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  1. You aren't gonna get much of a response here then
  2. I'm gonna shamelessly self promote again cos I had a fair few assault powersets conceptualised over in my thread here;
  3. Heroes have their contacts that live one district over on speed dial, but villains have to plan a trip to a whole other island to scheme with them in person? The sheer injustice.
  4. Wouldn't be the Homecoming Forums without the weekly difficulty adjustment thread.
  5. For the first 6 months they were talking about what font they want to use in the new terms and conditions, I think they settled on ariel.
  6. Commies are staple of superhero fantasy
  7. Glad to see people are finally getting use out of their philosophy degrees these days.
  8. What's worse is when people are upset at people being upset at people.
  9. I made one a few months ago that focused on making a new stealth archetype like stalker, but focused entirely on range. The end result was something of a combination of Blaster/Corruptor, and had a single target focus and stealth capabilities.
  10. Fame had come quite naturally to Mellow Dee, the popular lounge singer often nicknamed 'The Siren of St. Martial', an apt name for the enchanting performer as she captivated audiences with her beautiful and melodic voice. Little did they know that they were being hypnotised, soothed and seduced into becoming more compliant and less... wilful. In truth, Mellow Dee's singing was the medium for her powers, every note lulling her victims under her control, enticing them to surrender their fortunes to her casino, going against their better judgement as they gambled on and on, the stakes getting higher with each game with no sense of restraint as they lost time and time again. Such addiction to the power she wielded inspired her to explore greater means of control, using her wealth and influence to push her singing career to local radio, where she learned that her powers did not carry the same potency as they did in her live performances. While her voice still carried a seductive melody that made people more suggestible, it lacked the ability to properly control them. Even with the magnitude of her powers being diminished, they were enough to reward her with a small fortune in record sales, but that wasn't enough for her, she desired nothing but absolute perfection for her talents, hoping to find a way to harness her powers over the airwaves in their pure and unrestrained form. "My my, this simply will not do, what's a girl to do to get some proper recording equipment? Mmh, that kinda technology doesn't just grow on trees, I'm gonna need something tailor made just for me, and that's not gonna come cheap..." She ponders, giving a melancholy sigh as she considers her options. Mellow Dee was no stranger to getting her hands dirty, metaphorically at least, when the Family or Carnies threatened her business, but she had hoped to be above all that by now. "Looks like I may have to get a little more hands on after all, maybe make a few friends who can open doors for me, create the kinda opportunity I need to get ahead... besides, a little villainy does wonders for the career around here, bad publicity is good publicity in the Isles after all!" She smirked to herself, looking into numerous influential groups that were making waves in the Isles, the kind of people that respect power and aren't afraid to use it. After looking through many would-be syndicates and aspiring cartels, she eventually came by the Sinister Squad... yes, these were the ones, she could feel it. She got up and poured herself a glass of scotch, pressing a button on her PA system with a devilish grin. "Josephine, could you be a darling and send my agent to meet the 'Sinister Squad'? I wanna do a collab, they'd be perrrfect for my next project~"
  11. Nerd Regent seems an appropriate title.
  12. Give Crane Kick its original 'Chun-Li' animation
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