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  1. Don't get me wrong, I like all the TF's and run them on multiple characters. Synapse is the only low level one that seems a bit long. Fun story ForeverLaxx. I don't mind the patrols, fluff missions, etc. Variation is good. Even the Numina hunts aren't horrible. Citadel and going from zone to zone to zone can be bad. However the TF is short, so doesn't bother me much. Also with many members having team teleport these days it definitely isn't as terrible as it once was. Thanks.
  2. Just wondering what people would think if they were to revamp Synapse TF into two parts like they did the Posi TF? It is a LONG TF and could be better if they revamped it. They could put in another boss right before the Boomtown mission. Then part two would be Bertha and 1-2 missions in Boomtown. Take out the Steel Canyon mission and then finish with the 3 Skyway missions. Think it would be a lot less tedious. What does everyone else think? Just my two cents. Thanks.
  3. Yep there definitely is. Why I decided to post this question to see if there was anything to help people who want to form TF's so they are done easier. I fear Synapse TF by myself.
  4. Me too. TF's have become extremely difficult. Figured a strategy to do Posi 2. Took me 50 minutes. Not bad, but NOT great!
  5. Tonight tried to form Posi 1 couldn't do it so ran myself. I know you can run them yourself but things like Dr. Vahz are extremely hard and take forever. I have tried to form Posi 2 and after trying for 2 hours I am giving up. All my toons 145 are on Indomitable and I don't feel like transferring all my toons just to run TF's! Is there a way to combine servers for TF's or a way to help those like me who are willing to form them? Please help a friend out! Thanks. Much appreciated.
  6. I use salt crystals, quick sand, and stalagmites. NOT a farm toon but one to have fun. Thanks.
  7. I wasn't trying to make anyone upset. It was merely a question as to why you wouldn't go with the same set in slotting a power? I am new to this and appreciate everyone's advice. Sorry to upset you if I did. Was just trying to figure it out so I could do it for myself on other toons. Thanks for the help.
  8. Anyone have a good one out there? If so please let me know. I would like use io's but don't care how expensive they are. Also would like to avoid the tier 9 shield power and use the earth epic power. Other then that whatever works. Thanks everyone. Really appreciate the help.
  9. I guess what I am asking is to either enhance Sands of Mu or make a power that is enhance able so with DM and Flurry I can have a chain of three similar attacks to use. Would be very nice if they could but I doubt it will happen.
  10. I want 3 attacks that are like sand of mu for my concept. There are flurry and the shadow maul. I use sands of mu as the third one in the string due to concept only. If they had another set of punches like it, it wouldn't be necessary but they don't so I choose a less then effective method for throwing a string of punches. That is why I wish it were enhanceable. Thanks for all your comments.
  11. I use sands of mu because I want three attacks that look all the same and a continuous chain of punches. Why it is hard for me to use siphon life in that string of continuous punches. I do like to open with soul drain. I have midnight grasp in my attacks to but I hardly use it unless I am on a boss.
  12. Already did but only use it when my health is gone. Maybe I should move it into my regular chain of attacks. Now there's a thought.
  13. Thanks for the advice. Yes this is hugely a concept character and yes I do want dark as he was dark melee on Live. I love those three attacks shadow maul, sands of mu and flurry. I was just saying #1 wish flurry was more powerful and #2 wish sands of mu was enhanceable as it is in some people's main attack string. Since Boxer. is a boxer I want him to have all the attacks like shadow maul. Just wish the ones I had were more powerful or enhanceable. That's all.
  14. It is a real power though as it sits in the middle of my attack chain I use it as a "real power"!
  15. I am not sure this has been covered but would be great if sands of mu could be enhanced. It is in the middle of my attack chain. My toon's name is Boxer. and well yes he is a boxer in every respect of the word. His attack chain is smite, shadow maul, sands of mu and flurry. While flurry is pretty weak.....sands of mu is even weaker. Least flurry can be enhanced. With sands of mu not being enhanceable this attack chain is not even close to as good as most power sets. It is a shame as this is my favorite toon in the game right now. Any reasons why sands of mu isn't enhanceable or flurry is so we
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