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  1. I think there's quite a bit of daily volatility when it comes to the stable earners. Some days Unbreakable Guard goes for ~3+ mil a piece, other times it's barely breaking 2mil. Currently I'm operating on a weekly sales cycle where I dump ~150 items into the AH every weekend and collect the next week, so I'm rarely affected by it.
  2. This here. Right now I'm bidding 500-600k on rare salvage most of the time, but if I really want a piece right now and none are available at 600k, I'll just jump straight to 1mil because overpaying a few hundred thousand inf is pretty meaningless when your net worth is in the billions.
  3. This is why I always use a sequence of numbers instead of zeroes. For example, if I'm going to bid 10 million on something, the actual bid is going to be something like 10,123,456 so that I'm less likely to put an extra number in there.
  4. This sums things up very well. Looking at the raw data and how my own TW/Elec performs, I have a strong suspicion that a slight toning down is justified, but if a battery of tests shows that TW is pretty much in line with the other sets in circumstances that represent normal gameplay, then absolutely nothing needs to be done. However, if those tests also indicates that it is too good, then it should be brought down slightly. It should still be top tier because going from "the best" to "kind of decent" would be the epitome of stupidity and cause a massive and justified uproar. Going from "the best" to "still the best, but with less of a gap to the runner up" sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
  5. Yes, because it doesn't get great soft control and even more extra damage on top of the DoT. Yes, because it pays for that with a basically complete lack of AoE. What is TW's niche? Being exceptionally good at both ST and AoE, having soft control, extra damage on top of extra damage? All for the cost of being "clunky" and endurance intensive? I couldn't say with a straight face that what TW gets is appropriate for the cost. It deserves something, but I can't come up with any justification for it getting as much as it gets now. I'm completely open to having my mind changed. I've already done it once, my starting position was that nothing needs to be done to TW. After reviewing the evidence posted, I think nothing needs to be done to it right now, but it wouldn't be unjustified to bring it down a notch and that it would probably be a good thing in the long run, assuming we're getting new high-end content. Hand waving evidence, on the other hand, seems very much like the epitome of "not open to changing one's mind". If anything, venomizing the discussion like that is polarizing the issue. This isn't camp "TW is fine" vs "nuke TW from orbit" and it doesn't help the discussion to try and frame it that way.
  6. I did 4 or 5 at the same time on my Kat/Inv back in the day. They were hand picked, of course, to mostly do S/L damage so that I could survive it. That said, I don't think soloing several AVs at once is a similar issue to TW because that feat isn't powerset specific. I'd be convinced of a problem if there was a powerset that was significantly more survivable than others, or an offensive set that was capable of doing it significantly faster than others, especially if the latter was also great in the non-niche parts of the game. It's a big part of the powerset design that many of them have niches where they are particularly good at, but usually they come with much heftier costs than what TW gets. Fire Blast doesn't have any actual secondary effects, Dark Melee has great single target damage and survivability, but its AoE is crap. Spines gets great AoE at the expense of ST damage. TW definitely needs to get something for the clunkiness and endurance cost, but what it gets now just appears to be too much. Besides, nobody is suggesting that everything should perform exactly the same according to a magical formula, but that that performance should be reasonably close together after you account for secondary effects and stuff like combos / clunkiness. So Titan Weapons getting extra damage on top of the damage formula on literally every attack, extra damage over times on top of that plus great soft control, decent DPA without Momentum and Defensive Sweep doesn't point to the direction that it's maybe slightly too good? Hand waving all that evidence is basically the same as saying that EM is fine because it isn't completely useless.
  7. It doesn't need to break the game to warrant a nerf. If there is a noticeable lack of parity between sets, adjustments are needed and sometimes those need to be buffs. While TW doesn't currently break the game it does pose an issue for future content which I think we all want. If the new content is supposed to be at least slightly challenging for your average team, there are going to be a lot of teams who only accept top performing sets. Players looking for the easiest way to rewards is what you see in all games, including this one: 1-2 Brute + 6-7 Corr LRSFs back in the day, people grinding BAF for incarnates, MSR for merits (pre nerf) and so on. Yes, more difficult content still sees the light of day but any time there's an easy way, a significant portion of the community will choose it and sometimes this might have negative side effects. If CoX were to stay completely static until the end of time, then I don't think the current state of TW would be critical. As for pylon test envy, that's just a silly argument. Many of the posters in the thread who think a slight nerf would be justified (including me) play TW. It's not that I want it nerfed because I enjoy it like it is, but it's just impossible to hand wave all the evidence pointing to the fact that it's at least a bit too good. Because the evidence has me convinced that it's pretty likely to be nerfed, I think it's better to try and come up with an appropriate adjustment rather than try to argue that the lack of balance is fine.
  8. I think that depends a lot on how the adjustment is carried out. If it's something that mostly has an effect on top end builds while still keeping them top end builds, I don't think it's going to be a huge issue for anyone who wants to approach the change rationally. What happened to EM wasn't a <10% maximum DPS adjustment but completely nuking the set and I think the general reaction to it was pretty appropriate. I'll be among the first on the barricades if the same happens to TW, trust me on that. I'd strongly prefer buffing up the lowest performing sets over tuning down TW, but the latter option is unfortunately a lot more practical so I'm expecting it to be the more likely scenario.
  9. I mostly go for perma-X because I prefer consistent performance when it's achievable. For example, without perma Hasten I'd be running attack chain A part of the time and chain B other times which may be fun alternation for someone, but personally I dislike that.
  10. I think this is slightly exaggerating the issue. I can't even remember the last time I've been mezzed because of -Rech, but then again I haven't really played my /SD with vanilla enhancements.
  11. This is basically my position with the addition that I'm paranoid enough that I think it will be nerfed, so I'd rather be in the discussion of how to avoid repeating what happened to EM. Definitely this. I like your original suggestion as the DPS impact wouldn't be huge and the changes wouldn't require completely redoing attack chains and builds.
  12. Definitely. The data indicates that TW is in need of some down tuning, but I'd hate to see it go the way of EM because I genuinely like the set. That's why I'd like to move the discussion from "is TW OP" to "how it should be tuned", unless someone can provide evidence that would contradict the currently well argued position that TW is at least slightly too good.
  13. Well, in that case the only thing I can ask you to do is stop trolling because that doesn't help your argument nor does it help solve the potential issue of how to slightly tone down TW if it happens. Other than that, I think that wraps up any reason to continue discussing with you. Have a good one, partner.
  14. So you're seriously saying that rebalancing Titan Weapons in the video game City of Heroes is an act comparable to brain surgery? This time, maybe false analogy [53]? Are we trying to check all the boxes on the list?
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