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  1. At this point I am pretty familiar with how the proc chances work after reading through the Wiki. I made the changes and put the Critical Strikes into Total Focus. Not really seeing a huge difference. My mind hasn't changed. This inherent needs work.
  2. How did I know you'd answer me? 😛 😄 Hahaha. Thank you by the way for all your advice and help. 🙂
  3. I was talking in the general forums about slotting for PvP. Someone suggested slotting PvP enhancements to +5's and purples and to attune everything else. Is this a good strategy? I love PvP and expect to do alot of RV, but I also knowing me will go peak around in other PvP zones too.
  4. Ok I like to PvP, so in that case is it still a good idea to attune everything not purple or a PvP set?
  5. I'm a little confused about this. I was told Attuned were the best to get and function at all levels. I've been told that +5 function even better but don't function at lower levels. Then I was told the +5's did. Can someone who is knowledgeable set me straight on this please? I'd very much appreciate the wisdom of an enhancements Zen master. 😄
  6. I'm going to try dumping the Critical Strikes ATO into Total Focus to see what that does. From what you guys are telling me and what the Wiki says it sounds like that's going to be my best chance to increase my number of crits. Right now I feel like I'm really just sucking wind in the crits department.
  7. It might seem unlikely to you, but it's happening. If you don't believe me you're welcome to run a few missions with me in game and you'll see for yourself firsthand. I'm aware of the inherent works. I am aware that scrappers do the best single target melee damage in game (before crits are taken into consideration), however with what I've seen, I can crit in every single encounter on a stalker. You can't do that on a scrapper every single time. In fact on a stalker I can get at least two crits per encounter and on a good fight sometimes three. Three versus none hardly seems fair. Not to even c
  8. Ok so I probably want it slotted into say Total Focus instead since the recharge time is alot longer then right?
  9. I have Critical Strikes slotted into barrage (since it's got such a quick recharge) and Scrapper's Strike slotted into energy punch. The crits just aren't happening.
  10. I'm wondering if there is any possibility of changing the scrapper inherent. It just seems like it rarely procs at all ever. I've heard people talking about "why bother with the scrapper" because a stalker can crit way more than a scrapper can, which is true. I've run entire missions without even critting one time. To me that says there's a problem. This is with having both of the scrapper origin enhancements slotted. Right now those only buff the inherent on the power that triggers it. So for example as an energy melee scrapper, if I use barrage with the Critical Strikes Scrapper Enhancement,
  11. Watching that I got to say I'm not thrilled with the no travel suppression being turned off. When it was off it felt more like a comic book to me to be honest. It also found it easier running guys down. They would get one or two ranged shots off on me and then I'd close and that would be the end of it. Just like in a comic book too. I wish these guys would totally bring it back.
  12. LOL this my fourth. Started out a Sentinel, then went to Stalker, and finally a tanker. And now of course I am switching to this build. Crazy! I hope this is the last version of this character that I play LOL.
  13. Thanks I will take a look at it then. Can't believe I am rerolling yet again. This is like the fourth time LOL.
  14. Hmmmm, well I think I'll give it a try to be honest. Thank you for all the info. By the way what epic hold specifically were you talking about to take?
  15. I did most of my PvPing on live in Recluse's Victory but I lived out of all the different PvP zones to be honest haha. So I was talking to a guy in game and he said Street Justice has more burst than EM and that the only thing EM really brings to the table is the fact it can stun and detoggle offensive toggles. Is this really true? Why would I want EM over Street Justice?
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