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  1. A) We will we get to see the Nemesis Horse/Chariot? (It's a special occasion, Mender Derek really messed up!) B) Can we do a Rularuu or Council/ 5th Column invasion again? Are those still technically feasible?
  2. I have a hard time with the entire "This is an exploit, therefore we must nuke it from orbit" explanation, when this has sat on the forums since August 7th. In particular the section marked "What's the deal with level 49 farming anyway?"
  3. Son, do you like the view from daddy's office?
  4. At first I thought of a pie blast set, but I went all in and changed that into a full blown clown MM set (of course your clowns arrive by tiny car), throwing pies, using seltzer bottles & squirting flowers as ranged attacks.
  5. Is it available anywhere in AE? Am I just missing it as I look through all the options?
  6. Lots of Non-Farm content in the AE building.
  7. I use a menuing system similar to this, please use anything that helps: Menu TeleTransPortals { Title "Recall Friend" Option "silent &1" "powexecname Recall Friend" Option "tell &2" "tell $target, I am teleporting you to my location$$powexecname Recall Friend" Option "team &3" "team teleporting $target to my location$$powexecname Recall Friend" Option "league &4" "league teleporting $target to my location$$powexecname Recall Friend" Divider Title "Assemble Team" Option "silent &5" "powexecname Assemble The Team" Option "team &6" "team assembling the team$$powexecname Assemble The Team" Divider Title "Portals" Option "Pocket D &VIP Pass" "powexecname Pocket D VIP Pass" Option "&Base Teleporter" "powexecname Base Transporter" Option "&Mission Transporter" "powexecname Mission Transporter" Option "&Ouroboros Portal" "powexecname Ouroboros Portal" Option "Team Teleport" "team Summoning Team Teleport to this location$$powexecname Power:Prestige Travel.Team Transporter" Divider Title "Prompts" ` Option "&Tp Prompt ON" "optionset promptteamteleport 1" Option "`TP Prompt O&FF" "optionset promptteamteleport 0" } I can't tell if the Prompts section is depreciated or not with Homecoming. It certainly worked on Live. I just haven't spent enough time playing with it to be sure.
  8. 1) Move the Group Fly prompt to the options panel right below the Team Teleport prompt 2) Default it to OFF 3) We'll work on the rest.
  9. Huron

    Cats & CoH

    Mine insisted this evening during a Lambda trial that he was going to sit in my lap for a nap/cuddle RIGHT NAO, and there wasn't a darn thing I was going to do about it!
  10. Nope, I've made 2 Unicorn 50's from the list because reasons....
  11. I got away with Hamburglar Helper for years on live. All yours if you want it
  12. Stooopid question (because I am a dope) you only have to KILL 100 ghosts, not TRAP 100 ghosts? Because I have been trapping the damn things!
  13. I have one of the only 3 Radiation/Broadsword Tankers. (Biomorphic Goober, Rad/BS/Mu)
  14. Sounds good, but for the love of Dog, if you are ever offered Sapper training; HARD PASS. Those poor schmucks always die first!
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