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  1. Massive advertising campaign to bring in thousands of new players leading to more servers and eventually removing the faux caps on auction house salvage items. Get rid of anything at the P2W vendor that can be earned in game. A return of Veteran rewards. Content that makes playing Villain and Praetoria good options. Remove side switching... you aren't meant to have every single badge on a single character. More ATs, more powersets, more costume pieces. Alphabetize costume pieces! Make the character selection screen sortable!!!!
  2. Hey devs! Is this a forum limitation, or can we get this upped at all? This was a fairly short guide as good guides go... We need more space!
  3. Thanks, that explains it. I haven't done any Praetorian stuff yet.
  4. Who is the bad guy at the top of this web page facing off against Statesman? Why is it NOT Lord Recluse?
  5. I like having a weakness, though admittedly, the concept is more DC than Marvel (kryptonite being the biggest example), and in fact, I thought it was a concept that needed proliferation in CoX... Think of it, at character creation, you pick a damage type that you have a weakness too... You pick a scale to which you are vulnerable (1-100%), and based on your choice, your regular powers get buffed by a certain amount. So if you take 100% vulnerability to smashing damage, you get a pretty uber character, but you die... a lot. If you pick 5 % vulnerability to Toxic, you get a tiny bump in overall power. All that said, I agree, the Quantums show up at weird times... Like, how did they know I was coming? Maybe the frequency increases as you move through an arc as the group comes to expect your presence? That, I would understand. Or just make Quantum damage a regular damage type if my idea above were to be implemented...
  6. I would love to be able to sort my characters on the selection screen. By name, AT, level, hero/villain/Praetorian, time logged out, etc... Yes, this is all info available just by looking, but with so many alts already (and up to 1000 possible), it would be nice to have them in some sort of order...
  7. /bind f12 "say $level $archetype lft blue" This makes it so much easier to spam your looking for group requests! :D :P
  8. I get scrapper lock all the time... So I proudly show off my latest debt badge...
  9. So I downloaded the test server patch, then got on a regular server and played a bit before logging off. Now I am in Tequila and I'm getting: Manifest download error for http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml The remote name could not be resolved: 'patch.savecoh.com' What do I do now?
  10. theta31


    I'm a 37 Spine/Regen Scrapper. Same one I took to 50 years ago, but it was never this bad.
  11. theta31


    So, when I get blinded by a Night Widow, it lasts for at least 2-3 minutes (I need to time it). The only solution (other than yellows) when I'm soloing is run away, wait it out, and go back to be blinded for another 2-3 minutes... rinse and repeat... It's terribly annoying. Devs, I don't recall this particular issue in the earlier version of the game... What happened, can you fix it, and what do I do in the meantime other than skip Arachnos missions? I'm useless to teams and have caused wipes by stumbling into (pulling) other mobs I can't see. Help!
  12. I am sograteful to see continued development, and I can't wait to see how the cool down timers work. Specifically, will the timers increase if you are hit with a -recharge debuff or do they freeze for a while? It would be really cool if the numbers turn red when you are affected by -recharge.
  13. Absolutely amazing work. Can't wait to pour over it in detail! Thank you!
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