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  1. hey I made it outside! Thank you all so much for sharing! That's pretty awesome! Glacier, I would love to visit the places you've found! Do you happen to have a thread or series of threads? The Glacier Peak Travel Guide to Hidden Paragon???? 😄 You can totally steal that title
  2. Oh sorry I missed it, sneaking peeks at the thread at work lol
  3. What’s the other way? Or any way that I can do lol
  4. How did you make it outside of the forcefield?
  5. Has anyone else ever noticed there are two of them floating around out there?
  6. Caprona Station - Excelsior Passcode: caprona-1021 Here's a cheat macro /macroimage Veteran_TeleportBase BT "enterbasefrompasscode caprona-1021"
  7. Taki Hakata @Taki O_o Excelsior caprona-1021 Aleusha, Taki Hakata Aleusha was the grand master poohbah behind the base. She worked for a year on it, I think the chandelier in the bank at night is clever and awesome There are portals to the apartments, oh and when you die and rez in the base hospital, the second floor is a bit disorienting. The portal is in the elevator where you would face out to press a button. In the bank, in the elevator look to the left it's how you get into the conference area etc. There are exploration badges for the areas in the town (but they of course do not award a badge). The train is her proudest accomplishment, made out of lights.
  8. Thank you so much for the positive feedback! She had a fantastic time putting the base together, and is already thinking about her next one 🙂
  9. Thanks for your patience as I flooded the thread. She put a lot of heart into the base and she appreciates the posts shared here. It was cool to share it all as one big batch
  10. By the time she got to the pub, with over 13,000 pieces in the base, she would plop down an item, and either read a book or play with the cat waiting for the game to catch up. She couldn't even add a vendor to the pub because it was breaking the base. So lots of open space.
  11. For the last stop at Caprona Station, we'll see the Wheelhouse Pub.
  12. She got a closer shot of the Chandelier at night, I wanted to show off her work since it was endless hours of moving desks around to get those gorram bottles stacked
  13. I dig on the flying horse I
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