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  1. Fire and Ice are the most Blapper happy b/c of the quick casting times imo.
  2. Personally I think Water/Time is not a great combo, but both are great sets. Here's why... Water likes to use a lot of the water blast powers and is better for it, whereas Temporal also likes more Temporal powers and is one of the best blapper sets and you skip Aging Touch and are kinda going for Range defense. IMO something like Water/Plant pair together much better.
  3. Just checked with EV and Letifera ran " [Master ITF]EV: actually it was 5-man diversified ATs and he was the Dom that did 25ish mins". That said I would love to run with you to see if we could get a 4man Dom team under 30!!! EV also said " [Master ITF]EV: i think if u have 3 more uber Doms teamed with him, u can break 30m" That would be awesome
  4. but I'd also love to run with you sometime, hope to see you in Cimerora. Happy Hunting
  5. this one above was with the enemies constantly buffed. And currently the times are 4man man Brute 26 mins, 4man Blaster and 4man Corruptor 29mins (+4/8 no deaths/temps/inspirations). And the reason why I back Fire/Psi is b/c it has better sustainability (Drain Psyche) and has a nice -regen debuff for AVs, also Mind Probe and TK have better DPA than every Energy Assault attack, and PSW > Whirling Hands. PSW does more damage with a shorter casting time, and adds -rech along with a similar stun. For melee I would take Rad, b4 Energy, and probably a number of others as well.
  6. I run with the two best Fire/Psi/Mace - This is still the best for melee style Dominating thanks to the power of Drain Psyche, plus adds some debuffing for AVs with -250 regen. In fact I ran a 4-man +4/8 Master ITF w/ no inspirations, all range (1 Dom, 1 Blast, 1 Def, 1 Con) in ~32mins. (oh yeah and the enemies were buffed) and Mind/Fire/Fire - This one I play at range, hover-blasting. Fire shoots fast and hard and Mind has powerful controls. Also don't have to worry about my pets surviving, b/c my enemies are my pets.
  7. FUBARczar

    Best Brute

    If I were wanting the best Brute I'd narrow my selection down to... /Bio, /Dark, /Fire and /Rad and then select a Primary that has synergy
  8. FUBARczar

    Random Build

    [code]| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1526;715;1430;HEX;| |78DA65944D4F13511486EF74A6D49696525B4A292DC8674B6B2B15D48D0911B1440| |4D3C4C4858ACD28233469A0694B94A57FC1856ED4801F0B37EEFCD6858991A87FC0| |F807041535118D46713C33E71526E924CD73EF7BCFB9EFB9A77766E2C288FBEEE8C| |52121D51F2CAA954A7EB83C5FD51C47D5EA7C592D0AE371D02F60CAF909ADA869E9| |E1B27ABE58989D0EB138A29DD3662B5A3A5BD0CA0BF90394275CB9B9B962FA5849D| |3A63CE6305B989EA9528ADB9C8D6B6A8926DEFF9329AD5C9929947C874A85B3E9DC| |42998CD44A95760B91758A7E2F82028F2EC47EA32659DC33A692A9D9C5BA2C44C62| |16CDFC19F4CE517D84C815187A80B31EF1BA99CAB48571533A6EE1A73DB757091E9| |5A623EA068996BB0CB2BBCAF6B95E9FE007E64367C6246D6989DD4433BFB49F6242| |1A38806F065905B6CAC394CCD2102776C261FD2D4893C276ACFECE63D9729AF1EF5| |D49F20C414D178123CC50C4C3283A799A13CD346861EF4D313E63A1E11BCEC257BD| |1CF30FA19463F233F98AFC8DB87DEFB1665337FFB12788319BCC90CDD6276DD66CA| |E4ED878F1F3E1DF0E9804F177C148A6D824F5396B51D63E061F008728D406262439| |87D0A526E337AD78CB5EE6F1CFB9AEA6F41EF5A62DCEBDE38D8C78C25C024F89CE8| |57C413CA6A454DADBF6DE6997AFF30FB36C0BFA0CE4C083EBB8F6A8AE2DE45719E3| |69CA70DE7691B65A650F31BAAB51D7EED6EBE8B090F736703E8051B99291FF32965| |75E26E75E26EA5C0B764D3833BD013666DDD2D441CF1716819C4BFA3F824AF29C90| |1EEC9AE41700FB89799D9C77C4CD169F325D545FA326BCF68D60FDFFE6EDE3BA258| |DE6F9D1E91A851FA6B944C8D3250A30CD6285965F3BBA18FD7ACE6142C9222998AB| |371F3BDD7D75C9BDF0D21A5B8F62F5B9A4D1AA3418CEEEF71DCB70EFE2F3F5BF3E2| |9CF7754B93A42BDC9BEE4BCC213F0135E65C46048F272D63D5323E6319BFDFFA56E| |A2B96F1AA65FC0FC12FF75F| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|[/code]
  9. FUBARczar

    Rad or Invuln

    believe me I am miffed about it. But I have run several +4/8 ITFs and have dropped toggles b/c of end. The only other set I ever go low on is Shield, but nearly to the same extent. And Invuln's -def cascade seems to happen more quickly. I solo'd the first two missions of ITF on +4/8 on my Rad/Shield as a test w/o dying. The Invuln has not been able to do that so thus far. I am hoping that as I finish off adding +5 enhancers on anything enhancing endurance reduction and finish the accolades the endurance issue will come under control. as for psi I have a second all-around build
  10. FUBARczar

    Rad or Invuln

    yeah I have a fully IOd StJ/Invuln Stalker and it is not as survivable as my /Fire, /Shield, /Bio, /Rad stalkers at anything. And don't even get me started on how much of an end hog it is. It's like it's broken. Seriously, I could never recommend Invuln. Perhaps on a Tank with Energy Mastery or Destiny Hybrid Ageless it's good. in case you were wondering what I am playing. This is exactly how it is currently spec'd
  11. FUBARczar

    Best Brute

    Rad is just as easy as Spines. You'll see more Spines (in AE) simply because people go with what they know and perception (of course it's still great for farming). But you'll still see more Rad with people playing content.
  12. FUBARczar

    Best Brute

    having built, played and retired many. To help you narrow yours or anyone's choices I would suggest one of the following Bio, DA, Elec, or Rad. For offense pick your poison.
  13. FUBARczar

    Best Brute

    if you want to make a farmer and do better in the End Game Content Rad will be much better than spines.
  14. 2 Blaster-Duo MoITF +4/8 no inspirations in 49:59 Two Beam/TA blasters on-foot (not hover blasting) myself and Raw Blasters can be made sturdy, and have high DPS. The difference for me is that a blaster is more a scalpel and Scrappers are more of an ax. Both are great tools used for cutting, but take different approaches.
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