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  1. Rokkeb


    Fire melee / shield is very powerful.
  2. WoWs mythic+ system deals with this same problem. You do a chain of dungeons each one getting harder. The enemies gain hp and defense, as well as random buffs. A way that could be implemented into coh I think would have hardcore missions that scale harder. Give minions boss lvl ha and defense, give everything in the mission random buffs like forcefiels bubbles or regen etc. And make it so theres no cap, players can keep going harder until they cant win.
  3. Rokkeb

    ??? /claws

    willpower has no exact synergy with claws, but that's because it basically performs the same with every secondary. its a turn your toggles on and forget set. So it works. It's strong and and will work well with claws. fire is fine with claws, but its a pretty clicky set and claws has a very fast rotation so you may find that you're clicking too much with that combo. I feel like ice will have this same "problem" paired with claws. Lots of actions to take in the armor set. invuln will be good too, but i would personally go willpower just cause i like it more. my experience with SR was way too long ago on live, so wont comment.
  4. Willpower will be best starter set to get you deep into the game. And it goes well with every scrapper or brute primary.
  5. Rokkeb

    Squeezed out?

    I think what you do is change up Corrupter ATO's. Compared to the melee ATO's ranged ATo's are garbage anyway. Stalker ATo's change the way the AT is played, scrapper / brute significant buff.. cor/blaster .. chance for lame dmg. A scourge strike bonus the way scrapper crit works from ATO would help I think as a starter.
  6. Claws is my favorite primary by far. Right now though I'm liking claws electric. I enjoyed leveling up Claws/Energy Aura, but at 50 it feels.. boring, kine of like Claws/Willpower. I haven't done anything with claws/dark yet, but back on live I had a claws / dark so I'll probably reroll that at some point. I also want to try claws / fire, and claws / bio at some point. Edit: So currently claws/electric is destroying all my other claws combos in the fun zone. Claws /energy, dark armor, invuln, fire, ninjitsu, willpower. Are all great in their own way bit man claws / electric is just speshul. I will for sure be stripping the 500mil or so in IOS I have on my main scrapper and giving them to this guy at 50. And I actually rerolled my claws /da to a da/claws tanker cause it just seems to fit better for a tanker IMO. Srsly, try a claws electric scrapper.
  7. Claws was my favorite set on live and I ran claws willpower, claws dark armor, claws regen, and claws martial arts. Currently on excelsior I have a 50 claws energy aura. Hes pretty beast, I have decent io sets but I'm not incarnated out I just have lvl 1 in agility so far. And even with that I can easily run comic con fore farm solo. Next up for me is claws electric armor. I hear its beastmode on brutes, but I prefer scrappers so that's what om going to try. I've also got a claws fire armor, but its stalled out, since I found out my energy aura scrapper can solo fire farm just fine. Claws is great though, pick one and enjoy.
  8. I just like it so I can skip travel powers on ability hungry builds.
  9. I have an iPhone, but not a Mac, and I've started doing that too the last year. Samsung just starts auto downloading and installing updates now. Its really annoying.
  10. If there is it's at the p2w vendor just like the other turn offs. So check there.
  11. I live in a crappy rundown high crime area. I can just go outside and see that dont need it in my mmos.
  12. No I used to love scrappers. And had several different ones all with lots of playtime logged. Now I'm branching out and finding that I enjoy support. Primarily controllers but also have a couple corrupters. I've also got a stalker I really enjoy. And all my scrappers just kind of sit there. Though I have enjoyed my new claws/energy armor scrapper. I think it might be because it's a new character I thought up and created, instead of just a remake of an old one that was lost with the shutdown.
  13. No. Stagnant games, which this is, require a seeded market for long term longevity. Otherwise you chase away any potential new players with everything being overpriced after just a few months in as people start hoarding currency. If you want IOs just buy the mats and craft them. There are literally 10million of every mat seeded for you to buy. And if the argument is.. you want to make lots of influence by cornering markets but cant with a seeded market. Well then to that I say boohoo for you too bad. Edit: oh I misread and thought you were talking about the seeded market not the IO fee. Not sure why. My apologies, but I'll leave the message up anyway so people can flame me. I can take it... I'm a /fire brute!
  14. 3 charged assassins strike + (proc hidden) head splitter. Oh look a massive crit follower by another massive crit ;D
  15. Titan weapon starts slow and builds up momentum into going fast. But the first part of leveling, is pretty brutal. Overall it's an extremely powerful set though. Bio is basically the best secondary for scrapper right now. The static damage addition plus dot additives push it towards the highest overall dps gain. Staff animations are definetaly faster than titan, also faster than mace, axe, broadsword, and I think katana. Claws and dual blades will feel faster imo. Problem is staff has some short times and long times for animations. But it feels pretty fluid, honestly it's mostly the long animation on it's big aoe. Again bio would be best. But honestly pick whatever you want as a secondary (except dark.. that's more like hard mode. It's very good, but kills endurance and seems to take a deeper understanding of IO sets, as well as funds to get those sets to really shine) For non weapon sets 4 seem to be very popular. Fire melee, for consistent good single target and ae damage. Dark melee for consistent high single target damage, and personal survivability powers. Electric melee (paired with shield) for aoe group nuking carnage. But it blooms very late. And street justice, a solid dps set with a combo mechanic to give it some flavor in combat. ( staff also has this btw) Funny enough all 4 of those are typically paired with shield for best results, although Bio would be strong on all as well.. except elec/shield has that very specific nuking build. Scrappers are good though in that pretty much everything is good. You just need to find what's fun to you.
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