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  1. It says it's autohit in the combat log. But it's a big fib. I recall that powers like energy absorption and consume were made autohit in PVE scenarios, but whenever I use it, it's up in the air if it hits anything, let alone does the damage AND gives the endurance back. So far I've had occasions where mobs don't get hit at all by any part of it, and some situations where they get hit by the damage portion but don't return the endurance for the hit. I am aware of the arcana time thingy, but these situations are always waist deep in a mob I've been fighting for a while already, so no chance of it being me leaping in and triggering it too early according to the server.
  2. Scrappers get 100% of thunderstrike's damage added on a crit, just saying. Plus it's ST dps chain is still good DPA, just unsatisfying in the 'boom, big hit' department.
  3. which heal, in which set, on which AT....
  4. It has middling single target attack chains, one of the worst pbaoe's out of the melee sets, has unreliable stun on it's mainstay rotations compared to other sets and has the bad variant of total focus. Statistically. Now, I don't remember what ET was like before, so I can't speak for that. But the rest of the set is middle of the road, or complete garbage. Stun vs Clobber jumps to mind. Granted, you might have a lot of fun with the set, more power to you. Doesn't change that it's very middle of the road compared to other sets, and not even good at single target damage on damage centric classes like scrappers and stalkers, as it's big hitter can't crit. You feel like you've been trolled? I feel like I have been too. I do encourage the discussion though.
  5. There's lots wrong with energy melee. Changing this one thing doesn't fix that. Why would you berate someone for wanting to explore possibilities...
  6. Morana, blue side, try that with a melee pet based MM. It's as bad. She has dark armour's dark regeneration and just...fills back up off of a couple targets, if not a single one.
  7. To see your work evolve what we loved into something better. A lot of things were wrong with City of Heroes. Not enough to make it a bad experience, not at all. But that doesn't mean things should stay the same. Anyone who wants to say that they just want city of heroes back with no changes forgets that CoH itself changed a lot over it's lifetime. I would hope you continue to change it.
  8. Apply it to every soldier, lower it's cooldown. Make it worth the slot for sure.
  9. It's not silly at all. It just needs better competition. I've responded to you in another post talking about that, but basically build up is a fairly rotten power in terms of it's implementation. Should never have been +dam%, but should have been a double hit or damage chunk that responds to +dam instead, further distinguishing the two.
  10. Just because they use the same buff attributes doesn't mean they are entirely similar. Build Up is a 'feel good' power that works right up until the wall where it doesn't. Rage has this problem aswell, except it's on all the time and provides a decent tohit buff throughout. That's Rage's thing. Build Up needs to ALWAYS be the 'feel good' damage boost, thus why I said 'This is a problem with Build up, not rage'. Build up needs to be seperately improved across the board to further solidify the position of both Rage and Build up. Build up should NEVER have been a straight +damage buff, but rather an additional damage chunk or double hit ability that responds to +dam, keeping it always relevant whatever content you might approach with whatever team comp you might have. So, I say again. This is Build Up's problem, not Rage's.
  11. This is a problem with Build Up, not Rage. Build Up is not a great power and has a bunch of flaws in itself, namely damage cap, damage buffs being less effective the more +dam you have and that it doesn't really fit the concept anymore. Rage doesn't need to have some major penalty to it, Build Up needs a change. I'm more asking what's the rationale TODAY for rage to have this crash when it only seems to target stacked Rage, where if that is the issue just make Rage non-stacking and self refreshing on overlaps. Because this change is encouraging players NOT TO STACK RAGE. So rather than making it super finicky, awkward and a general pain to use, just simplify Rage in it's new iteration, don't make it more convoluted.
  12. I don't really understand the need to make Rage crash like it does. It's a throwback to an idea that is great thematically but...well..fucking stupid in practice. Just make it not stack, make it refresh, and make it never crash. I mean what IS the rationale for making it crash NOW? it just seems like you're overthinking Rage in itself rather than just simplifying it.
  13. Regen for tanks, nom nom nom. With changes ofc.
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