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  1. Noooo ciao Bro!! Io ho giocato qualche mese, PvP duro. Ora è un po'che non loggo ma se tu vuoi tornare magari qualche giretto me lo faccio. Facciamoci una chiaccherata in discord quando vuoi!!
  2. I play GW2. Discord It Is used and requested from any organized guild or commander for any High tier pve, PvP or WvW content. If you talk about casual playing It Is different shit. Everything Is good. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Guild_Wars_2_Wiki:Discord Just look at GW2 wiki...
  3. Ciao. Try to post your build to PvP discord for some answer. https://discord.gg/xzhb8xbC Where you from?
  4. Voice chat was requested and mandatory for any organized PvP i played in my life. Mmorpg, FPS, rts, etc.
  5. @reib Can play offensive roles. Fire/nature, beam/Nature, ice/kin Corrs. Psi/plant, Fire/plant, ice/EM Blasters. Poison/ice, Ffield/ice, Rad/ice Defs. Qualifications: some good placement in some event and i think those who frequent PvP zones knows Wintr, Predatox and Radagaist pretty well (Dieharder and Cannon. In 8v8 as WAP). No captain, i'm here to serve. Italian stallion.
  6. Ciao. Italiani ne vedo pochi. A parte me solo @Falcosu server PvP (Indomitable). Altri server non saprei. Discord c'è Homecoming PvP (diversi server per varie occasioni) oppure Homecoming official. Tutto in lingua inglese (americana), ovviamente... Tella pure @reib o in game mail per qualsiasi cosa.
  7. Yes please...some chance that the Taunt has shortened duration or some form of suppression or that It may be missing?
  8. Make SLOW status more effective in PvP?
  9. Energy manipulation Is too click intensive. I have to bind 4(4!) Powers on auto with movement keys (boost range on W, Energize on A, Power boost on D and Hasten on Jump). It's Crazy and useless. Just transform Power boost and boost range to toggle (or Better as auto Powers) imho. Boost range can easily become Perma than wath Is the sense to have It as click? Had to be an auto Power imho. Energize bonuses can be splitted, end discount as auto or toggle and healing aspect as click or auto at the same way as martial do (healing yourself when HP bar go down some percentage).
  10. I think, in pvp zone, be silent Is Always the best way. If you can help other players too and be friendly it Is Always Better 🙂
  11. The biggest difference is that to avoid any toxicity in the pvp zone you just have to use the /ignore command. Fast and easy. The things described in this post can really ruin an entire pve experience... (And in any case the reality is that in many years of coh I have seen above all sympathy and friendship in pvp zone broadcast chat and the few toxic players put in a corner and blamed by everyone. Even in pve, if i have to be honest, i have never had bad experiences. maybe It depends on the server, in live I was on Defiant and here on Excelsior I have always felt good).
  12. I thought indomi RV was toxic...evidently compared to what happens in pve it's like being in Disneyland. 🤣 Funny how I constantly hear from pvers "i don't pvp on Indomi for toxicity" lol
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