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  1. Would it be possible to put 'leg details' into the game? I'm told that making a new category in the costume creator is a tough job, but we could perhaps combine it with the tails category? I know this means a few people will be upset that they cant have tails AND leg details, but it's probably the best shot we got for it.
  2. I like the Wailer idea. Wailers are a notoriously underused asset for something that spawns all over the damned place.
  3. Preeeetty hard, since older weapon sets have notoriously finicky coding stuffed into them that makes it hard to change without imploding the game I got told once by a dev that new animations/FX is the hardest part of customising a powerset, and by that point it's probably better to just make it a new powerset altogether. But the idea of a grenade based powerset definitely appeals!
  4. Could be possible! Although it would only give you 3 support powers to play with if you squeeze them into a henchmen style set. Which is why I figured you meant Melee/Pets + Support, since pets already are a damage element, it may be a bit too much damage output to go Support/Pets + Melee.
  5. I like the look of this, the twist really sets it apart from most of the typical repetitive Melee/Support suggestions thats for sure! I've always wondered since Demon Summoming comes close enough to melee, would it be possible to follow the same principle with other henchmen sets? Many pets already are melee focused too, and I've always wanted to give them better support since they usually happen to be the squishiest, so I would probably keep the support sets as is just to ensure survivability. Perhaps for the Inherent Power, you gain shared melee defense and smashing/lethal resistance with each nearby henchmen? As for the melee attacks; Demon Summoning could stay the same easy, maybe tweak Corruption into being a melee attack though? Necromancy would give you access to Dark Melee attacks. Beast Mastery would give you Savage Melee attacks. Ninjas would give you Katana attacks. Thugs would give you Street Justice attacks. Robotics could be Energy Melee, maybe? Electric Melee? And finally Mercenaries... uhh, War Mace redesigned as a baton? Maybe a stubby shotgun?
  6. Thanks for proving my point, well played.
  7. Usually people defend their ideas with reason and rationale, rather than being so fragile they descend into psuedo-bardic drivel in some vain attempt to sound clever in front of internet strangers. Its sort of the pot calling the kettle black at this point, you were insecure enough to go on some childish tangent as soon as somebody dared challenge your "new idea", so you cast yourself as the real troll here from the start... especially considering you 'dont come to the forums too much' yet seem to be active enough to prolonge your pointless ramblings. But if you want genuine advice on the topic, it's the same as everyone else here; a big old /jranger Have a good afterlife?
  8. I guess people can already play petless masterminds, right? I suppose if this were to be implemented there would have to be some sort of archetype-specific guide or tutorial to draw attention to its mechanics, just to help new players. On a similar note; would it break the game to lower the prequisite level for ancillary power pools to 32?
  9. How possible is it to convert the current aura system into a modular one like the rest of our costumes? So instead of picking an aura and selecting between arms or legs, we do the opposite and select what individual limbs get certain auras? eg. smoke on left arm, tendrils on right leg, glowing on eyes, fire on hair, electricity on body, and so on.
  10. They should really change that so that it uses the same FX as Shadowy Presence instead of invisibility. It would make more sense, avoid confusion with stealth, and also not cause weird texture bugs with Shadow Fall.
  11. Im no expert, but I believe the reason is so that resummoning henchmen isn't an efficient practice, especially in PvP. It gives incentive to keep your henchmen alive, and ensures that enemies can capitalise on the dip you take in damage output and endurance.
  12. Could perhaps be worked into the P2W vendors as a similar power to 'Signature Summon'. That's if the game code would allow for something like that anyways.
  13. It's why 'Rime Mastery' is identical to Arctic Mastery, melee archetypes share everything in ancillary sets besides the name
  14. A shame it was wasted on something so trivial. it's like hunting rabbits with a 50cal, just pure overcompensation. Otherwise I'd actually find it haha funny and not cringe funny.
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