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  1. I have an em/elec brute I made pretty much for the same reasons. He was a rebuild of an old 'live' character, so I wasn't expecting him to be amazing. He's IO'd out and pretty resilient, capable of hanging in +4/8 solo missions, slow but steady. Last night I ran a portal mission and solo'd NightStar. Only trouble I had was her jumping off a roof and getting stuck in the fire escape, I literally had to punch her out of it lol. The single target dmg increase is noticeable and impressive. Scrapper EM dmg should be even more so.
  2. I've been playing an Electric/Energy Aura Sent. for awhile now, I play a lot of character and cycle back to him every few months. By the mid 30's he was doing really well, just with regular enhancements. Getting Thunderous Blast really helped a ton. So this last week I decided to gear him up (I was feeling wealthy from the Halloween events). So 5 sets of Luck of the Gambler later (just 4 per power) some positron's blast sets in AOE and a decimation set and I was able to get him to the soft cap for defense and get hasten pretty close to perma (about 8 seconds down time). Really, really fun to play this guy. I mostly play brutes and scrappers and this guy is right up there in survivability. It takes him a little longer to kill stuff, but with Thunderous Blast up every 25 seconds or so, plus other AOEs, groups are easy to knock down. The unexpected synergy between Energy Aura's Energy Drain ability and the endurance drain/recovery suppression from electric attacks means that you can push most mobs endurance to zero pretty quickly. I started hunting Fake Nemisis in PI at 39. Watching them try and put their bubble up with no endurance never fails to make me smile. They still do the little arm move, but without end it doesn't activate. And then they die. Same with Master Illusionists, no endurance = no illusionists or other shenanigans. The big hole for this is Psionic damage. I'm using the psionic shield temp power from Vanguard to help with this (+15% def vs. Psi), but it can still hurt, especially when soloing large groups of Rikti or Arachnos. Still really surprised, and happy, with how this guy is working out.
  3. A force field defender, controller, or mastermind, or traps defender, can provide a huge amount of +def. You can grab a heal from the medicine pool. You can pretty much cap her defenses and heal her up when the odd hit gets through. I went this route with my wife, she's happy so I'm happy.
  4. Thanks for posting. I usually play Brutes and Scrappers, recently levelled up an Elec/Storm corruptor, was thinking of making another one.
  5. For scrapper secondaries I prefer to go with defense oriented powers over resists, since scrappers cap out at 75% resist. Super Reflexes, Ninjitsu, Energy Aura, Bio, and even Invuln are really solid choices. If I was going to recommend a basic fire and forget build I'd suggest Dark Melee and Super Reflexes. Dark melee fills in the lack of a self heal in SR and gives a good end recovery power too. If your really want to go overboard you can go with Ninjitsu, which would give you 2 self heals and double the end recovery. The advantage with Ninjitsu, is with IOs + weave you can get to soft cap by the low 30's, which makes the rest of the levelling process super easy. SuperReflexes, you can cap everything by 36 just have to wait to fill the AOE hole. DM has some holes for AOE, but you can fill those with Patron powers. Claws is also really solid, good single target, excellent AOEs, fast, low endurance costs.
  6. I went a different route and pushed S/L defense to 45% and have hasten down to 5 seconds, have S/L resists at 85%, energy 90% and everything else at 60% plus. Does really well though Carnies are super rough for me.
  7. Regen is a lot better than people make it out to be. With Dark Melees -to hit and the self heal it pairs up nicely. I have a couple Regen Brutes (SuperStrength and MartialArts) and I have a lot of fun with both. I did get them to the defense soft cap for S/L (45%) with IOs and Weave+ Maneuvers + Combat Jumping. It shouldn't be too hard with DM because you have a lot of single target melee attacks you can slot with Kinetic Combat (3.75% S/L defense for 4). The Brute archetype enhancements also offer up some S/L defense too (2.5% and 1.875%). Once you get to the S/L soft cap your play experience will be completely different, since most attacks have a smash or lethal component (no matter how small it is, you get the full defense bonus against the entire attack). After that work on global recharge, and make sure you have hasten. Getting your defensive powers up more often will help a ton. A different route to take would be to look at some of the end tier powers in the pool sets, like the Sorcery pool. It's more clicky powers but they go for 30 seconds to 90 seconds, so could be really helpful too.
  8. On my Em/Elec Brute, with perma hasten I go BS>TF>BS>ET for single target damage. I'm curious how the changes are going to affect that. I guess if TF makes ET insta it would go BS>TF>ET>BS>TF>ET. or on my powerbar 2-3-4 over and over lol. Really looking forward to the changes. Really leaning towards a EM/SuperReflexes scrapper for the +recharge. Getting permahasten makes EM amazing. Getting self healed on crits with ET could help with SR's lack of a self heal too. Also the Mu Patron Power stuff really fills in the AOE hole for Energy Melee, though it can make fighting energy resistant bad guys a pain.
  9. Regen gets a bad rap because alot of the new sets are flashier but regen means you almost never need to worry about endurance or your basic health. I have a SS/Regen Brute and a MA/Regen Brute. I have both capped for S/L defense with the Regen clickies for back up. Get Tough, get weave, get manuevers. You have the endurance to run all of it. With SS or MA you have a bunch of knockback/knockdown powers that stop enemies from attacking. Those extra couple of seconds really help mitigate in coming damage and keep you going. Try and fit a force feedback+ recharge IO into your build and work on getting your global recharge as high as you can. Do that and cap your S/L defenses and you'll be golden.
  10. Just did this with my mind/psi dom. Set him up at 35, where he had been languishing, just finished Black Scorpion's patron arc and he's at 38 now. Hasten has a 10 second cool down, so not quite perma, but getting there. The difference is pretty remarkable. Solo I can keep groups confused/held continuously. The only thing that gets me soloing missions is getting stunned, so just need to make sure I have a supply of break frees for that.
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