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  1. I love Windows 7. For Windows alternatives, there are some great Linux distros you might want to try. Mint, Zorin, Elementary are a few that pop into my head as great choices for first time Linux users.
  2. I just did the Comic Con SL outdoor mission for the first time since the changes. Wow! I loved these missions before, but they are so much better (imo) with player created costumes! So impressed. Seeing all these awesome costume creations has breathed new life into these missions. I prefer these over the old cosplay ones. And have no issue with homage costumes at all, but I am loving this change! Thanks for doing it this way, Brigg. Truly fantastic!
  3. I strongly agree as well. Not loving this perma-night.
  4. I like this idea. I was thinking about making the same suggestion recently, actually. Not only do I suffer from altitis, but I also have an obsession with tweaking costumes. Often an idea might come to me during an instance and I have to try to remember to check it out as soon as I can. Often it's as simple as changing the color on a small piece, like belt buckle or something. But, it's fun for me.
  5. Do many people do this? If I replaced all my attuned IOs for crafted ones, I could boost each one to +5 and go from 53% to 62% (iirc). That much efficacy is fairly significant, it seems to me. The costs would be extraordinary, however. I would need a ton of enhancement unslotters, then sell the existing ones, then replace each one with a 7.5 million extra per IO to cover 5 boosters. They usually sell for about 1.5 million. That's a lot of cost and effort. I'm curious if this is something that people do. Do you find it is worthwhile? Thanks!
  6. dmaker

    I did a terrible thing

    Thanks for the clarification. I thought attuned were needed for the set benefits while exemplaring? If not, why buy attuned if I'm missing out on more than 10% of efficacy?
  7. dmaker

    I did a terrible thing

    I confess that I'm a bit confused. When you say purple sets, this does not include things like Armaggedon, Ragnarok, or Superior X...? I picked up 5 boosters and the only things I seem able to boost are generic level 50 IO's such as Recharge (usually have two on Hasten).When I select a power that is slotted with a purple set, all the enhancements are greyed out and cannot be selected for boosting...
  8. Saw the Broadcast in game and was able to get a donation in this time 🙂
  9. I didn't know that. I do find that Crosspunch does as much damage as Haymaker with 5 Superior Avalanche slotted, so pretty happy with Crosspunch. Re:Fatigued...yeah, don't get that. It shows up every time I use Kick (which almost always out of pure boredom), but I have no idea what it does.
  10. I was thinking it might be nice if we could select more than one power to autofire, but only if that power is a buff. Specifically, in my case, it would be convenient if I could put Barrier/Rebirth/Ageless, Assault, Focus Chi, those kinds of things on autofire. Then I can just focus on my attack chain. I don't perceive any balance issues with this. They are not attack powers. I could be wrong, just a simple suggestion.
  11. Now I really, really want Spring Attack to be that super hero landing that you see in the movies. You know, land with a sidewalk cracking thud, one knee down, one fist down, looking forward. I could just run around all day doing that 🙂
  12. Dumb question time: Do you actually use kick or brawl? I always move those off my bar since I never use them. I don't really run out of active powers in my attack chain. It always seemed not worthwhile to fire off a "lesser" power like Brawl when Punch or Haymaker are ready to go.
  13. I would actually like Spring Attack if the damage aligned more with the characteristics of the power. It looks like it's meant to be a sidewalk crushing, dramatic, drop from the sky combat opener. Sounds great. Looks cool in all the movies, etc. Keep the cool down, but maybe 2.5 - 3 x the damage.
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