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  1. Unless I'm misreading/misunderstanding Psionic Melee seems only to have the target increases, not the range. Should it not be getting the a bigger cone and AoE? This along with loosing the AoE Insight Strike leaves the set feeling a bit underwhelming for a Tank patch.
  2. I was there on Defiant's last day. As per usual I was late to the party and there was no room for me on the final Hamidon raid, so I just flew around and helped where I could. As silly as it is I logged off some characters right on the spot they first spawned in Atlas Park. Sort of a poetic full circle of events. Felt empty right from the moment of shutdown. Hated it. I had good and bad experiences but the good outweighed it all and I made serveral friends. I miss the old days of having more friends in the game but ultimately I'm just thankful to have it back. My best mate from the live servers is back and my wife still plays it with me so its great.
  3. Nope I just made a joke to my wife about NCSoft shutting the game down (seriously don't take my game again pl0x).
  4. Maybe it doesn't fit a lot of concepts. However it fits mine perfectly. Snakepit (Plant/Savage) was fire back on live, but Savage fits his beast like apperance a lot better.
  5. Look at the quailty of some of that content, its awful. For example Telekinetic Assault that has one actual TK power, is wildly unbalanced and uses recycled assets? No thank you. I'd rather have slow, good quality content like Force of Will than what I've seen on other servers. Hell we're lucky to get new content. I'm just happy to play again. My advice is to look at anything we get a bonus.
  6. Not even sure if the naming policy is working. An SG member wants the name of someone who's left, but can't get the name despite meeting the requirements apparently.
  7. Hibernate is great. Time a taunt before death and slotting it for heal means you're not in the ice for long. Was even better when you were not limited to 30 seconds. Great afk tool.
  8. This would be amazing. I have an NPC costume parts costume I stare at and torture myself with sometimes.
  9. It can really piss people off in pvp though. I remember hiding out in my block of ice being accused of 'cheating'. Those were the days. 🤣
  10. On my Tank it stacks to give me 90% and it stacks for around 38 seconds. I've 2 slotted AD with IO's, both boosted 5 times and have about 55% global recharge from bonuses.
  11. Maybe look on the survey thread about the specs people have. A lot of them describe coh as running perfectly.
  12. Fridays are perfect. Which timezone?
  13. Is there a day/time raids are normally done? Not done one since I've been back.
  14. I'm not making an 'inf is no object' build again inside a year. Maybe never again. I want everything unlocked and at its best when it comes to my main and that includes an awesome IO set build. But as said it takes so damn long, along with having to plan the build out, test it and farm for it that I can't face doing it again for a long time. Balance is key. Do it once with a main. Do it too much and it stops being fun.
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