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  1. I'd say on average my characters hit 50 in ~25 hours of gameplay, mostly doing TFs with DXP on. Fastest on HC was probably just a hair under 20 hours.
  2. What's your endgame? Recharge for the sake of recharge isn't worth it, but going for more recharge to enable a better attack chain, get a perma buff or something else could very well be.
  3. In my opinion the importance of balance in games is basically set by a couple of development choices: the existence of PvP and what kind of difficulty the PvE part should have. If PvP is a big focus, then I think it's quite obvious that outside of specific rock - paper - scissor pairings, whatever character / equipment / powers the players can choose, the combinations should be closely balanced. As far as PvE goes, balancing should depend on the level of difficulty at different stages in the game. The more difficult the game is supposed to be, the more important balance becomes because content balancing has to be done against top-end performance in order to keep things challenging, and if certain classes / powers / specs can't get anywhere near the required performance, they'll simply be blacklisted. When it comes to games like CoH, which are by most metrics very easy and casual, I still think it's important to keep balance to a level where everything is at least in the same ballpark. My reasoning for this is pretty simple: it is definitely an issue if some powersets feel noticeably weaker than others even if numerically they'd be "good enough". The unfortunate truth is that good balance is pretty much impossible to achieve through buffs only, so nerfs have to happen every now and then. Currently, though, I'd say CoH is in a pretty good place balance wise and, excluding TW, I'd say all of the outliers could be fixed with a couple of buffs.
  4. I like to look at this the other way around: 20 million inf is such a small amount, why not get the extra +Rech? In general, a lot of the time purple sets are very efficient slotting choices given the powerful procs and the very useful +10% Rech. However, sometimes other choices such as Basilisk's Gaze, Obliteration and so on might be better slot-by-slot depending on what goals the build has.
  5. None of my characters have full T4s. This happens mostly because none of my characters have Judgment as I don't like the effect having it has on gameplay (plus, it's often pretty hard to justify concept wise) and I take the T3 Lore just for the +1. The rest of the incarnate abilities are usually a mix of T3/T4 depending on how much benefit the upgrade from T3 to T4 would yield.
  6. Generally I only use voice chat in a couple of cases. Primarily, if I'm just sitting in a voice channel with a bunch of my buddies while we play sometimes the same game, sometimes everyone playing their own. With total strangers, though, I only use voice comms if extremely quick comms are necessary, but this doesn't apply to CoH.
  7. You mean revert the stealth reversion of the stealth nerf?
  8. Exactly. There are a multitude of reasons for power leveling, including: leveling up feels too slow characters are more fun at 50 optimizer mentality: many players just prefer the most time-efficient way of achieving whatever it is they want to achieve etc. The way I see it, very few if any of the underlying causes will be gone if power leveling is restricted, and I agree with your assessment that many people would just go to other games where they don't have to suffer through whatever it is they dislike about CoH's leveling up process. The optimizers still wouldn't do "regular teams" because joining a lvl 50 radio team would still be much more efficient than running missions <50. In my opinion, if anything, removing AE would reduce the number of available teams and most likely make the IO economy painful for average players.
  9. I don't announce any buffs, even longer cooldown AoE clickies. Anyone who doesn't need the buffs will be off on their own ahead of the rest of the team, and those who do probably stick to the core group which should be easy to cover on the go. For single target buffs I tend to prioritize the people who might benefit from them the most, usually by a very heuristic check of their powersets: +Rech for anyone whose powersets rely on long cooldown powers, +Dmg for damage dealers, and so on.
  10. I believe this should be put into the development pipeline with Carp Melee.
  11. My Scrapper's all gone to the Americans.
  12. I do think the OP is right about the change, though. However, I have fortunate news for them: when HC was launched the new devs secretly undid this nerf. It wasn't documented in the patch notes, but I instantly noticed that my Scrapper's performance was now again exactly the same as before! Obviously you can't verify this within the game because the change was made in the base stat modifyers, but if you have been pushing your Scrapper to the limit, you'll know. Just try playing +4x8 and you'll see the similarity in the evade states.
  13. I think one of the big issues in leveling traditionally is how character development feels very slumped in the 10-22 range. Enemies get seemingly more powerful quite quickly as you enter the DO range, but the same increase in power doesn't quite translate to player characters. More often, it seems like the access to a larger variety of powers without SO/set IO level enhancements to offset the additional endurance costs your character is out of Endurance. At the same time, you're also losing Beginner's Luck so instead of getting more accurate, the development is the complete opposite. So far I have 9 50s on Homecoming and I've powerleveled one character to the mid 20s. I like playing through story arcs and taking it slow because I feel next to no attachment to a character at 50 if it's been PLed all the way. However, that's me and even then I have to note that I prefer playing with DXP on. If I wanted to play PvP, I'd most likely PL several PvP only characters to 50 because the types of builds and powerset combos PvP characters have wouldn't most likely fit a character theme. These characters would just be tools for PvP. Having said that, it's not difficult for me to imagine people might feel this way about PvE, especially if like me they'd have somewhere around 3 dozen or more 50s between legacy CoH and HC. At that point there isn't much you need to learn about a powerset, especially if you've tinkered with your character builds yourself and you've probably done most of the content a bunch of times anyway. The next two characters I'm planning to play to 50 would do a story arc only playthrough. One on blueside to catch arcs like new Faultline I haven't done in a decade and another on red, just to get my 3rd ever villain 50...
  14. Strongly agree with this. I'd really dislike seeing a return to the hard teammate requirements. Wouldn't mind mechanics that are really difficult to pull off solo, but simply making them outright impossible just seems unnecessary.
  15. I take Aim always on characters whose main functionality is dealing damage and depending on the build for other ATs. On my Ice/Fire Blaster I cycle Aim > attacks > BU > attacks seamlessly so that one of the two buffs is always active, but on my Thermal/Sonic I haven't taken Aim at all. Currently I prefer slotting Gaussian's in Aim over Tactics on characters who have both because it gives me better control over when the proc happens. While I get more procs in Tactics slotting it in Aim allows me to time the proc for heavy hitters (and combat in general) which makes it feel more impactful.
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