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  1. I dont understand what the fun would be, knowing that you would hit every time.
  2. You sure are proud of yourself. It was the way the OP post was stated, that I took issue with - just as you are not happy with my post, I was not happy with his. The point of the "hyperbolic strawman comments" were once again in response to what I perceived as a spoiled brat wanting his way. They were meant to be sarcastic. Sorry you missed it. I have already acknowledged that I may have misread into meaning. Not sure what more you want - but that's probably because of my ignorance. Maybe send me your address and Ill have a quart of my blood shipped to you ASAP.
  3. I know its hard for Batman fans to hear - but Bruce is not always right
  4. You may be right. Maybe I misunderstood the intent of his/her post The title of the thread didnt make it seem as if the op was searching for opinion - it seemed like a stated fact/demand Followed by the his/her third post, which included calling someone a name. Just seemed to me like the person was angry, and demanding change. We all know its hard to read intent on the internet - maybe I was wrong.
  5. This is just ridiculous. The OP wants to change something because it frustrates HIM What makes his frustration more important than everyone else's ? I want my tanks to be impervious to damage - after all, that's what they are supposed to be I want my blasters to kill everything with one shot My stalker to never ever be seen. If I want to stealth past level 50's at leave 2, I should be able to. Its what I want. Swords. If I wield a sword, it shoulda automatically kill anything it hits - its a sword after all. Finally, I want endurance to go away. Not fair that I have to worry about too many toggles draining my endurance. Know what happens next ? I get bored. Then I find something else to do.
  6. Amazing Hit 100% of the time Would this be the same as everyone getting a ribbon, or not keeping score in sports so no one gets hurt feelings ?
  7. Why does this generation insist on calling people names, when they don't agree with them ?
  8. wasnt thinking about a light saber - just something to go with an energy type toon
  9. Would love if we could get some type of energy staff
  10. A little less than half my alts have Bio's I would have more, but the system drives me nuts
  11. Ghost

    no red love

    A dual blades scrapper named Lolli-Pop Kinda sorta based on the Kotobukiya version of Pennywise
  12. Ghost

    no red love

    for the first time ever, I created a toon and joined redside today🙂 and I gotta say............I was very lonely 😞
  13. I worked for a company that decided to get every employees opinions one year They made a big deal about it being anonymous, even though you had to log in to complete it. Once the deadline started closing in, they started contacting the employees who had not filled it out - wasn't so anonymous after all
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