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  1. Girl With Colitis *mondegreen from the beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds DFB LFM PST ...
  2. I will be 63 this year. "Manners", the social niceties of getting along together, are essential for real world interaction between us apes. The social glue that knits society together. The recent socio-polircal upheavals in America are testament to what wil happen if a large part of society decides to go rogue. Private exchanges aren't public interactions. The 'mannrs;' component of long-time friends isnt as resrrictive; whilst I'm free to tell my friends to eff off (and I do, often, colloquially 'havd ypu been told, today?" is part of the SG argot), the decision by
  3. Don't disagree. The circumstances were just too fraught at that particular juncture. A series of unfortunate events.
  4. Without stereotyping -too- much, there is a vast difference between Australian interaction with others and American interaction with others. Generally speaking, Aussies are rough and forthright, needling and prodding, just to raise hackles for a laugh. Whereas Americans, in general, are polite with strangers, to what I consider to be an excessive degree, always ready to defend strangers against accusations of incompetence: "they might be having internet issues" "maybe they are indisposed" "perhaps they are busy on the phone at the moment?" "don't you think maybe thei
  5. Ennvee, you left discord so quickly, I had no time to ascertain particulars before you were gone. I was very peeved that the 'meeting' between my old server friends and my new ones went so badly. My judgment over how you guys reacted is probably skewed, because of my fondness for my long time friends as well as the SG regulars I currently team with each day. It hurt me that my friends were less than perfect (ie asshats) this time -- which is quite a claim, since *I* am the one who is always exhibiting objectionable behaviour when I team with them. Glad you ain't too
  6. Ah. The player in question is a veteran, who recently returned to the game. We have a long history of prodding and poking each other, so his comment of 'no effine way' was to be taken with a grain of salt, he was just acknowledging my existence. His first comment upon joining the team was 'you realise <leader> (me) is going to die, a lot?' Our relationship over many years is hidden from your world-view, and that is understandable, but a grave error if you think he was 'serious' in his dismissive attitude to the question. And the discord thing -- wel
  7. You misunderstand -- I was referring to the remainder of the spawn around the last barrel/glowy, those riffraff.
  8. I wrote my blog post rant so that I could point my SG at it to explain a few things. You see, my Aussie friends are awesomely talented players, I mean top shelf gurus of the game, from our time back on live. But the situation was awkward with them not being on discord, and my SG doing things for 'odd' reasons which weren't apparent. One of the other SG members wrote to the Aussie guy mid TF (Yin) explaining the why and whatever, and my friend took that on board and moderated his desire to speed through and leave the team to deal with the riffraff. That fixed up my friend's ratin
  9. You know, sometimes it just isn't a good time to play, and today was one of those times. What memories do you have of bad sessions, here is my tale. My STG runs a monthly costume contest, create a themed character at the start of the month, play it up to at least5 Level 25 by the end of the month, NO FARMING allowed!. One of the SG members is encumbered by small childred, and has limited time to play. Today was her time, and her character was only level 7. Tomorrow is the deadline for this month;s contest, so she needed to get up there to 25. We agreed to aid her to L8+ so we can do
  10. It was an exercise in masochism. Genuinely surprised that people signed up for the event. Personally, I detest being on those PI +4 missions when I am NOT on an incarnate character, it's just facing large sacks of hitpoints when all you have is a dodgy peashooter ... when not io'd to the gills, a good ol' +1 fight against hard enemies is really rewarding. There is a lot of machismo in CoH pick-up-groups. It is silly and pointless, yet it persists. What makes me happy about CoH is that I am rarely forced to play in a way I don't find comfortable. I can always piss off and do somet
  11. Tonight 9my time, I am in Australia), my character (Radiation/Ninjitsu Blaster) hit L31 after completing the Citadel TF. I was above minimum level for the Manticore TF (L30+), but I was a bit bored, so I went on LEG and advertised a Challenge Manticore run. Challenge Manticore, L30+, running at L30, doing +4/x8, who wants some? Lawks a lordy SIX players wanted in. I explained that since I was going ot be TF star holder at L31, the TF content would be L35, and since I was doing +4, the critters would be L39. Thats right, +8 critters! The people all acknowledged the chall
  12. As of today's patch (Oct 6 2020) this no longer works. any solutions?
  13. Reallky would like to see a solution tto this, entering password each time is ^%$#@! tedious,
  14. When this problem first started, I was 100% reliable connection to Reunion server (EU), and very flaky to NA servers (Torchbearer, Everlasting etc). The unreliability was found when zoning (the progress bar would not move, eventually messages like 'no DBServer found' or 'No Mapserver found'. Then it would let me logon, but upon selecting any character on any NA server, it would freeze. I originally got by this problem by using a VPN connection, (NordVPN) setting it to Canada, and that would occasionally work reliably for a session, but the next time I connected via VPN I experienc
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