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  1. @DreadShinobi Is correct on how great Sleet is from the ice mastery. Not taking it should be a bannable offence 😛 I build my mind/fire dom for recharge to achieve perma and that’s about it. I don’t bother with any defensive powers as I prefer to lock things down or pop a few insps. You’re correct that some doms are more ST focused - I often have targeting macros for bosses and ensure I kill them in a mob first, letting the masses of AoE characters quickly finish up the luts/minions
  2. Leo - I understand your logic here, though changes are generally made to introduce balance to the game and promote underperforming or underpowered sets to increase the variety of ATs/powersets played As empathy is by far the most played set, it’s unlikely to be a candidate for positive adjustment Moreover, many people are simply bad at playing an empath. Speed run a tricky TF alongside a skilled PvP empath and you’ll have a great and rewarding time
  3. For some extra added AoE damage definitely, could be a nice combo with bonfire/hotfeet/fire cages
  4. Hey Blackfeather, thanks for considering me. I've had a review of the set and put some comments below which are hopefully helpful T3: Ray of Light - Having the primary hold as a T3 rather than a T2 may annoy some users who wish not to choose one of the T1/T2 powers, I know some other individuals who play Mind Control aren't a fan of such a layout. I like the potential chain effect T4 Refractive Halo - It would be a great dynamic for foes to be attracted towards each other within the halo, "fascination of light" or similar. Or, a reverse Hurricane where foes are attr
  5. Hey, I would take Sleet and Hibernate as the panic button, would definitely fit veng into it if you're big into teaming - it makes a death in the team very exciting! Everyone gets a mini god mode for 90 seconds or so If you're into defense then frozen armor is a great pick, it depends how much you plan on being at range vs melee. My mind/fire hasn't got a single melee power so I didn't build for defense and live life by the seat of my pants instead 😄 Ice storm might help get your AoE damage up a bit, combined with bonfire and hot feet it could be a nice combo
  6. Which is a shame, as many of the arcs, maps and enemy types redside are fantastic and really enjoyable Redside is let down by every single zone being so miserable and looking pretty much the same. The lower level zones are far too big and hard to navigate compared to heroside (though the 'insta-win' of travel powers being availible from the start helps negate this)
  7. Preeeaaachhh! 100%! Sleep is a very useful power - I often use it on lower level teams if the group wouldn't be ready to handle a second mob entering the fray, or during speed runs when I'm focusing on a target and don't want to get squished. I haven't built my dom for any defense/survival as I'm not interested in the entry level shield:attack playstyle. Being able to creativity influence the dynamics of a battle (especially with things like mind or dark control) is far more enjoyable. Like you say, when everyone is invinceable it gets a bit boring. I like to plan a fe
  8. Not picking up Sleet is a critical and unforgiveable mistake when building a dominator - it's a defender strength AoE debuff with a great recharge when slotted. Easily -30% res and -45% defense. When another team member has a similar debuffing power it makes team play great and really increases the "box of tricks" feel a dominator can bring to a team. No longer just control and damage but now a strong debuffer too! If you pick veng, you've got a nice team buff also - I find it hard to play anything else other than my mind/fire dom as it has a bit of everything I persona
  9. I only play two characters on HC - my dom and a kin/sonic def. i’d say just enjoy playing around with the elec end drain component, don’t worry about damage or silly builds etc. a kin def is very forgiving, your primary role is heavily focused with the delivery of kin powers rather than being a damage dealer, it allows you to have pretty much any build you like a basic IO or SO kin def is 95% as good as a kin def with a 1Bb build on a team
  10. Well said mate From my view as a mind/fire permadom main which this thread is more about inexperience than any problem with mind control. A few tweaks for quality of life may be nice, but the set is great as-is. lol @ people wanting a pet
  11. i’m late to the party, though my secondary main is a kin/sonic defender i really enjoy playing it, the combination of massive +damage for the team and -res on enemies is really fun. fantastic for AVs, GMs etc i play my defender purely as a buffing character, i haven’t slotted the sonic attacks for damage, i just use them for the -res component playing low level content, e.g posi TFs is just as fun as high end TFs, there’s always useful buffing/debuffing powers on hand to use
  12. I solo AVs with my mind/fire permadom main, keeping confused layered on the target ensures I don’t get instantly squished. The incredible ST damage from fire makes things go quite well - I bring a bunch of insps with me for any hairy moments. Haven’t built any defense/res into the build as insps are easily available and work well. I leave the armour for the brute/scrapper/tank ATs mind or dark control with fire or energy assault would be the way to go in my view
  13. That’s interesting to know. I have memories of the reactor going off on failed trials before, not something you could ever imagine happening thesedays!
  14. Hey You’re unable to switch powersets, however you can indeed rechoose your powers. The respect trials were a feature of the game many years before respec recipes and free respecs existed. They used to be quite the challenge!
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