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    You have partied with your fellow capes in Pocket D and now is your chance to socialize with them in Real Life. On Saturday 19th of October whilst EGX is on you can join us for a London Community Meet and Greet at The Merchant in Canary Wharf from 4pm onwards.  If you have any questions then feel free to DM me on Discord or respond here and I'll be happy to help.


    If Traveling from Excel to the Venue you can use the following guide. One train journey and a bit of walking.



    Travel Details Below

    By Bus
    Buses stopping on North Colonnade (a two minute walk from the pub) include the 134, 277, D3, D7, D8 and N550.

    By Tube
    Our nearest tube stop is Canary Wharf. Exit and follow the signs for Cabot Square, before walking down the steps to West India Quay. We're just on the right.

    By Train
    From Canary Wharf Underground or Canary Wharf DLR station, head northbound along Chancellor Passage towards the North Dock. Heron Quays and West India Quay are also within 8 minutes’ walk.

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  2. We want to start choosing Dev Choices and rotating good story arcs every two weeks. To accomplish this, we need the communities help.


    We are looking for a couple of judges who enjoy playing the player made Missions to work together and with myself to get this put in place.


    If you are interested then please contact me on discord under GM EV#0533. Hopefully we can get enough help to get the ball rolling.


  3. I would like to start with a huge thank you to all the members of the community that attended. We are all excited about the changes and constant improvements we want to make to the AE system.  Here are the lists of topics mentioned and what we hope to add in the short and long term.


    Story and Farm driven Missions

    Let’s start with the biggest topic that was discussed and preface this with that there is no intention to remove farming Missions. The Homecoming team accept that they are very much a part of the game and community at this point.

    Our main priority however is for fun new creative content so our focus will be towards Story based features.


    Missing Powersets

    So it appears that there are a few powersets still missing so we plan to look into getting these added in the AE Character Creator. We will release more information when we can gauge the scope of this change. The list we have so far are:

    Water Blaster

    Darkness Affinity

    Nature Affinity

    Time Manipulation


    Developers Choice, Hall of Fame and Spotlights

    We want to work towards redoing this system since a lot has changed from when the game was originally running. This change is going to take the longest to do as it involves a lot of discussion and planning from both the Homecoming team and our community. In the mean time we hope to get something simple in place to rotate the top Story driven missions to get a good flavour of content flowing.


    I will be publishing more information in the next few days so keep an eye out for announcements.


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