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  1. reib

    Pvp rp

    the only RP you can do on indomitable RV is to pretend to be a psychologist to help certain people...
  2. Eheh i Remember Lui very well, do you Remember ITALIAN FURIES Sg? Clairevoyance was a scary mines teleporter too. Ar/Dev blaster.
  3. Please Nerf the fuck'n Taunt.
  4. Yes It Is. Recluse's Victory as zone and Arena Matches. Have a PvP night called Kickball any Saturday night at 9:00.
  5. reib

    Beam/Dev Concerns

    I use It in PvP. Lot of fun and you can really be creative with build.
  6. With this build i can farm +4/8 Maps with bosses. Put snow storm on boss and Whirpool down the group than start with AoE's. I didnt use It as Blapper but i would try. It Is an Amazing toon.super fun and strong. My favourite PvE Blaster.
  7. reib

    Reaction time.

    Yes, the most OP AT ever.
  8. Name: reib Global: @reib Preferred Role(s): flexible Available Characters: Radagaist - psi/plant Blaster Boilin Ice - ice/em Blaster Skullbeam - beam/dev Blaster Planet - emp/ice Defender Doc No Move - rad/ice Def Kajo - psi/ea Stalker Np about fast rolling new toons. Availability: Europe, flexible. don't wanna do later than 9/10pm. Picked up by Incursion.
  9. I use the alternating between 2 autopowers and works well (boost range+energize on Energy melee Blaster). Have a method to putt 1 more power in auto too (hasten)? Binded with Jump or something like that?
  10. reib

    Tanky Blaster?

    /martial or /time +tough and weave +hibernate can tank Lord Recluse.
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