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  1. Adding Frost Markins to the roster Welcome to ur new family brother
  2. Yuuuuuuppppppppp! His struggling to get his toons done but his coming around, last night was his first time PvPing since 2011 and his loving it u can add him ingame under the globals listed above.
  3. u should try and get this thread pinned bro
  4. Incursion ( iNc ) -Founder/Leader/Captain: Artic - @Teh Artic, @Teh Artic 2, @Teh Artic 3 -Co-Captain: Gunrock - @T-Mart, @Super T-Mart, @Hawt Sauce -Core Members: Hinden - @Hinden Exit - @Exit Rick - @K1NG RICK JAMES, @Starrstruck Dread - @Dreadnok Seductive - @Seductive-, @Beams And CornBread, @Run'down Ciro - @Ciro, @Intizero Condro - @Condro, @JD Frost - @Exiled Spirit Whoogie - @Whoogiewatsit, @Watsername Mini - @-Mini Currently holding practices every Tuesday vs RARE and every Wednesday vs Renegades @ 10pm est / 7pm pst on both days. Quite possibly looking to setup practices with other teams for same day different times in the future or different days/times in the future.
  5. Past week I've been trying to find enough to field 8, I only have a handful atm, but actively still searching. Someone should start a free agent thread lmao srsly. If any1 is reading this and is interested in 8v8 team arena whether u are a returning player from prei13 or posti13 or completely new and do NOT have a team yet, if interested message and/or add me at any of the global's listed below and we will talk. @Teh Artic @Teh Artic 2 @Teh Artic 3 As a reference listed below is some of the only vids left that I could find that some of my members had recorded from past official matches and practices and uploaded to Youtube that are still there.
  6. @Teh Artic @Teh Artic 2 Ice/Plant Blaster ( fully IOed and Accloaded ) Ice/Poison Corr ( fully IOed and missing only 2 accolades trying to get them by sunday ) Dark/ Ta Blaster ( Not IOed but might be before tourney, fully Accloaded ) willing to captain with a buddy
  7. Congrats Bro You think in about two months or so ( maybe even less if people are much closer to being ready ) we can see larger tourneys or even leagues 5v5-8v8?
  8. Honestly I'm NOT looking forward to having to grind and IO/Accloade out several of my fav toons again, but a chance to PvP again does sound nice too. ( Currently On Torch doing that very thing now, then will move a few to Imdom later on once they are ready ;) 8) ) If the homecoming Devs do watch and listen to feedback we are giving then I'd vote for this PvP only Accloades to happen. - @Teh Artic
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