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  1. I'm interested in a flying tank build as well, but I was leaning more towards Willpower. I love the click it and forget it nature of WP. Is it possible to create a WP/SS tank that is close to as durable as this one?
  2. My story is exactly the same. I decided to roll a Ma/WP Brute and that one quickly became, and has remained, my main. I absolutely love this character. With incarnates and io sets, you can build it tanky, or more dps oriented. I'd say I lean more to the tanky side, and I have a ton of end recovery too. Very easy and fun to play.
  3. Awesome! I'm glad everything worked out for you.
  4. Do you happen to have both integrated and discrete graphics? With Nvidia cards, you sometimes have to add an application to the use discrete video list. This can be done in the Nvidia Control Panel (right click on your desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel). From there, go to 3d settings, then the program tab and add the exe for the game. This might fix your issue. It sounds like maybe you are using the integrated graphics for the game, rather than your nvidia chip.
  5. Packet loss is also important. The default ping for linux does not display packet loss. You need to add the -O argument to the ping command. Windows shows the timeouts by default, so don't need to do that. A linux ping could show nothing but speedy, low latency responses and you might think everything is great. Meanwhile some of those ping attempts are lost. Windows will display the timeouts in real time. Packet loss can be as damaging as high latency to the stability of a connection. Packet loss can be caused by upstream routing issues with your ISP or beyond. For home connections, that would almost always be the case. Closer to home it could be a damaged patch cable or a home router or cable/dsl modem in need of a reboot. Or--in some probably rare cases with home infrastructure--things like speed and duplex mismatch on a switch connection can result in packet loss while those packets that do return would still have low latency. Auto negotiation pretty much takes care of that nowadays. Occasionally, at work, I will see some intrepid server admin change his server from auto negotiate to 1000Mbps, full duplex, while the switch is set to auto. This can cause issues. For home gear, auto negotiation should almost always be successful with no issues. I just noticed packet loss was briefly mentioned above. Apologies for any redundant comments. I should also note that packet loss sometimes can be normal, as also mentioned above. Some devices are configured to drop icmp packets all together while others may police control plane traffic and drop icmp packets when under heavy load. In both of those cases, there would be no impact to your connection. Traceroute would help show where packets are being lost, but again, most firewalls would drop the icmp packets by design. On linux you can install tcptraceroute to try to get around this for investigative purposes. For example, if you know a server listens on tcp port 443 (https) you can do a tcptraceroute using that port. This will be treated differently by firewalls since it is not icmp traffic. The syntax would be: sudo tcptraceroute server.com 443 You can also use the ip address, of course.
  6. I love Windows 7. For Windows alternatives, there are some great Linux distros you might want to try. Mint, Zorin, Elementary are a few that pop into my head as great choices for first time Linux users.
  7. I just did the Comic Con SL outdoor mission for the first time since the changes. Wow! I loved these missions before, but they are so much better (imo) with player created costumes! So impressed. Seeing all these awesome costume creations has breathed new life into these missions. I prefer these over the old cosplay ones. And have no issue with homage costumes at all, but I am loving this change! Thanks for doing it this way, Brigg. Truly fantastic!
  8. I strongly agree as well. Not loving this perma-night.
  9. I like this idea. I was thinking about making the same suggestion recently, actually. Not only do I suffer from altitis, but I also have an obsession with tweaking costumes. Often an idea might come to me during an instance and I have to try to remember to check it out as soon as I can. Often it's as simple as changing the color on a small piece, like belt buckle or something. But, it's fun for me.
  10. Do many people do this? If I replaced all my attuned IOs for crafted ones, I could boost each one to +5 and go from 53% to 62% (iirc). That much efficacy is fairly significant, it seems to me. The costs would be extraordinary, however. I would need a ton of enhancement unslotters, then sell the existing ones, then replace each one with a 7.5 million extra per IO to cover 5 boosters. They usually sell for about 1.5 million. That's a lot of cost and effort. I'm curious if this is something that people do. Do you find it is worthwhile? Thanks!
  11. dmaker

    I did a terrible thing

    Thanks for the clarification. I thought attuned were needed for the set benefits while exemplaring? If not, why buy attuned if I'm missing out on more than 10% of efficacy?
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