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  1. Tequila suddenly wont launch - click it, and nothing happens. Anyone else having this issue ?
  2. I just started getting this error when trying to launch Tequila - any suggestions ? Manifest download error for http://patch.savecoh.com/manifest.xml Unable to connect to the remote server
  3. When I first played COH, my very first toon ws a Tank named Purple Scorch. I had absolutely no clue what a tank was, or what tanking was about - so every time I leveled, I added to my awesome damage inducing powers. I rarely ever teamed with anyone - mainly because I was scared. So I would fight my way through every mission I could find, all alone. Finally around level 40, I joined a team with 2 other players to knock out one of there missions. We made it to the final boss, and I noticed my teammates were doing nothing - they were waiting on me to charge in and grab aggro. Of course, I didnt know this. Finally one of them said to aggro. I did, and quickly died. They asked why I had no defenses and I had no answer. I didnt know. Since we couldnt get past the final boss, the team disbanded. I quickly respected, and plodded my way to my first 50 I once again have a Purple Scorch. She's a Tank, and knows exactly what she's doing :)
  4. Reconnecting We released a small update this morning which should allow you to skip the queue if you disconnected in the last 10 minutes. This will allow you to get back into the game in the event of a crash, internet outage, or unfortunate mapserver encounter without having to go through another long wait. This feature is still very much experimental, so there’s no guarantee it’ll work under all circumstances - please let us know how it works (or doesn’t work) for you! Unfortunately, does not work Mapserver error entering sewers, followed by being disconnected. Re qued at 300+
  5. and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You I had given up hope on ever playing this game again
  6. Why stop at $1 a month for server maintenance/upkeep. Why not bump it and start on a second or third server
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