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  1. So I'm folding and already got 4 work units down... and I check what is working on my GPU. It says it takes 7 hours to per fold, it needs to complete the work unit in just over a day to complete the work unit for it to count, and is expected to complete the work unit in about a month (28 days). So rather then tie up my graphics card for a month... How do I reset/refresh/download a different work unit just for the GPU slot? I'm using Win 7 (yes its a dinosaur... it works damnit!)
  2. On Pineapple (which totally goes well on Pizza) tried to create a Dark Armor/Energy Melee Tanker. Used the popmenu cheat to grant myself 50 levels of xp. When talking to Ms Liberty I noticed that Taunt was missing from available powers. Yet elsewhere Taunt is listed as in the EM powerset. Bug?
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying to this, had minor computer issues. The compressed menu works a treat. :thumbsup: Many thanks for your work and the fix. I use 1024x768 resolution as shown in the picture below.
  4. Things I would like to see (by no means exhaustive): More content, including finishing the incarnate story and more stuff for 50+ to do Customization of minions Additional costume slots (10 just isn't enough for some RP characters) Upgraded graphics / New graphical engine Easier SG base editing A way to check AH out of game Continued transparency A way to contribute despite living in the wrong timezone No wipes Community
  5. Thank you very much for this. However, I have had to go back to using a older version of this (20190610.04) due to having a smaller screen and resolution. The layered menus make it very frustrating to use the latest version. In the older version, I use the "Style 2" menu for everything, and then manually attune all the IOs if I'm testing the build at lower levels. Yes its more work, but its a work around due to my hardware requirements. Still, many thanks for providing this tool to speed up building characters.
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