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  1. Didn’t even realize it needed reinvigorating. I really need to start paying attention to things.
  2. A thread of nothing but nice things ?!? MODS!!!!! 🙂
  3. No offense, but I find that to be a strange strategy. I don’t farm, and have never power leveled. I wish it wasn’t part of the game, but it is. If people want to do it, that’s their choice - no biggie. I am curious why you would classify them as incompetent. some come out at 50, with no clue got to play. However, some are very good players who for whatever reason may not want to grind out a new toon. Do you also make regular trips into AE to ignore the players standing around and broadcasting in local?
  4. Blaster ? im gonna make a Sentinel and name it SnarkyLovesMe
  5. By the thumbs down reaction, it appears as if my sarcasm went over someone’s head. Looking at you Tyrannical 🙂
  6. Would it be possible to make all the characters exactly the same ? Same damage. Same powers. Same weaknesses. Same everything.
  7. I run Master ITF's and Master Kahns - and I don't do it for the badge. I do it to challenge myself. I'm not committed to badges (think I have less than 150 on any given character - couldn't tell you for sure, because I don't care enough to ever look), nor am I ever just bored and looking for something to do. Badges show no more commitment than being a level 50. Everything in this game can be shortcutted (is that even a word?). To me, commitment to the game is joining that +2/3/4 Synapse, knowing you are investing well over 90 minutes. Or joining a +1/+2 ITF knowing there wil
  8. Uh, because I don’t want it. I know it’s hard for you to believe that not everyone plays the same way you do, but there are those of us out there that like to do things our way. Out of curiosity, is there anything else you want everyone to have ?
  9. Great post Dark Dove Thanks for sharing, and glad you learned something from it. It is very frustrating to join a TF, and see one player break off to do their own thing. There have been times the leader will ask the person to stop, but they rarely do. Just as they are rarely ever kicked. I usually just 1 star them, with a note as to why. That way if I come across them I can decide to either put up with it, or move on. If it happens to be a team I put together, I can have a conversation with them. Hopefully more of them come to the same realization that you did,
  10. Sounds like fun to me. When I form a TF, I give it roughly 10 minutes to form. Long as I have at least 5 members on the team, Ill adjust the settings and start. No need to wait for it to fill. Ive been on several Synapse in which no one had TT or ATT - with the base portal power, its no big deal. Most of the zones in the TF are small enough that it takes no time to quickly get to a portal. Deaths are how you learn to play differently - no deaths, and you simply go through the same motions until you get bored. and finally, was Snarky on this PUG? He has a way of
  11. Don’t feel too bad. I’m also still confused about the options with enhancements. No need to delete the game or a character. The good thing is that influence is very easy to get. So you can experiment with your builds. If you don’t like what a certain set offers, try a different one. what level is the toon you are wanting to enhance ? Personally, I stick with the basic enhancements that can be bought at any store, until I hit level 50. I know others who start picking up IOS around 25.
  12. Ran this with Psylenz0511 - second classic TF we've run in two weeks. This one went faster than Posi. We finished somewhere around an hour. Team once again filled quickly, and everyone stayed. Group was quieter than last week, but I think everyone was just trying to get it done kinda quick. Finished in around an hour - not sure if thats good/bad/average. Was fun, and hope to team up again.
  13. Months ago - maybe last year, I saw someone advertise a big get together under Atlas, to read BIO's. I was in the middle of a TF, but messaged them that I loved the idea and would join once the TF was done. Roughly 30 minutes later I went Atlas and it was the normal level 50's standing around, gawking at the lowbies. I love reading Bio's of teammates, and if given the time, I will message them about it. I've even done it to randoms on Excelsior, when I have nothing else going on.
  14. A giant HELL NO for a forced tutorial Create a system where you are either logged off for a set amount of time if you quit mid task force - or a set time where you cant join/form or be invited to another team, would be great IMO. While we are at it - how about a way that TF leader can decide if someone who logs off during a TF gets the rewards - maybe a simple pop up at the end ? I've been on two of the longer Task Forces, in which the same person joined and then quietly logged off mid way through. If something comes up - thats understandable, but to join w
  15. I miss the late night sewer teams. always felt like we accomplished something when we got out, started leveling and hit lvl 10
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