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  1. I've been pretty inactive with the market lately. I'm sitting on something like 4 billion inf plus a hoard of useful enhancements and I'm not going to have a new 50 any time in the foreseeable future. Once the Tanker changes pass to live I'll probably get back to the leveling and marketeering world.
  2. Looks good to me. Ran a few checks with the iterative method I've always used and this matches all my results while being much more simple and user friendly. Thumbs up!
  3. While the new enemy mechanics sound interesting, I'd start with just adding some powers across the board to most enemy factions if the advanced enemy option is toggled: additional offensive powers to reduce the downtime of enemies -> increase in incoming dps defensive toggles to increase the meaningfulness of control powers to suppress them priority targets with crowd control / debuff abilities For example, advanced enemies for Council could add stuff like: Warwolves: Savage Melee single target attacks for all, Foot Stomp for bosses Vampyri: Dark Embrace for all, AoE mezzes / Darkest Night type of stuff for bosses Soldiers: Body Armor / basic mez protection (mag 3) for all, Leadership for bosses And so on. The feel of the faction still stays the same, but most enemies just come with a couple of additional abilities that make them either more resilient or dangerous. Additionally, having the setting on should probably increase rewards from the enemies at least slightly.
  4. I haven't farmed in AE or anywhere else so far on Homecoming because I know from experience in retail CoX that it's very likely I won't ever get into characters I just power leveled to 50 and leveling up with the DXP is plenty fast (15-20 hours to 50). Besides, if I'm going to play a character to 50, I'm going to get all the passive accolades so getting them done while leveling ends up being roughly as efficient as PLing to 50 and then getting the accolades. Also, with most builds I can usually tell pretty early on if it's something I actually like playing, and it doesn't feel as bad to abandon a mid 20s character as it does abandoning a 50. However, if somebody else wants to farm, then it's good to have that option for them. For example, I could see myself PLing characters to 50 if I was interested in PvP and I wanted to roll something new purely for PvP.
  5. For me the issue is simply practical, back in the day I had all the time in the world for playing video games so even without the QoL changes progression wasn't an issue. Nowadays adulting keeps me busy most of the day so I welcome any and all changes that remove or reduce what I call pad-time, such as running from place A to place B to be able to do the thing I actually wanted to do. While I can't speak for anyone else, I don't think it has any added value to require getting badges for the field crafter, running between WW and the nearest crafting table, or having to go to a specific location for a respec so I'd rather spend those couple of minutes to kill skuls.
  6. Any details on this? I'm hoping for a reduction in some of the most extreme resistances (most notably Psi and Lethal) some enemies have.
  7. I fully IO all my 50s with basically inf-is-no-object builds, mostly because I find the search for ultimate power the most interesting thing to do in end game. However I do remember how daunting all the IO stuff felt when it first came out. Right now I have a lot of experience in planning builds so it's pretty fast to make a great build when I basically have a default set in mind for most typical build goals. Also making money off the AH is quite trivial once you know what you're doing so basically the cost of planning a build and getting the inf for me is a handful of hours of playtime, and usually less actual time than it takes to get to 50. Plus, I actually find tinkering in Mid's fun in moderation.
  8. I generally don't give a crap about what other players do in a team so long as it isn't disruptive. Want to solo a branch of a cave? Go right ahead if you can do it and your absence doesn't put the rest of the team in trouble. If the team leader sets some ground rules that don't allow that, I'm fine with that too so long as they're stated up front and not after the fact. By default I expect something between a speed run and defeat all: go basically as fast as possible without skipping fights unless someone has invisibility and can stealth the objectives.
