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  1. Which is funny, cause when I play my emp I hardly ever get to DPS since people are too busy ignoring fight mechanics and aggro management, and I have to be a heal bot.
  2. Form your league outside rwz, start zoning in till its full and spawns a second rwz, then everyone moves over.
  3. In PI you can just run up the coast off shore a bit from the ferry or tunnel poetal and avoid all the mobs.
  4. Completely random. I just pick one. Of course last night on our 8 person thug mastermind team, I was taking which ever door didn't have a horde of thugs in front of it. 128 pets is getting a little ridiculous.
  5. Sothoth


    Can do the trial in 10-12 minutes...how much time can you really save? About 20 seconds of travel time?
  6. I'm in you dunjuns, wreckin ur guyz... So...did you beat the massive cat monster?
  7. Did the cat roll a 20? I bet the cat always rolls a 20.
  8. It's best to make multiples depending on the situation. UG I'll slot Clarion, Keyes I'll slot Incandescence if we're going for a badge run. Barrier Radial for the extra Rez for most group content. If I'm soloing I'll slot damage in Alpha and Hybrid. Support for Hybrid and Vigor for Alpha if I'm raiding. There also a nice chart for Lore pets here: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Lore_Slot_Abilities#Forum_User_Testing Lore, I generally roll with Robotic Drones as a thematic choice, but if I need single target damage I'll use Cimeroans and Polar Lights for AOE, like during the Mindwash Prisoner escape during BAF.
  9. Then you could use the AE building in Rikti War Zone...
  10. Just gonna say it, cause we're all thinking it. New forums are a Nemesis plot.
  11. Attune the low level ones, then boost em when you hit 50, unless you plan to keep doing low level content, then just leave them attuned.
  12. Both. You can slot different powers for different situations. As a healer I usually roll with Barrier Core for the extra rez's, when working on badges a lot of the time I'll slot incandescence, and in UG iTrial I'll slot Clarion. Make as many as you can so that you have flexibility.
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