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  1. I’ve encountered that Hellion in city hall several times now. D
  2. stonehd


    I too would love to see this reverted (but I do understand if it can’t be done for performance reasons). I’ve got a few old characters that used the tux coattails/wings combo and would love to fully recreate them again. D
  3. Thanks for sharing! Great stuff there. I hadn't noticed the water or grass in the base builder, but after seeing your screencaps I dug a little deeper.... wowsa! D
  4. One new way to get to Oroboros -- build a TP in your base and place the "Echo: Galaxy City" beacon on it. From there, take the train to Oroboros. If you travel to the top of the building's spire, you then get the "Entrusted with a Secret" badge. D
  5. Was coming to report this same bug. Happened on my Kheldan, and not with all powers. Some from my primary, plus sands of mu and another veteran power. Hadn’t figured out the workaround, so thanks for the tip. D
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