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  1. I dont think mine are too crazy but: A bright option for all dark powers. I dont care if they have to just steal from rad or something dark is terrible looking almost always unless you want some edge lord character. Some sort of organic option for claws. Large claws like in spines, or somerhing. Claws has pretty old and out dated models for everything but those high tech laser claws. With water set spread across so many aTs, more aqua themed costume options. Right now we have gross fish face and ugly. Gloves/boots. 1 path aura, and an armor set that sort of looks like a wetsuit, and a couple things you could consider a rebreater or scuba mouthpiece, but nothing else to match up to them.
  2. An arachnid soldier could double up on leadership toggles wouldn't be adding too much beyond that other than one generic cone AoE probabaly. Maybe a gravity controller. Its pet will lock down enemies for you and pick a secondary with a buff on a short cooldown. Problem is I'm having trouble thinking of many toggle buffs other than small def+stealth, and of course leadership. I dont lnow that any MM pets will survive a firefarm, but could be interesting to try. Also if you dropped cash on an I'll controller you could perma phantom army on auto cast. Then pick w/e you want for secondary and hot swap over for buffs when wanted.
  3. Fire/kin corrupter is supposed to be crazy strong. And for anyone else out there elec/stone is an incredibly easy entry lvl permadom to shoot for. Elec helps with endurance issues, and stone attacks can mostly all slot the +recharge proc.
  4. If you say you like damage, and you dont have a permadom, then you dont like damage.
  5. If you guys have a lead player, like a brute or tank, I would say Sentinel is the best for someone unsure of their ability to play the game well. They can stay at ranged and blast away. They have an armor set so they won't die easily/alot like a blaster might early on. And if their ever not sure what to do, just target the tank/brute/lead and keep spamming their attack buttons. Just don't pick energy blast, and they can't go wrong basically.
  6. Does nobody in CoH use alt modifiers? You dont even have to set thethem up in options alt + # is row 2 of your hot bars.
  7. Rokkeb

    Optimal Brute

    I recently made a clown that uses the carnie mallet. But I'm thinking about trying to make a zombieland carnie alt costume with disfigured face and zombie arms.
  8. My spines fire brute is heavily nerfed by the taunt bug. Nothing stays on him anymore. It feels like I'm back to playing a shadow priest in wow, and just spamming fear on everything. Leveling a fire/claws tanker to replace him now. Also dang it Bobby, now I have an itch to try and recreate my shadow priest from wow in CoH. Hmm maybe a dark/dark corrupted.
  9. If you havent made it in suggest fire claws tanker, so you can actually take advantage of burn fields. If you do stay with scrapper that makes eviscerate pretty mandatory, it's crazy good damage, and the people who cry about the animation should probabaly just go back to their boring and ugly SS brutes or whatever.
  10. Grav is better but you already ran grav and it's not really different. Illusion is strong but incredibly boring to level up. It's like the lamest set in the game for a long time, and then it explodes in power, especially if you have a strong secondary, and get your recharge boosted way up. I suggest going more classic controller, fire, earth, plant, ice all straightforward control sets. Mix with rad, kin, time and you'll be a powerhouse.
  11. Main reason right now is the fear from burn on brutes. its so lame.
  12. hasten is t1 now, you don't need anything else out of speed to get it.
  13. Load up my fire farmer and go from 1 to 25/30 in a few minutes. Cause I'm bored of low level, no power, end issue side of the game. Done it too many times. So straight to mid 20s or 30s for me.
  14. Claws is the answer to this thread. Full st and full aoe chain. Pick a secondary at random, doesnt matter, claws will carry it to glorious conquest.
  15. I'll try that, thanks. Tried that, still freezing anytime i try and open options. Also the whole game freezes and I don't get a new crash handler like was mentioned in the patch. W10 just shuts it down.
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