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  1. Mastermind Inc. and The Sisterhood of Naughty Space Vixens will host the first of many all MM MSR at 6pm on Saturday! Bring your Masterminds and Crabberminds for some sever squashing fun!
  2. SG Name: Masterminds Inc. RP/RP Friendly: yes. we aren't an rp guild but we are more than accommodating! Theme/Era: Masterminds only Redside/Blueside: both Recruitment Message: Mastermind Inc. is looking only for masterminds to fill our ranks. RP is fine. Or no rp is fine. Lets become the largest chaotic enemy squashing clusterf*** the game has ever seen! Aint no tunnel we won't jam. Come Join the Murderblob!
  3. calm down hero. No need for the billions of inf just the slotted character and only one. so what. it would hurt nothing. it would affect zero players game. I'm not suggesting having an unlimited amount of beta characters... just 1. only one. I don't smoke anything as I prefer to have my wits about me. Who knew such a simple little thing would twist some people panties so. lol
  4. I was thinking, due to my limited play time, how cool it would be to be able to transfer 1 or 2 top notch characters, at the most, from Justin to a Homecoming server of my choice. Basically it would be a replacement for an already existing lvl 50 character and when I say replacement, I mean if you import a character from Justin then you lose a lvl 50 from your roster. I don't, nor would I want this to happen for every character but for 1 character sure. Perhaps as an upgrade for your main. Being able to do this for one or two characters at the most wouldn't harm anything in the game and might even get more people into doing endgame raids more often in order to fund their other characters.
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