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  1. Yes. That contest was more than a year ago, so you'd be eligible .
  2. Thanks, fixed it. It should have ready Global ID or SG.
  3. The Vanguard League, Everlasting's most chillax SG is sponsoring it's annual base building contest. Some Details below: Entries Close: 30 June 2021 Contest Judging: 17 July 2021 Prizes: First prize: 10 Billion inf! 20 Billion in total cash and prizes! To enter: Post in the thread below, including your @Global and SG. Either post or email your base entry code. Fine print: One entry per global ID, or SG. We’re very pleased to announce a special guest judge has been added to our roster! @ironjoe will be serving as our 3rd judge
  4. So, I promised to post our Away From Keyboard (AFK) FF template. Theory craft: The goal here is to build a farmer that you can leave unattended for long periods of time, i.e. Fire and Forget. You don't have to do it this way, there are dozens of builds available on the CoH forums, but it does make operation simple. On most of my FF Brutes/Tanks I have an AFK build (patterned below) and a street build with better rounded defenses and a little more attack UMPH. You want a Brute to start. We've done this with tanks, but Fury is a thing that exists and it works in your fav
  5. You could be right, we were a little surprised as well. Next time we'll give more than a week's notice.
  6. Well, surprisingly, we don't have anyone signed up for this now, so we're going to push it off to the Summer. If you're curious about Fire Farming and have questions, please join one of the Vanguard League Support Sunday Fire Farms and ask on Team. See you Sunday! -Blu
  7. Hello Everlasting! The Vanguard League has been running our Support Sunday Fire Farm for a year or so and one of the most frequent requests we get is "Can you show me how to do this?" You asked and the Vanguard League will answer! Next Saturday, 23 January 2021 at Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific in Pocket D, we will host a tutorial school for fire farming! We will enroll the first 6 prospective students who sign up below. We expect the tutorial to last about 2 hours. What to Bring: A Level 1 Brute with Fire Aura secondary. Your choice of primary po
  8. The Vanguard League is happy to announce a contest for Saturday, 16 Jan 2021. Theme: Saturday Morning Cartoons! Join us for over 2 Billion inf in Prizes! Top Prize, 1 Billion inf! Kallisti Wharf: Saturday, 16 Jan 2021, 7:30pm Eastern, 4:30 Pacific! See you there!
  9. Just submit, we'll figure it out on our end.
  10. After careful consideration, we've decided to postpone the deadline for this contest until sometime this Spring. Everyone's been preoccupied and we've had a number of folks ask for deadline extensions. So, in the interest in running a competitive contest, we're going to leave it open for awhile and allow folks to finish out their story lines. However, to be fair to the entries so far, @12twelveletter, @Phenomriel, and @Fictional, we're going to award each of you 1 Billion Influence and keep you enrolled for the Spring. We've played through each and really enjoyed them
  11. Thanks everyone for coming out for this! It was WAY harder to judge than we were expecting. Everlasting is home to some of the most clever, creative and punny people in all of CoH! Thank you!
  12. Puns! The Vanguard League is happy to announce a Costume Contest for New Years Day: 2021, Theme: Puns! Bring your punniest character! Red/Blue//Gold are all welcome! Time: 3:00pm Eastern/Noon Pacific Location: Pocket D Total Prize Package: 1 Billion inf + Door Prizes Courtesy of the Vanguard League, Everlasting's most chillax SG.
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