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  1. That’s interesting to know. I have memories of the reactor going off on failed trials before, not something you could ever imagine happening thesedays!
  2. Hey You’re unable to switch powersets, however you can indeed rechoose your powers. The respect trials were a feature of the game many years before respec recipes and free respecs existed. They used to be quite the challenge!
  3. This is one of the few great changes in I27, I’ve been proposing it for a while in-game. I don’t understand people who wait 7 years to play CoH but then want to automatically skip one of the main aspects. There’s already too many travel “cheats” in the game, it takes away from the team spirit of helping others to the mish
  4. Hmm, I recognise the significant amount of work that has gone into making these numerous and multiple changes. Many of these likely require a lot of development I feel quite disappointed though. In my personal view, I don't understand the obsession of many players (and the devs it seems) for instant transportation to everywhere. Travel / teleportation powers seem to have received a massive buff across the board (aside from the base access code removal) yet many underperforming powersets / ATs which people rarely play due to poor performance have been ignored (or in some cases, such as blaster secondaries, nerfed even further) I27 would have been a good opportunity to use the data available on which ATs and powersets are played the most - fire and rad brutes clearly needing a nerf obvious to anyone who has spent 4 seconds in the AP AE building, yet shadow maul is the one that gets nerfed.. (righto, good thinking captain). Reviewing the data and introducing balance to encourage people to create lesser played ATs would have been a nice improvement and made a visible difference to the game and its community Having read through the entire patch notes, it seems fitting for the release name: I27 Patch Notes. Minor adjustments to powersets played by very few people I'm hesitant to hit reply on this post, as it's a rather negative comment to a volunteer team on a not-for-profit game, however I would like to contribute to the process of community feedback and I hope my comments are taken as such. Thankyou for your continued development and support of this great game
  5. Delayed posting but thankyou to everyone who joined - Was a good trial train of Magisterium, Keyes, Cathedral of Pain and an Underground to cap off the night
  6. Hi All - Hope you’re having a good week I plan on running the Magisterium Trial this Friday at 10pm BST. Putting a shout out to ensure we get some good folks onboard. Bring your 50+3’s as we’ll be fighting a lvl 54(+5) AV - spicy! Let me know if you’re interested on here or in game (@Moon Sheep) See you soon
  7. Have you considered playing a Sentinel instead? May fit better with your needs if you’re looking for damage and survivability
  8. Point 3 is very good and certainly something I’d be keen for the devs to see, perhaps they already have. From my view, the key word that describes the development the game would benefit from is: inclusive. e.g create mob types which need to be mezzed, or debuffed, or taunted, before they’re able to be easily killed. This would make certain ATs much more in-demand and ‘viable’ again
  9. Hi All - Bit of a bump just to say thanks for the guidance. Using Rebirth on auto and having the Vigor boost slotted worked very well, around 37,700 healing progress upon each application. I went up to ‘rare’ on each incarnate tree for Rebirth/Vigor as I had a lot of spare incarnate salvage Definitely worth re-zoning a bunch of times until you’re able to get lucky and have all six marching squads present All 6 healing badges achieved on my Dom, the 6th was my 999th badge. Now focusing on exploration badges, at 1108 so far, will do more later - good fun 🙂
  10. The power damage decriptions are not always totally accurate. Blaze which describes as "High" damage is more powerful (152.42) than Power Burst (139.89) You may "feel" you so more damage with energy as it has amazing FX/animations/sounds, but in reality, it puts out less damage than Fiery Assault due to its much slower animations, lack of fiery embrace and lower damage figures. Earth Assault has the same vibe (though Seismic Smash is truly amazing on both a damage and animation standpoint) You can right click the powers ingame to view the numbers, the character creation also shows the damage outputs of each power Also Soul Drain can only give you 68% +damage, not 100%
  11. However, Total Focus takes a whopping 2.52 seconds to activate, which when done the team has moved onto the next mission. Blaze takes only 1.00 seconds, combined with Blazing Bolt on quicksnipe and Fire Blast means Fiery Assault is leaps and bounds ahead of Energy Assault Fiery Embrace also gives +85% damage for 30 seconds, vs Power Up providing a tiny 35% for 10 seconds Some people enjoy playing the higher-impact, slower pace sets like Energy, Radiation Assault, however if you’re wanting raw damage output and pace, Fire is the way to go. Having everything as range is also a huge plus. Also fiery assault doesn’t lock you into any of the mastery powers, you can still choose any of them (with Ice being pretty much the only sensible choice for teamplay)
  12. This was a helpful guide - thankyou. Just completed this arc solo, thought I'd add some thoughts. The macro was certainly helpful, I did a macro for a keyword of "Rogue" which picked up the PPD on the floor easily. I managed to find all 12 and then defeated the boss to save Lawrence Harken, I chose the second dialogue option but didn't bother leading him out, I just went to the exit and the mission completed. I then went on to complete the arc for the "Helping Hand" badge. A note on the timed mission, I was inside the map when the timer ran out and didn't die, whether that's a bug I don't know. On the latter missions within the arc, the final mission is very long - you'll need to defeat Castillo as an AV who messes around a 2-3 times disappearing for dialogue interventions etc. A malta EB will also appear after he's died, so bring a lot of inspirations and be ready for a long fight.
  13. I’m sorry I don’t understand where this language of “shaming” and “enforcing” is coming from and think my post has been rather misinterpreted. I didn’t mean to cause panic or anger by expressing a view that inexperienced PL’ers at time cause me frustration. I seem to have misjudged the vibe of the CoH 2.0 community here by some margin. A rather hostile response to someone contributing a viewpoint to add to the discussion. Nobody is “enforcing” an opinion or any other such nonsense.
  14. Had a full read through - that was quite the speed increase. Looking forward to trying this out myself later this week
  15. This would be a great change, it would be nice to see more variety in the sets people choose. There’s likely a few other melee sets (and power sets in general) which could do with some love We have some great data from the dev team on the most popular and least popular sets/ATs, perhaps we need a working group to review the bottom 2 sets/ATs and think of sensible ways to revamp them
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