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  1. Even if the patch wasn't so big, I think it merits being an issue instead of a page just because it marks an important point in development for HC. The teleportation changes alone are big news, or at least the impact it's had on how we play the game is.
  2. of all the complaints about development I never thought we would be adding "I can't read" to the list
  3. Porting over Weapon Mastery from Scrappers could be a good fit. Or maybe some sort of bow ancillary using Archery and Trick Arrow. I guess Aimed Shot, Explosive Arrow, Poison Gas Arrow, Acid Arrow and Ice Arrow?
  4. It's been stated in the past that certain FX tied to weapons (such as projectiles) can't be customized right now because the code behind them is really weird compared to other powersets.
  5. You don't have to be a troll to make a big stink over something instead of being constructive.
  6. My guess he's not looking for change, he's looking for validation. This whole thread is just a soapbox 🙄
  7. "Get help making new content" So did you volunteer or nah
  8. Your idea of improvement/poor choices is going to be different to other people. Just because the update wasn't strictly to your liking doesn't mean that it's bad.
  9. Okay! Lemme try Force Field and Sonic, since they have shield imbuing powers, they seem easy enough to convert (I hope) Force Unity: - Deflection Ward: PBAoE version of Deflection Shield - Resist Physical Damage: Same power from Invulnerability - Dispersion Bubble: Same power from Force Field - Repulsion Field: Same power from Force Field - Insulation Ward: PBAoE version of insulation Shield - Unyielding Barrier: PBAOE version of Unyielding - Dull Pain: Same power from Invulnerability - Force Bubble: Same power from Force Field - Detention Field: Same power from Force Field Sonic Unity: - Sonic Ward: PBAoE version of Sonic Barrier - Harmony: New autopower for smash/lethal/energy resist - Sonic Dispersion: Same power from Sonic Resonance - Disruption Aura: Same power from Sonic Manipulation - Sound Ward: PBAoE version of Sonic Haven - Clear Airwaves: PBAoE version of Clarity - Sound Barrier: Same power from Sonic Manipulation - Deafening Wave: Same power from Sonic Manipulation - Liquify: Same power from Sonic Resonance
  10. @Starhammer here's a little collection of some of the Whip stuff in the thread, as well as the munitions style stuff too!
  11. No idea! I know a lot of Praetorian mobs use the whip stuff with different coloration; Carnival of Light, The Awakened, Dredges... all of them have the fiery FX on the whip though, so it might be baked into the whip itself 😞
  12. Thankfully there's a lot of options here for rifles, handguns and grenades for Controllers/Dominators. As for the Demon Summoning whip, Hellfire Manipulation would probably be the most viable one to go for, followed by Hellfire Assault and Melee. 🙂
  13. Now that issue 27 is out, I can finally reveal one of the ideas I've been sitting on! It's nothing special, but I wanted to wait and see how Sonic Manipulation turned out as it's final version before I wanted to introduce the next Assault powerset I had in mind; Sonic Assault! Sonic Assault Sonic Assault allows you to blast your foes with a barrage of sonic attacks. Many such powers have the ability to cause migraines, leaving them pained and helpless. - Shriek: Taken from Sonic Blast, ideal for that T1 blast power - Strident Echo: An all new power from Sonic Manipulation, works nice as the first melee power - Howl: Another one from Sonic Blast, a cone attack as you'd expect in most other Assault sets - Scream: A stronger Sonic Blast ranged power, with a little more punch to it - Sound Booster: Another new Sonic Manipulation power. Works like Build Up, but with more chance of creating migraines - Deafening Wave: Another Sonic Manipulation power, this time fitting the melee AoE attack that most Assault powers get. - Screech: This power from Sonic Blast fills a similar role as seen in other Assault sets, providing some light single target mez - Earsplitter: The final power from Sonic Manipulation, which works perfect as the high damage melee attack most Assault sets have - Shout: A good T9 power from Sonic Blast to wrap it all up, fitting that low range-high damage function perfectly (An this means that it's a powerset made 100% out of existing powers, no tweaks necessary!)
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