration of intangibility. E.g. if you activate Ethereal Shift at 29 sec in Phase Shift you will get an effective 59 seconds of intangibility per NoPhase cooldown instead of the intended 30 seconds. (not a PvP specific bug, but probably doesn't impact PvE). Probably a trickier fix since it's not a toggle like most phase shift-like powers. The temp power jump packs are still working in arena with temp powers disabled, if it's trivial to implement this would be a great fix to include with the mez duration fixes.
  6. TEAM LETHAL LOTTERY EVENT SATURDAY OCTOBER 5, 9 PM EASTERN (6 PM PT) OVERVIEW 6v6 arena matches where each round your team of 3 players gets paired with another team of 3 players and will face off against another randomly paired 2 teams. The number of rounds played during the group stages will depend on the number of teams signed up. Finals format is to be determined based on number of teams attending. You play as one of the 2 the characters you signup with. We're looking at running the event on test server which has the PVP mez duration fixes and allows people to bring different characters without leveling up new toons. This means using the test server commands to level up and slot your characters prior to the event (it probably takes 20 min if you have a build ready); see the popup menu utility for an easy way to do this. Vote in the poll if you're for/against running the event on test. edit: test server won the vote, event on the test server PRIZES Reward merits temporary PVP Discord Titles more? SIGNUPS Sign up as a team of 3 in this thread with one player posting your @players and characters (ATs and powersets). You can edit in the characters you're bringing later, just do it before the event. Feel free to enter with a team name if you want. Be sure to read the rules below. While it’s encouraged to sign up as a full team you may use this thread to sign up solo or a team of 2. You can use this thread or Discord to join or form teams prior to the event -be sure to update your posts with changes. Before the event teams of 2 (and teams of 3 with no-shows) will be filled with the remaining solo-signups with early signups having priority (late signups may not get on to a team). If there are enough solo signups they’ll be formed into teams of 3. There's no guarantee you're get to play if you don't sign up with a team, but we'll try to get everyone in if possible. RULES AND FORMAT Default arena settings (10 min matches, small insps only, no TS, no heal decay, arena temp powers only) Ties settled in sudden death Banned powers (pending test server changes): electrifying net arrow (blasters) and telekinesis. Limit 1 poison (any AT) per group of 6 (and only 1 of your 2 characters may be a poison). late rule edit: AT limit of 3 stalkers You determine your lineup each round in your group of 6 before being matched with an opponent (i.e. no counter picking for team comps). Alpha only incarnate powers. Other incarnates to be unslotted for the event. Group stage maps will be randomly chosen from a pool of the following: Sky, Steel, Outbreak, Striga, Atlas, Lab Finals maps will be chosen from the same map pool. Length of event will depend on the number of teams, but we’re aiming for 2 to 3 hours like the previous events. New players are welcome and encouraged to come out and get a taste of some arena PVP. Feel free to ask any questions about the event, builds, or PVP in general here on the forums or on the PVP Discord. You can also PM questions to the admins and mods on the PVP Discord. The event will be run from Discord and voice channels will be available to use for communication, be sure to check beforehand that you can get Discord working. This event will be run instead of Saturday kickball.
  7. FYI for anyone that missed the last few weeks, we're doing an emp draft phase prior to black team draft now. More info and discussion in the #arena channel in discord.
  8. Looks like some good fixes, thanks to the devs and also Dan Petro for reporting a bunch of the broken mezs.
  9. I only follow the true father of beams, the Naturalizer Thanks for putting together this list, Pale
  10. xhiggy

    PvP Bugs

    Mallex brought up that in PvP storm's O2 boost is incorrectly granting the PvE stun protection in addition to the PvP stun resistance. This may not be a bug as I don't know the intent, but several temp powers are usable in zones and arena (with temp powers turned off). I'm mainly thinking of alignment powers (Call to Justice) and P2W powers including the 2 jump packs and mystic fortune. Based on temp powers that are disabled in PvP I'd imagine for consistency that these powers aren't meant to be enabled. I can edit this post later with a better list of powers if someone doesn't beat me to it. Edit (to add more if I think of them) : Steam Jump Jump Pack Mystic Fortune Call to Justice The P2W temp power Ethereal Shift is still usable when you have the NoPhase buff. More of a general bug, but I've seen people use it in PVP to stay unaffecting longer than I think is intended.
  11. FYI Pines should work on Mac thru Wine, try searching for the Tools section of the forums for info.
  12. I don't think so, it's been posted a few times in the bug section though.
  13. The invalid target thing is a bug on Homecoming - either on your end or the invalid target's end. I think the bugged player needs to relog to fix the issue. This doesn't happen too often though. Exemplaring was changed at some point so you have access to powers +5 your exemplared level. So in SC you get your 35 power, in Warburg you get your 41 power, etc.
  14. Hey all, based on some discussion that’s been going on we’re gonna add a few restrictions to kickball matches: No Electrified Net Arrow on /TA blasters, remove if from your tray if needed. This is blasters only - no restrictions on web grenades, /TA corrs and controllers, or TA/ defenders. No IO mez procs. Just gonna put a blanket restriction on all of them as a bunch of them are doing broken durations; same thinking as the existing mez bans. When there are less than 4 emps in the pool team sizes are limited to 6. I’ll try to remind people about these changes during kickball, but if you notice someone using a banned power just (politely) let them know about the rule change. As always discuss changes or things you’d like to see here or on the PVP discord.
  15. I agree 6v6 is a fun format. It think it comes down to 8v8s being what we remember playing on live and just running max team size to get everyone to play (especially in kickball).
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