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  1. I use the alternating between 2 autopowers and works well (boost range+energize on Energy melee Blaster). Have a method to putt 1 more power in auto too (hasten)? Binded with Jump or something like that?
  2. reib

    Tanky Blaster?

    /martial or /time +tough and weave +hibernate can tank Lord Recluse.
  3. Ti ho risposto via messaggio privato 😘
  4. Ciao Vamp essí che mi ricordo...eccome. questa è la sera in cui abbiamo preso l'oggetto del potere con la Task Force Cathedral of Pain. Ci sono anche io nella foto, sono quello seduto robotico colore blu e bianco. Manda un tell a @reib o una in game mail. Mi farebbe piacere risentirti. Un abbraccio ♥️
  5. Defense for PvE, resistance for PvP.
  6. Take tough and weave and/or medicine if you want more survivability and/or try to rise up your defence and resistance with set bonuses. Anyway best way to survive with a Blaster It Is kill things Faster as possible. Use your AoE attacks on groups and single attacks and holds on bosses.
  7. Can i Say wath i like, wath i dont and wath i dreaming for? If you dont like my Dreams It Is a you problem.
  8. I HATE lore Pets. Why everyone can have a pet? Make no sense, dont match with superhero feeling at all. It Is so stupid. My Dreams It Is cutting incarnates out of game completly. Especially the darn Lore...
  9. Always Up for some Excelsior PvP. Tell @reib
  10. Hey Sir Myshkin have a Blaster proc Monster edition? If not we Need It so much! 😊
  11. I tryed Whirpool in many different ways but i still dont like It. Useless Power Imho.
  12. Why dark blast dont be good for damage? Can slot tons of procs on almost any Power. Can put 1 hami acc/dmg and 5 procs on almost every Attack. Put hasten in perma and ABSOLUTELY not AIM or build up. They are buffs Who you Need when you Need to do more damage or have more accuracy, no sense to have It in auto.
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