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  1. Yeah I have tried both manually right click dismissing all of them in the pet window and using the /release_pets command as well and still only summon 2 most of the time. Last night, I the problem seemed to be out for me, I only summoned 2 the first time and the following few recasts only resulted in the 2 I had being replaced by the fresh 2 I had just summoned. Took several times before I finally got the legendary third imp to appear. Some lazy digging shows that dom's only have a 60% chance to summon the third imp, not sure how accurate old tomax numbers are but certainly feels
  2. I've noticed that my fire imps skill will sometimes only summon 2 imps instead of the 3 it says. It does not happen all the time. Im not sure what the cause of it is, but I do notice when it summons 3 the third imp will take a little longer to pop up then the first two. Edit: After asking around this seems to be an old known issue and apparently its a Dom only thing, where they don't always get the third imp because reasons. Honestly it would not be that bad if i could just recast and get the third one but that's now how it works, if you summon two and then get unlock and summon two aga
  3. Closest summon it seems to relate to is the Gun Drone from a /dev blaster which is in a similar spot, though i think you can get 2 of them summoned with enough recharge, could be wrong. Hell you could stray away from it being a summon completely because and make it a toggle ability that makes it orbit you and take pot shots at things (think like /dev targeting drone).
  4. Yeah I did a quick browse on the subreddit, the homecoming discord and here. The opinion on the little thing seems to be overwhelmingly bad, which sucks because I really like the concept of it. While id like to see a damage increase and behavior change I honestly think just removing the duration and letting it stay spawned until it or its caster dies would be a huge step forward.
  5. I'm sure anyone who has used this ability can attest to how useless the ability feel, which is sad because it feels like one of the unique abilities of the electric blast / assault pools. It's damage is laughable, even when slotted, you can only have one up at a time, and for some reason it seems to like to move into melee range. I really like the concept of this ability so I've got some idea's that might i improve the skill and make the little sparky ball useful. - Make it last until it gets killed. - Put it on a leash so it doesn't stray too far from the player. - Do something
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