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  1. I am fairly certian that everyone has seen this happen at least once during summer blockbuster runs where when someone is defeated and respawns back in the cinema area and (usually due not being overly familiar with Summer Blockbuster) gets confused and accidentally quits the run by going out of the main door rather than correct door to the screen. Currently there is no warning that going out that door will make you leave the trial. Any idea if it would be feasible to add a pop up when clicking on that door asking them to confirm they wish to leave the summer blockbuster? (much aki
  2. I am not sure how feasible this is but would it be possible to get the kheldian shield toggles to suppress rather than drop outright when shapeshifting? Whilst it is not an issue for those running perma-lightform/eclipse, when leveling I have found that dropping from dwarf/nova to human currently has a window where you are sat there toggling shields back on, especially if you have aggro at the time, which makes combat-shifting less fluid than perhaps it could be.
  3. thirding this - some more minimal FX options would be nice; would love a version of propel from grav control that doesn't involve launching random objects at enemies, just a nice wave of gravitational force. I mean don't get me wrong; beaning enemies with random objects can be fun but it doesn't always fit with some character concepts.
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