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  1. yes, especially handy on purple recipes from 600K craft cost to 490K
  2. Once a Sister, Always a Sister. Rest in peace rose. We love you, we miss you. /e holdtorch
  3. id love this. im up to 5 solo SG s just for storage and sometimes its a pain trying to remeber whats in which base
  4. also for crafters. if you get both shopkeeper day job and WW day job badges logging off in either earns up to 10 crafting discount coupons good for 25% off . combined with field crafter means more profit on sales
  5. why is it always just excelsior that goes down?
  6. I'm not addicted at all... not me ...
  7. Whole heartedly agree. sometimes cheapest isnt the best option. and add my name to the growing list of willing donators to upgrade if needed.
  8. Well i can tell you the issue still exists. i can no longer select secondary color. UI scaleing turned to auto. running at 4K resolution. if that helps pin it down. tryed the alt+enter. still no help. only notcied trying to make a new toon on reunion since my server is down.
  9. LOL Happy April's fool day to you too Curator
  10. Since i see tons of posts here trying to show people where new i25 badges/plaques are located now. why not just put it into the game files on homecomings end. then it would be part of everyone's map. and save hassles on everyone's part. also. if homecoming does in the future add stuff to khalisti wharf it could be automatically updated for everyone. i know plenty of non tech minded people would love that . just thought badgeing being easier for all would make more casual players lives better
  11. It worked ty, i can rearrange later if i feel like it. but its allowing new toons to be created properly.
  12. ive tryed the /petition but got no answer from homecoming devs. everytime i try to make a new character it puts it in the same spot, page 1 slot 2. even though there's already a character there. so far its stacked 3 toons on top of an existing char.any toons buried in that fashion are unsearchable. i have to drag and drop the newly made toons off him to access the original toon in that slot i really dont want to have to remake my main toon because i can no longer make new toons on my account. if anyone else is haveing this issue please let me know and if any of the devs look at this please f
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