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  1. Fridays are perfect. Which timezone?
  2. Is there a day/time raids are normally done? Not done one since I've been back.
  3. I'm not making an 'inf is no object' build again inside a year. Maybe never again. I want everything unlocked and at its best when it comes to my main and that includes an awesome IO set build. But as said it takes so damn long, along with having to plan the build out, test it and farm for it that I can't face doing it again for a long time. Balance is key. Do it once with a main. Do it too much and it stops being fun.
  4. While leveling they tend to be excellent choices. When you hit 50 and if you want to make an expensive IO set build, it really depends on that particular build. You may get enough set bonuses to ignore both powers like I have. The only real draw back is if you have a very End heavy build, 2 toggles may be a bit much until you sort out that issue.
  5. MrAxe

    'Fear' Tank Concept?

    Don't forget the fear power you get for becoming a Vigilante.
  6. Great to hear you're on Excelsior. Me and the Mrs would love in on this.
  7. We have three builds now and inherent fitness has long since been a thing. I don't think we need more slots or power choices.
  8. You're actually doing the origin power pools!? Awesome! I don't care how long new content takes, you guys are brilliant. Once again thank you. 🙂
  9. My first proper character on live was Axewrath, my Ice/Axe Tank. Remade him as an alt and still love all the knock down goodness.
  10. Tanks forever.😊 Sent a freind request to both of you. I'll be joining with my main (The TK Cavalier) and my wife's, Lady Minerva.
  11. Me and my wife have been looking for an active SG since we got back to CoH. Next time we're on we'll sling you a tell. 🙂
  12. Why do people focus on maxing fire? Is it far easier or something?
  13. Willpower. All my wife makes is Willpower toons. She loves it as its the ultimate 'fire and forget' set. Its good to boot.
  14. Ah I did wonder if you were toggle heavy as otherwise the solution was obvious. I love rocket board so much that I intentionally took fly a bit later. When exemplared it gives me the excuse to use it with only 3 toggles to reactivate.
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