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  1. Just out of curiosity does Energy Transfer still have that God awful herky jerky animation that they took from Back Alley Brawler? I much prefer the older animation.
  2. Thank you very much for the replies, I really appreciate it. I was wondering what I was doing and felt a bit unsure. Thank you again guys!
  3. I know it's a rework. I played it on live on a stalker but have made a brute now. I just picked up Total Focus last night and I see something about storing a charge of energy. I looked at the patch notes but it didn't exactly explain what this does when it is expended. I'm getting the notifications in combat when this does happen but I'm unsure of what exactly it's doing. Is there someone out there who is knowledgeable on the subject and can explain it to me so I understand it? Thank you.
  4. I've been working on a build and for whatever the reason I am only just now finding out that you can build enhancements to +5 at 50. That being said is there an easy way to compute crafted enhancements with ED? For example do I need 3 level 55 damage SO's or would two be equally as good? Trying to figure all this out but the math feels a bit overwhelming at points so I figured I'd appeal to the more experienced crowd in this regard. Thanks in advance!
  5. I know this story never got finished on live and near as I can recall it had something to do with the 5th Column and a group called Battalion whom the Rikti had fought at one point. Was anything ever said or did knowledge ever come out from Paragon Studios as to what the rest of the story was? I was always wondering and really loved the overall story. I'd love to hear if anything else was ever uncovered. If not is there any chance we could get a conclusion to this story on Homecoming?
  6. It's exactly as the title says. The error when I try to load the client on this particular PC says that the game won't run with this configuration and that I should download current drivers for open GL support. The video card is an Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family onboard video card. I cannot upgrade the video on this machine because of the powersupply not having a proper cable to power the video card that I have. If anyone can help or give me a workaround I'd really appreciate it. Even if I can run on minimum settings I am fine with that as long as I can get in. I realize that this is a l
  7. Wow Static that sounds absolutely awesome. I pretty much went that way too. My primary is StJ which I cannot complain about at all. The damage is pretty sick. I love every single minute of it. As far as Bio Armor, the ONLY reason I won't use it is because of the effects that still show up even when they are supposed to be off. Soooooooo irritating.
  8. What would be good to slot for WP?
  9. Whew what a relief haha. I was starting to think I made a mistake. Any suggestions what I should focus on with IO's? I have my resist at the cap and was planning to get whatever Defense that I could next.
  10. Also as a question, is there any way to save Willpower?
  11. Anything else or is that pretty much the "go to" set? I have been seriously wondering if I made a mistake going WP but I have heard it's also loved too. Right now I have the defenses at the cap.
  12. I have a WP stalker right now which was fun, but at end game, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Just curious what are some of the favorites for stalkers and why? Thanks in advance!
  13. Great, that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
  14. What is Ageless Core Epiphany and with that do you know the total percentage number?
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