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  1. I have many toons with Psi Blast, I like it, but most don't like it much. Plus Psi tornado is such a long animation. Psi AoE compares poorly to other sets.
  2. XP already sifts by +x, Which is wny people farm at +4/8 instead of +0/8. I was meaning Merits. And their should be a different badge for Max Notoriety as well, like a Grandmaster Badge > Master of X. Or Lord of X Badge if it is run with no Inspirations and Enemies buffed. And the only time I play +0, even when leveling, is if I am badging for accolades. Or join a PUG and they have it set as such.
  3. I have done Duo +4/8 MoITFs (+ no inspirations) with two blappers. Just use Ageless Radial. And great if your bots also have ageless radial or have Barrier or whatever. Your defense will be fine.
  4. So if you will triple box your blaster then you should be a blapper for sure. After all, you also wouldn't want to miss out on some of your best attacks. pick sets you want to play weather you want to choose by theme, synergy, etc. I think you'll be able to fine with any really, whatever floats your boat. a couple ideas: Psi/Martial/Soul - Good combo with fast good DPA ST attacks from Primary and Secondary, and also with good AoE from the Secondary. Also get stacking stuns and decent KD. Martial is one of the best sets for movement, damage, etc.
  5. and it would be cool if playing at +0 you only get like 20% of the rewards, +1 40%, +2 60%, +3 80%, +4 100% and then bonus for no inspirations, enemies, buffed, players debuffed, etc.
  6. yeah it is totally cheesey to say Master of .... when people run the TF on +0 when they are 50+1. There should be badges for Grandmaster of ..., where it is required to have Max Noteriety, No Deaths, No Temps, No Inspirations. Then maybe Legendary Grandmaster for turning off enhancements. or something like that. so much more could be done in that area with very few resources.
  7. Six of one, half a dozen of another. Enjoy your RoP, I never said that you have to use anything else. As I first said to each their own. Personally I don't the the problems that you expressed. so HF.
  8. yeah not at my "skill level" either, which is why I can't rely on something that is not available more than it is. Sure you can use RoP for an alpha, but we run short-man (1-4 people) TF and Trial teams all the time and only +4/8 w/o inspirations and sometimes with enemies buffed (we don't bother with players debuffed anymore, all it really did was lengthen the time without making it harder) and that means that your AV fights will be longer, a lot longer than RoP is up. So sure it'll help with the alpha, but that Goliath or whatever else will still kill you with a lucky shot at any time on y
  9. idk it is not just about slots, it also about set choices. And it is a mystery as to why there is so much fire/cold resist in so many sets like purples, Winter IOs, and regular sets too, often F/C has the highest resist value in the set. It is like they want ever AT to be a Fire Farmer. And as I said above, IMO Unrelenting is a better choice for defensive-based power sets with no heal and that already has status protection, For RoP you have to guess when you will need it. So when you guess wrong you have you pants down for two minutes. But some people like to gamble so it is
  10. IDK RoP up only a fraction of the time, unless you need the Mez Get out Jail Free or something I don't find it all that reliable or good after the recharge nerf, I'd rather build in decent S/L/E/N/P to about 30% or so and use Unrelenting as a heal. Then I can also use it sometimes just for a damage/recharge boost too. but hey to each their own.
  11. thanks for posting. It is very interesting, even helpful even if I don't always agree with certain build choices. 🙂 Just for a different look this is my NW
  12. Yes we all know the crash existed on live. And WP came out with Issue 11 so many things had changed since the game's release by then.
  13. lol who ever didn't like the new Energy Melee needs to have their heads examined and their opinions should be disregarded for ever more. 😜 IMO the did a good job on that. They replaced a trash power in Stun (*cough Hand Crap) and replaced it with a really good one. They threaded the needle on getting the set back into fighting shape. If only that could be done with other power sets too... I don't hate the revamp of TW, and I have to admit that it was OP. We ran 4 TW/Bio on a 4man +4/8 MoITF with no Inspirations in 14 mins. lol Way faster than any other four scrappers, or bl
  14. the way it is, is not what makes it the most popular, it's the novelty. But delude yourself all want.
  15. There was a cost of endurance yes that came at the end, but that is not a crash as it you are now sooooooo weak that you can't do damage until you count to twn and are soo weak that your defense debuffs more than many most characters even have to begin with (especially while lvling up, or have a resist set, etc.). So the is a large difference between having a cost of endurance at the end compared to the current debuff. Is there not? And why should it stay as it is? Just because it's the way it is and we shouldn't change things? Does the set perform well at all leve
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