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  1. The pre fire tank nerf days. So many tells asking if I was a fire tank only to get no response when I told them I wasn't. Rude and irritating.
  2. Yes. I've got the 'Reveal' power which clears the entire map in one go. Thing is I can't remember where I got it. It may be from the p2w vendor.
  3. I do have OCD and I got this where I wanted it. Right to the pixel.
  4. Take a look next time you use it with Insight. 'Insight Strike' will appear above the heads of all mobs in range and the psi damage of the attack will be done to them too.
  5. My main is a Shield/Psi Tank. Both sets have a damage buff and AoE's. Once you have Insight, Greater Psi Blade becomes an AoE (the description doesn't tell you this) which gives you a total of 3.
  6. I made this mistake back on live. I feel your pain. I came up with some explanation for it in his bio.
  7. First ever Lusca battle I had back on live. Didn't go well...
  8. The TK Cavalier Axewrath Mr. Dragon
  9. Just gotta work out a way to play via a laptop on top of my trolley without being seen by about 14 camera's and my team leader.
  10. You get a huge defense bonus so you're safer when flying low. Also you have far better control to help you manuver at higher speeds. Not a big benefit. I just love it for the speed.
  11. I was told to 'chase me for buffs' once when I announced 'gather for buffs'. He didn't get his buffs. I can't be bothered with that.
  12. I tend to hang to the left.
  13. Really? Well that sucks. Enjoyed the surprise enemies popping up.
  14. Tanks are an example of slow solo. They're fine later on but if you're going solo with defence and melee on a toon, best go for Scrapper or Brute.
  15. It has to be a super hero MMO. Theme is what is better for me. Tried WoW briefly and LoTRO kept my interest for over 700 hours. In the end only the best hero MMO does it for me, though. If I play fantasy it needs to be more hack 'n slash like Skyrim.
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