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  1. I ended up landing on Energy/Psionic for Light Blast to make sure it wasn't just another raw Energy damage blast set again, but Energy was likely going to be the core damage type either way. I added Psionic damage in as a play on the 'light' theme of Illusion Control and ther similar NPC abilities. I added the -accuracy effect to create the idea that the powers are so bright and dazzling that it throws off their aim, but without just copying the -ToHit effect of Dark. As for Void Blast, I opted to go for Smashing/Dark to avoid simply having another version of Dark Blast. I went for
  2. Replacement's actually one of the contributor's to this thread, and also who helped conceptualize the newer 'Light' and 'Void' powersets featured there! 😅
  3. Going off what @Replacement suggested, there's plenty of material from Kheldians to formulate some more powersets, enough to make a feasible Blast, Armor and Assault set for both Peacebringers and Warshades for a total of six more powersets. The only issue is, what would we have to gain from making these identical in affect to the Kheldian versions? Obviously we don't want to make Kheldians redundant, so I think if we adapt the powersets so they look visually similar, but have different effects, we might be onto a winning combo. To that end, I've changed the secondary e
  4. Is there an outline for what would be considered copyright infringement? I've seen plenty "homage" characters that are basically identical to existing IPs, even down to their bio. Obviously CoH has a few archetypical characters of their own; Statesman, Manticore, Synapse... they all bear some resemblance to popular Justice League IPs, but distinct enough to have their own identities. Is this the bar by which we should measure what's considered a homage? If a character is very clearly Batman, but say, they have a name like 'The Dark Bat' or 'Shadow Wing' or something, bu
  5. CoH doesn't need to borrow this kinda mechanic from other MMOs/MOBAs, because it simply doesn't fit the way the game was engineered. Having a spammy auto-attack that fires off every few seconds might work as a cheap DPS/Aggro tool in other games, but CoH's combat is designed with more thought and consideration into the various mechanics in the game, and tries to be more engaging than just sitting around passively inflicting damage/healing. So you're right, it'll change the game... but certainly not for the better.
  6. True, but doesn't seem too clever violating the CoC/ToS around somebody who can record you doing it. Easy way to lose your account.
  7. Sounds helpful, and probably fairly easy to implement!
  8. I understand perfectly, I'm explaining that most of your requests are currently already in game, and those that aren't seem unlikely to happen due to development constraints.
  9. Thugs Demons I have no idea Zombies Demons again Likely never, it's a 'Pet' not a 'Henchmen' Mastermind primaries are difficult to make, and most of the 'elemental' themes tend to wind up as Controller/Mastermind pets. But, that being said, there has been suggestions before about trying to make an elemental themed Mastermind powerset too, using the Animus Arcana as inspiration.
  10. I think it might be a little heavy on the mez to be a support set, but there's potential for something like this if we look at the unique animations/FX belonging to the Mastermind's 'Ninjas' powerset. 'Train Ninjas' and 'Kuji-in Zen' look as though they could be reused for different purposes, so I may look into incorporating that material into a potential new powerset.
  11. I'm not sure if there's enough material for a full on support powerset, but I did make use of the powers from Ninjitsu and Ninja Training to create a new control powerset called 'Trickery'
  12. I know PA is a balancing can of worms, but I think a few additional changes might make it more Dominator friendly; Swap Spectral Wounds for a single target sleep power. Reduce the damage so it's a little less that Spectral Wounds Swap Group Invisibility for an AoE sleep power. Give it a little damage to compensate for reduced DPS Bump Flash to T7/T8, so it lines up with other Control powersets. As for PA? I know people feel as though keeping them invulnerable is their key selling point, as is their ability to hold aggro, so the main issue is damage. Do
  13. These have been presented before, and I'll agree that they're pretty damn good, but HC tends to do everything in-house, so it may be unlikely these will be ported over.
  14. Following on from another thread that popped up recently, I decided to try and adapt some material from the 'Water Control' powerset earlier in the thread to try and make 'Water Manipulation', so we had more powersets with cold damage, especially secondaries. I know @oedipus_tex made a great Water Assault set, so I'm hoping to expand on that with some custom melee powers that could work with that suggestion too. Water Manipulation - Sink: A single target immobilize power, deals smashing/cold DoT. Forms a smaller version of the 'Whirpoool' FX on the target's legs.
  15. I'd say make some more NPCs and give them access to powers from Water Blast. More Coralax maybe? Water themed Outcasts and Circle Mages? Maybe even Tsoo and Banished Pantheon bosses?
  16. I've considered using some of the stuff from Peacebringers and Warshades, but I wouldn't want to take something that is intended to be unique to a certain archetype with some pretty heavy lore behind it. That being said, since there are some enemy types (such as the Drudges and Galaxy Soldiers) that make use of several attacks belonging to Kheldians, I guess the cat might already be out of the bag on that one. It might be possible to create complete powersets from the materials from Peacebringers and Warshades, but the issue is designing them in such a way that it doesn't just inva
  17. @Piecemeal if you ever get chance, theres plenty of plausible powerset ideas put forward by myself and the community in the Eco-Friendly Powerset Recycling thread! It's popped up a few times in Weekly Discussions, back when they were a regular thing, and has been an ongoing thread for over a year and a half! (Earth Blast was actually one of the powersets that kicked things off 😅 )
  18. On the subject of toxic damage, how about some toxic themed ancillaries? Or... well, a little toxic damage at least. I noticed that we're currently lacking something in the Radiation department for ancillaries, and there's plenty of powers to play with since the addition of the Radiation Melee, Armor and Manipulation powersets. Radiation Mastery - Blaster/Mastermind - Ground Zero: An AoE debuff with some nice ally buff too - Proton Sweep: A close range cone power much like Static Discharge - Alpha Barrier: A personal protective power common to most ancil
  19. Yeahhh... I think judging by overall response and the fact two different GMs have said this is unlikely to happen, I think we've passed "wasting people's time" now.
  20. I don't see how this has anything to do with levels or zones, I think you're being a bit facetious here in hopes to undermine the greater argument. Sure there are things that warp the suspension of disbelief, but I'm not talking about CoH's attempt to rationalise game mechanics, I'm talking about how levels and zones were designed in such a way to make you feel rewarded for progressing. 1-50 zones ultimately diminish that, theres no sense of progress, it turns CoH into every other MMO; a pointless grind.
  21. City zones were always intended to work as chapters in a character's career, making Kallisti a 1-50 zone means that a character could spend his whole career fighting the same fight and never really make an impact. There's a reason why theres a narrative element to security/threat level, and we used to see a lot of dialogue referencing it, but removing the concept of level-restricted access to one zone would invalidate the need for it in all other zones, and ultimately diminish the rationale behind security/threat level to begin with. With that in mind, I think it's comp
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