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  1. That's understandable, I was hoping since the Homecoming team have fixed some pretty large issues in the past (bases, costume asymmetry, invisible katanas/bows) we might have a shot at fixing the problem.
  2. Hopefully it's as easy as putting in more weapon slots, right? Or changing these slots so that none of them overlap?
  3. Looking back on one of my older ideas, I realise I might be able to do more with it. So, I'm gonna do a pro gamer move and recycle one of my own powersets and attempt to split it into two different ones. That powerset is Arsenal Blast, which was a powerset created solely from Praetorian Clockwork NPC powers. I managed to squeeze a good few powers from their portfolio into the powerset, but there were some that didn't make the cut. However, after poking around other NPC groups (in this case IDF/WarWorks) I found a few more powers that could mesh rather well with the material from Ar
  4. No need to apologise! We all have goofball moments. But you raise a good point, all these elf names sound the same 😅
  5. Unfortunately not. Sylvanas is a WoW character who became increasingly present in the game, much to the chagrin of others, all because a writer became quite infatuated with her. And that same problem was slowly creeping into CoH in regards to Fusionette.
  6. I put up a similar thread not to long ago, and apparently the tech to give stances to our run powers isn't going to work for flight powers too unfortunately. However, it is being worked on, so hopefully we should see more options for flight animations in the near future!
  7. Stick him in Khallisti and get rid of Fusionette. She was slowly becoming the Sylvanas of this game thanks to a certain obsessive dev back on Live and it'd be great if we could put that chapter behind us while also giving BaBs the respect he deserves.
  8. I don't think Homecoming would openly endorse dedicated farming, despite defending people's ability to do so. But I could see it being rolled into the "Bulletin Board" concept fairly easily
  9. "Bulletin Board" is also a nice name for the channel, come to think of it!
  10. True, but the Zone Events tab isn't a proper chat channel, just a feed of what stuff has spawned/activated in each zone. Though if the name is a bit too similar then calling it 'Player Events' in order to separate it could work, or just call it something like 'Promotions' or 'Activities'.
  11. Only thing I'd say is try to list what whip animations each power will use. I have a vague idea, but I dont wanna presume too much. Other than that, I'd say making the T1 power an Immobilize probably fits the control formula more than a stun, and the knockback power could benefit from additional targets.
  12. Can we maybe get an 'Events' channel added to the game? I'm seeing General and Broadcast being used a lot to promote clubs, costume contests, and and other player hosted content, where a dedicated channel for it might be beneficial to everyone. I know it's probably a minor peeve but it'd be nice to have an appropriate space for these kinds of messages, so that it's easier to filter them in your chat tabs, and reduce the amount of traffic the other channels are taking on right now.
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