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  1. I don't really follow the reasoning here. With or without DXP there are certain ways of playing that result in faster or effortless leveling up. Regardless of whether we had the option for DXP a portion of the players will always choose the path of least resistance and essentially nothing the developers can do will make these players choose story arcs over PLing and doorsitting. In all honesty, I think taking DXP out would increase the number of people who choose to PL because a change like that would double the difference between PLing and "just playing" in absolute terms (5 hours vs 25 hours is now 10 hours vs 50 hours). That would just make PLing even more appealing.
  2. DSorrow

    Pool power choice

    I'd say it depends on your overall build. If you have a bunch of Def already, then CJ adds up nicely on top of that but on its own the +Def is very meager. However, it is also a nice combat movement ability and costs practically nothing to keep toggled. Assault on the other hand is a pretty expensive toggle that adds very little incremental damage to a Blaster, but it does affect the whole team and extra damage is always useful.
  3. I'm all for more challenge options, but anything that arbitrarily and forcibly extends a grind that in itself isn't challenging doesn't make the game harder. Leveling up to 50 isn't hard because you don't need any special skills to accomplish it, so doubling or tripling or halving the time it takes to do it doesn't change the difficulty or challenge. That is, unless we are talking about the challenge of fitting game sessions into your calendar to get to 50/unlock incarnates/[insert goal] in reasonable real time. With that out of the way, I think the veteran rewards are in a good place. For the periods in my life when I'm extremely busy with stuff and can barely get an hour of gaming a week, it's a blessing when I can just run whatever content I want and still progress my incarnate abilities. If I have more time, I can choose to do iTrials to get there slightly faster, which is also great. We're still far away from instant 50s and instant incarnate unlocks anyway. The thing is, one of my favorite things about CoH is that a play session is never worthless from a progress point of view. Because all IOs are tradeable every bit of influence is a direct step towards a piece of a build. Thanks to vet levels, every bit of XP is a step towards an incarnate ability. I absolutely love not being gated from a category of rewards because I can't commit to a raid/any other specific content category or want to do something else instead.
  4. I think this just sounds unnecessarily complicated because we already have a profanity filter and an ignore feature. Adding single words and phrases to a filter list in order to cover everything you don't want to hear is extremely cumbersome, and if the whole message gets filtered based on a keyword, you'll probably end up filtering out mostly neutral chat with a longer list. Personally, I just don't really see any added value in this as you can already permanently rid yourself of trolls and idiots via /gignore, which is much more effective than a list of keywords to filter out certain vaguely defined topics usually discussed by trolls and idiots.
  5. It's not a long list and pretty much analogous to my RL pet peeves: People sharing incorrect information about the game's mechanics / something else and refusing to acknowledge they were wrong when it's pointed out. People who think trolling is funny. Fishing annoyed reactions out of others hasn't been funny since first grade. People complaining about how others like to play (farming, PLing, speed runs, whatever) when said gameplay isn't an exploit or otherwise violating any rules. Lack of initiative, e.g. mindlessly spamming LFG for long periods of time rather than starting your own team. Sense of entitlement: nobody owes you a full build, farm runs or anything else. If you're nice about it, there's a very good chance you'll get what you want, though.
  6. Several others already addressed many of the problems Elec has, so I'll just highlight what I think are the main issues that have been raised. Lacking a true T3 blast, Elec has pretty low ST damage. This could be mostly fixed by giving Tesla Cage the Freeze Ray treatment. Short Circuit and Ball Lightning could do with some front loaded damage. Some of the animation times are horribly slow, which at least for me makes the set feel very clunky to play. At minimum, I'd look at reducing the animation times of Thunderous Blast and Short Circuit to somewhere in the <2 seconds range. The secondary effect isn't very useful or even interesting. I really like the idea of adding chaining damage to Elec Blast, so what if it worked like a Corruptor's Scourge but checked the opponent's Endurance instead of their HP? A minor chance for chaining at full Endurance so it's not useless against targets that resist -End/-Rec and something significantly higher when the target is at 0 with a sliding scale in-between. The -End is now useful even if you don't drain things to 0 and it would be worth to enhance it even if you wouldn't go all out. Oh yeah, and Voltaic Sentinel should stick around for a longer time.
  7. I think the biggest issue we have is how increasing damage works linearly, but increasing defenses gets less and less linear the closer you are to the respective defensive cap. For example, if we assume a Tank is at the 90% Resistance cap and does 90 DPS, then apply the tank/brute defense/offense logic to an identical brute build, we should get a brute that has 81% Resistance while doing 100 DPS. In this case, the tank can survive roughly double the incoming damage compared to the brute while only suffering a 10% difference in damage output. Depending on your build, that 10% damage might be pretty easy to bridge with procs because you can skip more than a handful of 5-6 piece bonuses (usual places for +Def/+Res), and thus you'd end up with a Tank build that has Tank survivability and what's basically Brute damage. Given the current rules for Def and Res, I don't think this discrepancy can be solved without either breaking the game apart and rebuilding it. Disclaimer: I don't actually have a Tank on HC, so this is just me thinking out loud.
