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  1. Stooopid question (because I am a dope) you only have to KILL 100 ghosts, not TRAP 100 ghosts? Because I have been trapping the damn things!
  2. I have one of the only 3 Radiation/Broadsword Tankers. (Biomorphic Goober, Rad/BS/Mu)
  3. Sounds good, but for the love of Dog, if you are ever offered Sapper training; HARD PASS. Those poor schmucks always die first!
  4. I've gotten the same mission from Harvey, I was so shocked I took a bunch of screenie. To the OP: There is also Fireball & The Trilogy in Night Ward, both are located in the Midnighter's Club; both run 50+.
  5. I distinctly recall driving a couple people insane with tales of "The Cutscene Badge" (2,500 cutscenes required), that unlocked the Hidden Contact, Arbiter Miller, hidden in the secret room in the tunnels underneath Grandville. All of this was undocumented, of course, but us Insiders™ knew about it! I think the fact people knew that there WAS a hidden room in the tunnels gave it enough credibility.
  6. He's not here (yet?), but believe me, he still out there terrorizing forums, I've been seeing him A LOT on one I frequent . Same sense of humor. I first noticed him there about six months ago, and I was like Son...of....a....
  7. It also depends on what you mean by "a full set of IO's". It's entirely possible for some hardcore right now to be running around with a high level scrapper with slotted Crushing Impacts, Red Fortunes, Doctored Wounds and Titanium Coatings, for example. Filling that out Mako's bites, Luck of the Gamblers, Numina's Convalescence and Aegis is another thing altogether. A level scrapper decked out with ATO's, PVPIO's, EventIO's and Purples is seperate thing on top of that.
  8. The biggest douche move, by far, was people who stole SG's (and more importantly all the items in storage), this didn't happen to me, but it occurred often enough. Groups of people lost months of effort in a blnk of an eye. All for some sweet sweet, loot! Personally, I ran with a group of people, some of who were badgers, some who weren't. Us non-badgers got particular delight in getting the difficult "Master of...." badges and setting them immediately as our title badge. Then we would parade around in high traffic areas like RWZ, Hami raids, Pocket D to show them off to all the other badgers on the server. "Oh this? Well, here, if you like that one you'll love this one!"
  9. Dude got paid to be an Internet Troll. Think of how many people out there do it for free. I believe the Joker had something to say about that.... On the other paw, the Loyola administration REALLY should be embarrassed.
  10. I may not be here, but this is also a test to see if the forums have stopped being buggy for me.
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