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  1. Just something from around the great shutdown of Paragon City, that I wanted to re-re-post just for the public. Would be great to get this pinned somewhere on the forums (and note that I was NOT the original poster of this info): A while back I had posted a list of characteristics that made City of Heroes different from some, if not all, other MMOs. The list was phrased in such a way that it was sufficiently generic, but could be understood by players of other MMOs, so as to disguise its identity. The coworkers I showed it to were actually surprised and intrigued by some of these ch
  2. I am getting lag in game like crazy. I can hardly move as I rubberband back almost every second. I am getting lag in the forums and server status pages. But all my other games and websites are perfectly fine. I've rebooted my modem/router and computer numerous times. Everything was working just fine when I went to bed 24 hours ago. But the last 6 hours I've been unable to really play/enjoy CoH due to this crazy lag. My characters are on Excelsior.
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