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  1. Two times in a row Diabolique has flown off, only to get stuck in the Mot "growths" in the boss room. Once she does this, I can't hit her at all no matter how close I get, forcing me to reset the mission. It's happened twice now and it's annoying as hell.
  2. Tried again, no dice. Is anyone else running in to this? Did I miss some kind of prerequisite for these badges, perhaps?
  3. I tried a simple Flashback mission with the "No more than five defeats" requirement and although I passed, I didn't get the "Shared Victory." I tried other missions of varying levels with different challenges (one death, no temp powers etc.) and although I met all of the requirements, I didn't receive the badges. Character is a level 50 Rogue with access to Ouroboros. Hopefully I'm just missing something.
  4. Looks like I'll be staying with VV then. Nice to see it active again!
  5. Traditionally I've kept character info on VirtueVerse but I wonder if there's something better or more up to date that people use these days. Also, image uploading looks to be broken on VV anyway so maybe it's time to move on. What do you recommend?
  6. Was on Virtue from the private alpha back in 2004 until shutdown in 2012. Back on as Sierra Six Echo. Woohoo.
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