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  1. AGREED, these skill less button mashers make me sad too. There is no skill or thought in this kind of pvp, It's just a bunch of blasters tab targeting to same target! No thought, skill or strategy, even if they'd like you to believe that. People actually play like this and think it's fun? And they play like this since i8? and who are these ladder pvpers who think they know what's best? I think there should be an i13 part 2 to take out the rest of these so called "pvpers" (really they are just trolls!)
  2. Gibson is right, the lack of slows/mezzes kills this games depth and stops so many ATs and sets from being viable in pvp right now. It really just simplifies the game and makes everything boil down to damage. Mezzes and slows REALLY REALLY need to be looked at. I think -jump should be countered by IR and that's it. If they do manage to bring back slows THEN they can think about suppressing -jump or nerfing it. But if you nerf -jump without adding any sort of CC benefits to the classes/ATs that rely on that? You'd only be making pvp worse.
  3. Also, can we please remove the intangibility or whatever effect is applied on targets that are TP foe'd? A lot of builds that are already not great to begin(traps) rely on tp foe, but because of the .75 sec invulnerability are rendered worthless.
  4. I would add that AS shouldn't be able to be LOS'd either, or at least cut the cast time in half. Also the unresisted portion needs to be doubled at least. But I agree with everything in this post.
  5. 1. Yes. you can blame multi-boxing for this position 2. Pst, I am a stalker. i am the bad experience. i also recognize i don't have to have hide or stealth for pvp. we should be more than a one-trick pony. 3. You're mistaken. 4. What? Is that crying? There is no crying in PVP. bwahahaha perhaps we should stick to the topics, maybe allow folks to voice their suggestions without arguing with them. No one is stopping people from voicing their opinions. Also there is nothing wrong with arguing peoples opinions? Mac has a lot of competitive pvp too experience too so it's not like his critiques of peoples suggestions are unfounded. That said I'm not saying if you haven't played comp don't voice your opinion, I'm just saying people shouldn't expect no push back on their ideas.
  6. THIS All of your reliable damage come from thunderstrike (if you elect to go mu mastery), spirit shark jaws, and KO blow, none of which are from your primary (your pets) which SHOULD be where your damage primarily comes from (but does not because of the issues discussed earlier in the thread).
  7. No they don't need buffs to BG mode, their survivability in BG mode is not a problem, it's applying offensive pressure in the wake of not having access to slows/mezzes.
  8. I feel like there needs to be full disclosure on posts like this and macskulls about how they have never played MM in any meaningful way in pvp (alouu is a blaster, macskull plays defender/corr primarily). That said yes I know how pet resistance works, I know they are not affected by DR curves. So because pet res is 75% on very specific (and non pvp viable) builds instead of 40% this matters why? Pets take the pure damage from a MM player, their resistance doesn't matter, it could be 1 billion % res and they would still take the same damage from a MM player being attacked in BG mode. I guess you are disappointed because your judgement doesn't one shot these specific builds? Also it should go without saying standing in BG mode means for the most part not contributing anything. This is a fast paced game with rapid movement, 99% of the time things are happening outside of your BG mode range. When you do decide to leave BG mode(if you actually want to play the game) you are subject to getting 2-3 shotted. If you played MM I wouldn't have to explain this. I just find it odd everyone is so fixated on BG mode, you guys do know you still die in BG mode all the time right? You can get kited without any real way to respond because of pet slow movement/not having slows/mezzes etc. Again this is obvious if you play MM. I guess people expect MMs to just stand in BG mode the entire time? Posts like this muddy the waters and confuse readers to what actually matters towards rebalancing MMs for pvp. The discussions should be focused on dealing with pet A.I./lack of movement and rebalancing an AT that had at one time relied on slows/mezzes to get kills which it no longer has access to anymore.
  9. First off they do die in BG mode pretty easily, especially if pets get LOS'd by a wall or something(which is all the time). Even then you can just get killed through BG mode pretty easily unless you get emp AOE heals. So we just forget about all the weaknesses/issues MMs have and say "don't buff MMs" because they are difficult to kill in BG mode? Tanks are hard to kill and don't suffer from the same weaknesses as MMs (damage/survivability tied to slow moving pets), guess we nerf those too? I'm not sure what pets ignoring DR has to do with anything? You generally don't utilize that anyways and does it really have any effect outside of MMs using barrier in zones? Even then, just walk away from them for 15 seconds til their res/defense degens lol. MMs are absolute trash in zones, and only playable in arena under very specific cirumstances(basically with kins). Yeah you survive spikes in BG mode but most of the time you die in hold duration before you get back to your pets to get in BG mode lol. I feel like people only remember the times I survive in BG mode and not all the other times I die during hold durations. I'm not gonna go over everything I said in the other threads but yeah if you think "MMs dont need buffs" bring a MM to KB or scrims and try playing one and getting on the scoreboard and see how hard it is against a team that knows how to fight it.
