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  1. Might be a little tough since player characters don't actually have fingers 😋
  2. If the other gangs are getting overhauls (like we've seen with the Skulls, Family and Vahzilok) then perhaps Supa Trolls might appear as a regular boss for higher level content perhaps?
  3. Could be possible! I think a support-style rifle set with similar themes to the Munitions and Tactical Rifle could work, but if it's strictly pistols it may be a little more tricky.
  4. If you have an idea for a pistol-based debuff set, I'd love to see it 😊
  5. It's almost as if this game is supposed to have multiple players
  6. This one is something of a request, and it's going to be another blast powerset. This time around I'm looking at making a 'Single Pistol' powerset possible, something a little more subtle than Dual Pistol's flashy and acrobatic combat style, and has a different mechanic than 'Swap Ammo' so it isn't too similar. The trouble is, how do we set this apart from Dual Pistols? or other lethal ranged powersets like Assault Rifle and Archery? Without an ammo swap mechanic, it seems fairly generic, so perhaps some sort of 'stance' mechanic that changes which area of the body you target?
  7. Been a while since I posted anything here but I figured out a fairly easy one to work with. Nothing special this time, just wanted to try my hand at doing another weapon based Assault powerset, so I took Archery and attempted to rework it with a few custom melee attacks. Archery Assault - Snap Shot: Same power from Archery, providing a low lethal damage ranged attack - Boot: A new power that works as a more powerful version of the Fighting pool's 'Kick' power - Aimed Shot: Same power from Archery, dealing moderate lethal damage at range
  8. People do "get in a tizzy" about underage ERP. In fact, there was a lengthy discussion about it some time ago in the general discussion thread regarding the issue.
  9. Can people stop being horny long enough to realize kids play this game? cool As someone already said, there's mods to accomplish this in a strictly clientside fashion, where nobody else has to compromise just to indulge this.
  10. I don't think a suggestions thread for a quasi-legal server for a 10 year old video game is exactly the best platform to crusade against gender dimorphic censorship.
  11. @Normal Thomas I think for the most part it looks good, my only pointers would be to maybe bump Punch to the 2nd power and have a similar 'push' power to Sonic Thrust, Ki Push or Power thrust in its place. In order to make room for that I'd likely get rid of Resist Physical Damage, and maybe swap Haymaker and Hand Clap around.
  12. Following the idea of turning some of the powersets here into Melee/Armor powers like I did with the Light/Void stuff, I decided to take a stab at taking the FX and theme of Poison and attempting to make some more materials for melee archetypes. For the melee set, I wanted to play on the whole Poison/Acid theme, having some powers reduce regeneration, while others reduce defense. The armor set I wanted to be resistance based, with other powers based around managing your health. Toxin Melee - Toxic Strike: Basic attack that deals Smashing/Toxic damage. Uses
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