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  1. luckily not slowed too much, especially on part 2, the defense helps a tons, on Fire Brutes I usually have at least 60% resist plus Radial Ageless. Yeah against Rom would have been impossible w/o a regular cycling of Siphon Life, even got sketchy a few times before the Damage Nictus was down. Even retreated once or twice. no P2W buffs no Pylon time I can say I finished the console on that run by about 50 mins, so you can imagine how long the AVs took ugh. and I attacked the Nictus 1st, heal, then the damage one then the other, then Rom.
  2. that is true, it's a limit of screen shots. Too bad screen shots couldn't be time stamped so several shots could be used as a basis. And let me be clear, I still think any solo of a +4/8 MoITF w/o inspirations is awesome. I think that is something cool about the ITF, it tests players in so many ways. S/L/E/N damage, defense, defense debuff, stuns, overwhelming mobs, lots of EBs, several AVs including at once, etc. and there are no cheats like failing the first mission of the LGTF and not something like a mini-Hami either. Here was my Shield/DM Build that is really a general purpose build (not in actual order of power selection) As far as Strategies, Shield/DM is a bull and rushes in. The main techniques I used was to keep my Soul Drain and Against All Odds saturated, so on AVs I used ST attacks after the surrounding mobs were dropped to a manageable number. Usually though one technique I use is to pull AVs to the console and attack them while chipping away at the Console with AoE damage.
  3. yeah I know we don't do it to brag, I don't think any of them even come to the boards. But you are welcome to join us. Often times we encouraging mates tag along as a "judge." But we mostly we go in duos, trios and quads. Admittedly I'd say that the tanker sets that could achieve sub 2 hours maybe limited. I know my Shield/DM took over two hours and that was with keeping my soul drain perma along with a saturated Against All Odds usually riding a 100-200% damage buff.
  4. so defensive wow, you must be in Tank mode 😜 I was pointing out that time is another dimension of added difficulty. There is a difference in capability between a character/player/strategy that takes 4 hours vs say 1.5 hours to do the same feat. I didn't think that fact would need to be explained. Sorry if you feel that takes away from your feat. Sure pulling is a strategy and I use it sometimes, but when there is the added dimension of time it can't be used ad nauseum, thus the added degree of difficulty. But bravo, test against yourself against yourself, I do as well and for sporting fun do so with others whom I encourage and vice versa, but I guess you'd rather be denigrating and smug. Mazel Tov!
  5. Probably true. I am usually "hanging around" all the level 50+ content: TFs, iTrials, PI, etc. My characters only have one setting, +4/8 and usually Master setting on TF w/o inspirations. Including LGTF and mini-Hami, and it's not for the badge. Actually there should be levels of Master of badges like Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Plaid, err Platinum.
  6. yeah just FYI the people I know don't count it unless it's under 2 hours for solo, just saying. I tend to agree the time component is important because it is another element of difficulty. It doesn't allow someone to be overly cautious/timid pulling everything, requires more strategy, tighter builds, etc.
  7. Wrong it still mattered before Rogue. Of course people did and would make those comparisons and feel the same things whether or not there was a blending of the sides. It does not remove the fact that Tanks even compared to other Blue ATs were weak offensively. Soloing felt tedious for many if not most. Many also felt a lack of contribution compared to those contributions made by teammates. Thank goodness I rarely see a ton of tanks who seemingly do nothing but taunt anymore; I suppose they did that because their attacks were so anemic and felt they didn't really contribute much otherwise. Edit: Also it doesn't matter if Brutes defenses were lowered to even scrapper level, I would have still played Brutes over the old Tanks. All that matters is the ability to control aggro.
  8. hmmm that is not my experience. I typically see tons of characters with moderate to long IO bonus lists. If they are level 50 without many bonuses I take a gander at the vet level, and it is almost always low if they have few bonuses.
  9. So have many other ATs, I've personally done it with a few. I wouldn't say Tank buffs weren't needed. For instance I personally wouldn't really play Tanks prior to the change. Although my first HC character was a Bio/Spine Tank that I leveled 1-50 and that experience taught me how woeful they were offensively. Stubbornly I tried again with a WP/Rad, but again the same result. Why in the world would I continue to play tanks when I could do the same job, and contribute more to the team all the while IMO having more fun, with a better ability to solo when needed, etc. with a Brute? My answer was that I wouldn't. So I only made brutes until the change. And since, I have made several.
  10. Just thinking out loud here... Yeah Destiny is mainly OP because it buffs so many players over a wide area with large buffs, which are often times stacked with multiple casters. I would think limiting the # of targets and its AoE OR making destiny buffs non-stackable are options. And judgements recharge should be at least doubled. Something that would hopefully encourage selective use and possibly coordination. Also, I don't know if iTrials are really "balanced" around Destiny or incarnates in general, other than level shift maybe. I don't think they were tuned much.
  11. it's true, but for some reason I always thought that Barrier was kind of crazy with +Def and +Res in one, my first instinct is that those would have been separated.
  12. yeah this week I've been running +4/8 TFs with the "AT Only Powers" setting. I think it works well. It requires more teamwork. You are still super yet vulnerable. If only they added a setting "No Incarnate Powers," or at the very least toned down Destiny and Judgement. And more settings in general would be nice.
  13. um nope, not even close, what I said was that actually the ATs seem be decently balanced, except for Doms and Sentinels coming in behind Tanks.
  14. IDK I thought held-agains were always a novelty. When SoAs came out, they were generally viewed as superior. Totally anecdotally, but given the choice I would much rather have an SoA join the team than a HEAT.
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