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  1. I asked in game if there was a way and I was told to click on the temp power, claim it, it will have a pop up asking if you want this particular character to have it. After you click yes it will give a description of the power and will ask if you are ready to get the power as the hour will start immediately after you get it. Here you can say yes or no.
  2. I have gotten 2 powers from Lords of Winter packs that I have no idea what they are for or what they do. They are both currently in my email. There is no description of them in the email. I looked on wiki and neither of them is listed there. They are both 1 hour powers. First is Winter Ward and the other is Frost Bite. I tried doing a search on here and see posts that mention them but not what they do. Is there somewhere that lists some of the newer powers and what they do? I have not pulled them from my email because depending on what they do I will give them to the character that will benefit the most from them. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Mine all went through before I realized what I had done. 90 million gone and I had 100 converters to show for it. LOL
  4. I spam bid 900,000 on 100 converters a while back. That hurt a bit. I double check my zeroes all the time now. LOL
  5. So I went ahead and had some extra Inf and tried it again.....this one kind of makes up for the first two loser packs. LOL
  6. So just for sake of my sanity I went ahead and bought another one, I got 2 Inspirations, 1 Snowbeast, 1 Experienced, and 1 Respec. I must be drawing the short straw. This time I will seriously not waste the INF again. HA HA HA
  7. I finally got around to buying one today to try it out. I got 2 team inspirations, 5 converters, 1 respec and 1 build snow beast temp power. Needless to say I will not be buying another. Total waste of 25 million.
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