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  1. I wonder how @Coyote feels about that. Have you two had a dance-off yet? I kind of feel that needs to happen . . .
  2. But, see . . . if all those options for play are available on Homecoming, that would suggest -less- fracturing, no? There wouldn't be anywhere near as much need for players to migrate to entirely different server clusters like Cake or Rebirth if the options existed within a singular collective network infrastructure.
  3. Let's not forget the part about suggesting feedback for improvement to this game being referenced as part of a "contest" and "debate." Seems rather counter-productive to me, all things considered.
  4. I say all rifles for everyone! I mean, all weapons for everyone too, while we're at it. And some way to get any ranged attack to emit from any rifle. Or other weapon. Just . . . Yes. All of the yes.
  5. I can scarcely imagine the overhead on redesigning or even jury-rigging the physics engine for this game to allow for blimp rides. Would it be cool? I can think of MANY really cool applications for such a change! But it would mean a serious overhaul, to the best of my knowledge. This is, of course, one of those instances where I would be thankful for being proven wrong by someone with more know-how than I.
  6. I read the post of @ac9999 to mean that their wifi was losing packets, and a direct connection resolved that by completely bypassing the wifi. What was causing the wifi to lose packets may never be discovered, since there's just so many ways for noise and interference to get all up in them wifis. And, yes. You -should- be reading "wifis" the way Lorna Schlitzwhistle says it.
  7. Exact same number that were already made the last time you asked.
  8. Honestly, my personal reading of that poem fills me with anxiety and dread. Of course, I am self-aware (just) enough to know that's pretty well internal on my part. To oversimplify: I just don't like "hints." Cultural cues and social positions can cause such ambiguity to be interpreted in wildly different ways, even among of an isolated subset. I feel I operate best when provided well-documented and in-depth information. Informed decision-making is much preferable to blind guesswork for me. But . . . that's a "me problem." Just, for what it's worth as feedback, I thought I'd share my reaction to that post. I hope that the more comprehensive and informative release can happen soon.
  9. Another method, equally (if not more) Dev-intensive is to use the pseudo-instance code we see in Atlas and Mercy Island these days. Have sections of the public Zones which, while a certain mission flag is tripped, will populate the neighbourhood with Invasion-con enemies. Could build a whole expansion out of the idea, honestly. It's NOT something that I imagine will happen with the current development methodologies in place with Homecoming, though.
  10. um . . . middle of page 2? https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/20783-devs-fix-the-lag/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-238054
  11. Good luck with that, heh. I often request follow-ups, feedback, and other means of staying in touch with my event attendees, but -maybe- 20% actually do so. I do appreciate all my attendees, of course! . . . I just sorta appreciate the ones who follow-up even more.
  12. Which would be https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/859-show-off/ There are also https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Nw-npzUY2NGc6SFoHa1ByWw202gI8DlT0ZDTQwoR7YM/edit#gid=0
  13. Would be nice if the Respecs were Respec Recipes instead. Then my Spouse could send them to me, rather then them just clogging up her in-game mail box. Same goes for everything, really. If ever part of the Super Packs were tradeable, that could be very helpful.
  14. Nigel's Friend won a few. Even did a tag-team duo win with Nigel! It was a good night. I'm sorry you missed it.
  15. *em bow* *em fancybow* *em praise* Thank you, @DoctorDitko!
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