  10. I would take just this at this point, this would be huge. Maybe make them move at 70% of capped MS or something in pvp zones only. Or just let them inherit the MM player's movespeed. edit: this would be pvp only change, also if we got pets with more movespeed, they wouldn't need any damage buff or anything.
  11. Should try pvping on a MM in zones/arena first before making comments like this. Apparently you do need experience especially if you're coming to these conclusions? Why is it that every single high level/competitive pvper has been saying the same thing for months about MMs in zone pvp and arena? Should I get the other players to chime in this thread? Or do you know more than the best MM players in the game? You tell me. You're right this game isn't that complicated, but apparently I still have to spell it out why MMs need a damage buff.: MMs movement/survivability is limited by supremacy range/BG MEANING if you are ever threatened by a MM or its pets, just move away,there's no effective way for a MM to chase nullifying the class completely. This leads to situations where people kite or fly above and there is quite literally nothing you can do to combat this(if your pets are melee you are even more screwed). If they did more damage and were more threatening, they'd be able to fight back against these tactics rather than being completely helpless. The pets lack of movement is a HUGE weakness, and without slows MMs should be rewarded for correctly positioning themselves to set up offense. Again this is something you'd know if you played MM. PvP is dominated by proc damage, MM pets have extremely limited access to proc damage for numerous reasons. Even the few attacks that do have procs, you cannot micro your pets to do their proc'd out attacks so therefor even when you do proc pets it's unreliable. Proc damage accounts for upwards of 60% of a total attack chains damage on other ATs (in addition to the base damage). MM pets are still stuck in the past relying on base damage in 90% of cases competing with the proc damage. Therefore in order to compete with other ATs damage which have been supplemented by proc damage, MMs pets should have base damage increases (in pvp only). I've dueled on MM, MMs die 1v1 to corrs/blasters/defender THROUGH bodyguard, on top of getting kited and the pets unable to do anything. This AT is just broken and unplayable in many cases. I'm not asking for corruptor/blaster/defender levels of damage. These are bandaid fixes for the AT that I'd never propose if procs weren't out of hand and slows/mezzes functioned like they used to. But it doesn't seem like there's going to be systemwide mechanics changes for pvp anytime soon so we may as well do SOMETHING to help the AT in the meantime. TL;DR MMs are unplayable in zones(unless you are just standing still in bg mode/barrier which if that's the case are you really actually playing? You will never kill anyone with this tactic), and unplayable in arena unless your pets are speedboosted (are other ATs literally unplayable unless speedboosted?) and even then they are not great Because MMs cannot slow or mez in any meaningful way, they are dysfunctional (like you said) unable to catch anyone, endlessly being kited, smart players have no problem picking apart even high level MM players Every other viable AT in the game right now has around 60% of their damage come from procs, MMs dont have access to damage procs IN A MEANINGFUL WAY they need damage buff to stay on par with what other ATs have access to If these buffs are pvp only that is fine with me, they need SOMETHING though
  12. First off let me just address what @monos1 said, MMs are not overpowered or even close to being overpowered in any pvp format(in arena or zones). In zones they are shutdown by a single judgement from one player (if you are camping body guard mode) If you are moving around out of body guard mode (which you are usually forced to do anyways to get any offense off) you are subject to being 2 shotted by just about anyone (most min/max builds hover around 1100-1300 HP). MMs are a very dysfunctional AT right now, they used to rely on slows/mezzes, which essentially just dont work anymore in pvp (yes mezzes exist but 2 mez durations accomplish nothing, slows DO NOT WORK in pvp). In arena MMs are very situational and really only function with kins. There are many prerequisites to making MM teams work in arena and on top of that they are difficult to play and easy to punish. Overall MMs desperately need buffs at both the high level of pvp play, casual play of zones and I'd even say pve (for many builds not all builds). And to @Erydanus I agree with you 100% every AT should be functional/fun/playable by any player. I guess my point before was that MMs are UNPLAYABLE on a casual level (in zones) and BARELY PLAYABLE at a competitive arena level (and that's only if you have a kin on your team. If you do not have a kin on your team they are not viable in arena either). I am a MM mainer from a competitive pvp team, there are like 2-3 of us in the whole game that play MM at that level and it can be a real struggle for us if that gives people an idea of the state of MMs in the game right now.
  13. Yes this would be great! There are certain pets (knights/bruiser) who I never want to fight at ranged EVER.
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