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  1. Dark/SJ Tanker seems like a good thematic fit, or MA if you wanted to focus entirely on kicks 😉
  2. You yourself cited that Defenders and Controllers had the same healing scales until issue 3, what you neglected to mention was that Defenders were the ones who received the increase. Youre the one obfuscating the facts here, stop trying to gaslight people.
  3. If we're strictly sticking to the example of Empathy, then we should also consider Ressurect and Regeneration Aura, which definitely have a broader gap in levels between archetypes. But that's if we're just looking at accessibility. You already made the point that Defenders have higher healing scales, which is enough of an argument to say they perform better than Controllers in that regard. Refuted or not, the point remains that it offers more benefit to healing powersets than others, even if that wasn't the intended effect. So long as we
  4. Even before healing scales changed, Defenders still had the significant advantage of accessing healing powers sooner than Controllers, which made them the preferred choice for healers. The move to increase healing scales for Defenders during issue 3 further solidified their position as the primary healing archetype. If as you say the inherent power had no tangible effect on primaries like Force Field or Trick Arrow, then we can assume that it does benefit primaries like Empathy and Radiation, which seems to support the concept "healer bonus"
  5. Not exactly true. Defenders were originally the only archetype with decent healing output, and their inherent power (Vigilance) was directly tied to the team's health. With access to powersets like Empathy, Radiation Emission and arguably Dark Miasma, Defenders were pigeonholed into being the dedicated healing archetype, and players who didn't choose from these powersets were often rejected by teams. It wasn't for a long time until Defenders were really recognised as anything else, and even to this day they are still the best choice for optimising healing ou
  6. You'd be surprised how many people make this same suggestion in earnest 😆
  7. One of the more well-received ideas was making it so that Sentinels had more AoE potential since their secondary powers would allow them to endure more aggro. Similar to the Tanker treatment of increasing the target cap on their AoEs, and maybe change their inherent power entirely, since it's not all that effective. Maybe something as simple as giving powers a chance to chain or deal splash damage to play on the theme of increased AoE.
  8. is elec/elec controller a valid pick or is that too recent to have much merit.
  9. I didn't want to have an exact carbon copy of Shield Defense, but I wanted to retain a lot of the core abilities. It's kinda like how Pain Domination mirrors Empathy in a lot of ways, but for Weapon Defense I wanted to move away from the AoE powers abilities like Phalanx Fighting, Grant Cover and Shield Charge since they didn't quite fit the concept and instead introduced new powers that would suit the focus on the weapon and its wielder.
  10. I'm gonna try something a little different for this one. So far we have Shield Defense, which is the only powerset in the game that currently restricts usage of certain powersets along with it (Stone Armor used to, but I believe those restrictions have been lifted). So for this one I'm going to take the theme of Shield Defense and instead make a new powerset that fills a similar role that can only be picked while using weapon powersets, even if they can already be used with Shield Defense. Weapon Defense You are capable of using your chosen weapon as a means of def
  11. It wasn't so much a "trinity" but it did have classic RPG roles. It's still comparable to the traditional DPS/Tank/Support formula, but the DPS and Support roles were split between Blaster and Scrapper, and Defender and Controller respectively. In those early years of the game team composition was very important, as players had to rely on the base mechanics of their archetypes unadulterated by IOs or Incarnate powers. With the introduction of CoV, new archetypes compounded elements of the old ones, so moving forward the lines were blurred as there was less of a focus on
  12. How do you expect to see changes in the community if nobody steps up to moderate it? Or better yet, how do you expect to change the community by perpetuating the animosity towards ours? As for accountability, nobody is using that to take away your right to express yourself, quite the opposite. People are saying that as a developer, you are accountable for how the community of Thunderspy expresses itself. You've dismissed these toxic individuals as being "literal teenagers" or "edgy users", which says to me you're not taking these matters seriously, and are behaving as i
  13. There's your problem. HC enforces the same policies in the forum and official discord channel as it does in game, whereas Thunderspy does not. It seems convenient for Thunderspy to claim less responsibility over these channels so they can distance themselves from the toxic elements highlighted above, when they should be properly policing their community across all official platforms, so it's naïve to think that the controversy caused by these individuals are all isolated incidents that exist outside of Thunderspy's reach. If you dislike the notion that these
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