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  1. I grabbed my new mains name first, then I remade my old villain and hero mains. After that I remade all the old alts that actually survived past level 10ish. That feeling when you see them again. Its like an old friend returning.
  2. MrAxe


    Nice I had this idea too, using my Shield/Psi main. Psi's got a solid foundation of control along with some procs it may work quite nicely.
  3. Remember Vigilantes also have a fear power. Its not that good but something to consider.
  4. I don't see why not. We have to be the errand boys of contacts and play 2nd fiddle to the famous heroes in our own game despite doing all the heroics.. We should get the cool stuff for once and stand out.
  5. Back when I was a noob tank I caused a team wipe. Respec mission, surrounded by purples. We were fighting one group of Skyraiders then I foolishly taunted a second group. I ran and survived (hooray for heroism!). Luckily the team didn't realise it was my fault. I never did that again.
  6. There needs to be a journalist day job badge.
  7. The sound effect you get when you click on a power that has not recharged. Every. Damn. Time. If only I could turn it off.
  8. A top floor apartment overlooking Atlas Park. Hell if there's a fire he can just fly out the window.
  9. Shield/Psi Melee. Shield gives me one of my favourite attacks and another costume piece to customise (plus the 'C' on the Council shield matches very nicely with my main's name). Psi Melee is a personal thing because telekinetic powers are my favourite type. Now my tier 9 AoE has had its damage buffed to useful levels and the cone is wider, all the real flaws of the set are gone. Still I do mourn the loss of AoE Insight Strike though.
  10. I suppose its different if you lack an ocd brain. God it did my head in.
  11. One thing you need to consider. EM clips horribly through the shield. It looks terrible. Just something you may not have thought about.
  12. Tbh I'd be in favour of getting rid of them because of all the problems they caused when they came blueside but I'm not mental. Its never going to happen.
  13. Agent Stab is my Willpower/Dual Blades Tank and its always been a lot of fun.
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