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  1. Two Skulls in King's Row, discussing current events over a 40. "Bruh, you should'a seen him! Dude rolled up on those new kids and just trashed'em!" "I thought he died?" "Naw man. Heard from my cuzzo that the old gym on 8th is opening more classes too. That big-ass troll's stepping down." "All 'cause some washed-up hero came back? Somebody's gonna wear his skull in a month." Watercooler discussion in Portal Corp, near the Records room. "It's the thirteenth box of paperwork for case number 59383-328 I've filed though, Frank!" "I know, and we're not even halfway through
  2. The Cobalt Streak will forever be the best, most enjoyable character in any game and any setting I ever played. Feels good to be back.
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