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  1. It'd be great if we could get all of this, but I think these are just photoshoped concepts made by an artist on Deviant Art years ago.
  2. My understanding is that Brutes are supposed to be Tank and DPS hybrids. But people can lean then in either direction with Brutes being more flexible either way. They'll make better tanks than scrappers and scrappers should make better damage dealers. but then I hear Brutes deal more damage when there's more mods attacking them? I don't know... I just know that my regen Scrapper is usually always the last one standing when the group wipes.
  3. I started with Villains, but honestly...I just like the Hero side maps a lot better. The dark and depressing villain side maps just dont do it for me.
  4. Leveling up enough to FINALLy get hover. Flying in a videogame much less an MMO was almost unheard of at this time. Then I realized Hover was SUPER SLOW. It was literally unusable. Later on it can be used without enhancements. But back in the day during like issue 6, you had to slot it to make it usable. I think I eventually respected out of it and stuck with super jump for a long time until I could get Fly (back then you couldn't get the travel powers right away.
  5. Back in when the game was official live, I mained a Katan/Regen Scrapper named Slices, a cool 70's looking lady with a big afro (I was so happy when they added the Foxxy hair and i could move on from the plain afro). Abnyway, this one time, my team was wiped out by a bunch of purples and I was the last one standing. Most of the team went to the hospital, but a few stayed and watch as i killed each of the remaining purples one by one slowly but surely. I kept almost dying, but my heals kept coming back just in time and i never ran out of endurance. The team leader kept telling everyone to
  6. That will never happen. That's just not how businesses operate. As soon as money is involved, their lawyers will swarm in like locusts. Asking them directly would lead to trouble too because then they'll just think "well they want to make money from this because they're asking. time to shut them down". It makes sense, what you're saying, but that's not how these businesses and their lawyers think. They don't about the community or the game. Just their IP and the money being made on anything they own.
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