  9. I'd say they are pretty accurate in terms of SO slotting. When you bring in IOs the charts are pretty meaningless as it's much, much easier to increase survivability via IOs than it is to increase damage. For example, a Blaster that's essentially defenseless with an SO build can be soft capped to several damage types (mine is soft capped to S/L/E/F/C) with IOs which is basically a 10 fold increase in survivability. IOs can get nowhere near that kind of increase in the offensive department. I'd say no to both. Brutes going from 90% to 85% cap doesn't really affect a whole lot of builds, but affected builds would take 50% more damage than before the nerf. Same with Tanks going up to 95% as that doubles the maximum survivability of Resist based sets and gives them a higher survivability cap than is achievable with Defense, though, this might or might not be fair considering Def allows you to avoid debuffs and CC, but it still seems a bit much to me. The current plan for Tank changes seems like a pretty good route, in my opinion. Tanks will have an easier time to build defensively, but they won't be obsolete in fully buffed teams thanks to their improved offensive potential. Given how similar Brutes, Tankers and Scrappers are, I don't think it's even possible to attempt to make all of them completely unique ATs, so the effort should probably be spent on making them somewhat different takes at the same thing (melee damage + survivability).
  10. I evaluated this quite a while ago, but from what I remember mag 4 protects you from ~95% of KB and mag 8 from ~99%. I go for 4 on my squishies, but for a melee character I'd go with 8 unless you have a slot to spare to go for 12.
  11. My default slotting for Leadership is the following: Maneuvers: Luck of the Gambler (Def/End, Def, +7.5% Rech) Assault: 1x EndRed Tactics: Adjusted Targeting ToHit/End (+5) Vengeance: LotG +7.5% Rech Victory Rush: garbage, I never pick it Sometimes I might slot a full set of Red Fortune in Maneuvers for the +Ranged Def, Tactics might get 5/6 Adjusted Targeting or 6/6 Gaussian's but it depends on the build.
  12. As much as I'd like just a couple of extra slots in some of my builds, I have to agree with some previous posters that the limited number of slots is one of the few (and best) limiters of power in the game, so I'll also go with a no.
  13. I'd probably do that too if I wanted to maximize my influence efficiency. 30mins to 1 hour of playing the market per week gets me around 600-1000M by the time a new character hits level 50 so I opt to just get most of my sets from the WW at buy-it-now prices because it's quick and convenient, plus at least for me there's no other use for inf.
  14. That's just how the market works. WW looks for the lowest listing under a bid to match a seller and a buyer: e.g. item A is three listings from three players at 50, 55 and 60 inf. A fourth player puts in a bid at 59 inf so the eligible sales are the ones at 50 and 55 of which 50 is chosen because it's the lowest. In your case there just seems to be enough listings below your price to satisfy the market's demand that your item won't move.
  15. This is a point I'd really like to highlight. I don't farm merits, AE or anything else but all my 8 50s are fully kitted out. My most expensive character up to date was my Blaster whose build is basically 100% comprised of Winter sets, ATOs, purples and interesting uniques/globals at a total of 800M buy-it-now, with my average build probably coming in at around 600M. Inf is spectacularly easy to make if you spend a little time researching the different methods, and even if you don't, getting a fully maxed out build doesn't take all that long even through normal gameplay. Consider that a build with 2 full ATO sets (1200 merits), 4 five piece purple sets (2000 merits), 50 rare IOs (2500 merits) and the rest generic IOs costs a total of 5700 merits. Most TFs reward you with around 1 merit per minute so those alone get you there in 5700 minutes or 95 hours. Once you factor in random drops, influence gain and veteran level ups that can be converted into merits, even if you don't spend all your time in semi-efficient activities such as the 1 merit/min TFs, I'd find it extremely unlikely it would take much more than 100 hours to get there. If you're willing to settle for a 100-200M build that is still far ahead any SO build, you can get there in a couple of dozen hours. Hell, even a frankenslotted 10M IO build is massively better than a pure SO build and achievable by doing the Market Crash once (<1h). I still think the baseline performance of sets should be balanced around SOs, but I agree with @Sir Myshkin that at this point it would be quite stupid to completely ignore the general implications of IOs (global recharge and survivability increases, mostly).
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