  8. Mu mastery: This PPP is great for melee ATs with Zapp + Ball Lightning or Elec Fences + Ball Lightning at two picks. I think it's also good for MMs, but nothing special for other ATs. The concept and graphics are generic enough that you can use it on pretty much any character that can justify using electricity. Soul mastery: Great power picks for several ATs. Top pick for Tanks, Brutes and VEATs (Gloom + Dark Oblit) and quite useful for some Scrapper/Stalker builds (Moonbeam + Shadow Meld). Defenders and Corruptors get a lot out of this if their support sets benefit from Power Boost. Several ATs also get access to Soul Drain which is generally a really useful poewr. Like Mu Mastery, the concept and graphics are generic enough to fit into many character concepts. Mace mastery: I don't think I've ever picked this for anything other than Scorpion Shield, and on MMs also for Power Boost. From a numbers perspective, it's the best +Def shield for squishies, available at the first power pick into the pool and pretty light on graphics or at least easier to justify than an ice shield on many characters. Other powers in the set just feel pretty bad, honestly. The mace attacks are slow animating, require redraw, deal bad damage and they're hard to justify unless your character is some sort of gadget user or affiliated with Arachnos. Leviathan mastery: In my opinion, this PPP comes with a bunch of issues: the shield is arguably the worst PPP shield given that Cold damage is the rarest damage type in game, so any other exotic type on top of S/L would be better there's no good single target attack to build into your attack rotation, besides maybe KOBlow everything is sharks or vomit, so it's hard to fit them into character concepts the animation times for basically everything are atrocious In general, I think Mu and Soul patrons are pretty well implemented. Scorpion Shield is nice, but otherwise the PPP needs work. Leviathan is mechanically so far behind other PPPs and EPPs that I'm not even sure what can be done without violating the cottage rule. As for the pets, I don't really like them. The cooldowns are insanely long while the pets aren't all that useful and generally die pretty easily. Then there's the whole issue of them being Arachnos related, which goes against a lot of my character concepts at least. The only pets I've ever picked out of the PPPs are Mace because they can at least be justified as stolen/modified Arachnos tech. Finally, there's the unlocking part which I have slightly mixed feelings for. On the one hand, it's not really a huge effort and there's some value in having to unlock some things through gameplay. On the other hand, I do dislike having the same shopping list of things to do on all alts (passive accolades + PPP unlocks), because some of the required content gets really tedious when you've done it a few dozen times.
  9. I'd guess it is because the standard set of mez protection includes Hold, Stun, Immobilize and KB, so you're only notified if a set deviates from this. That said, the information about status protection is available in-game even without changing the set descriptions if you look at the individual powers with "detailed info" toggled on.
  10. Players playing like they want to is probably the best way to keep a game healthy. Forcing them to do something they don't like will just have them leaving for other games, and in either case they never played story lines. What was gained? I feel like the "problem" is just a strawman here. I like these suggestions. This sounds cool, too.
  11. You'll probably make a tiny bit more money on average by going for the big sellers, but I'm far too lazy to spend the extra time rerolling the same enhancement multiple times. Usually I just convert something I know will make 1-2mil profit after one conversion very consistently to minimize the time I spend converting. My strategy is selling in bulk so typically in my (bi)weekly marketeering session I put up ~300 enhancements for sale, so anything that reduces the number of clunky conversions needed is good for me.
  12. Corporations can be extremely slow when dealing with stuff that isn't a high priority to them, especially when the stuff has little monetary upside, potentially significant downsides and all of the downsides can be mostly avoided by ignoring the thing. Going by my own experience with development projects in big corporations, it wouldn't surprise me at all if "talks" in this case were synonymous with an email chain where the corporation responds to your inputs once a month.
  13. This is a really interesting observation. I haven't spent much time browsing other people's builds while I play so it could very well be that my "knowledge" on this is outdated. Maybe the economy changes by the HC devs as well as the prevalence of veteran players from the end days have actually changed things and people using set IOs is the new normal.
  14. I'm not opposing giving players increased options to add difficulty, what I'm saying is that any of these OPTIONAL things should Consume very little development resources because those could also be used to service the larger player population instead. Be generalist enough options that they increase difficulty equally to most builds which is something the numbers game in CoX can't realistically accomplish, and that is why the SO vs IO build or even Resistance vs Defense and Buffs vs Debuffs question is extremely relevant. We don't want to end up in a place where only a couple of powersets/builds can play at max settings because the difficulty is implemented in a certain way. Even with these OPTIONAL things being OPTIONAL, it doesn't make sense to put a lot of resources into developing something that won't be used like the existing OPTIONAL difficulty settings we already have in Ouro, for example. Won't be an easy task, in my opinion.
  15. Fair enough, I certainly don't have a comprehensive view into the average player base so anything I say on the topic is based off of a hunch. That said, I still think that the spectrum between SOs and optimized IO builds is so wide that an optimized IO build is still miles ahead of a build with set IOs* despite both being much better than SO/common IO only builds. Essentially, if the difficulty options allow us to go from -1/x1 to +4/x8 I'd say an average SO build performance cap is around +1/x3, a build with set IOs* at around +2/x6 and for a fully optimized build it's beyond +4/x8. Note that I use the term "build with set IOs" to mean a character build that slots set IOs, but with little to no regard to an optimized performance goal. This could mean anything from slotting whatever uncommon sets fit into powers just for better enhancement values to a build that just slots "best" sets per power basis without maximizing efficiency in the big picture. Even within this category the performance gap between the low and top end is significant.
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