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  1. All resources are just resources. I tend to try to see how close to exactly I can bring in each character with nothing left over. The last two characters I got to 6x4 for Incarnate powers got there with less than 10 threads and nothing else left over. regards, Screwloose. "I am not young enough to know everything."
  2. I tend to have each of my characters run a bunch of Converter Roulette til they have 400 to 500 million inf before I really get into playing them seriously. So often before level 15 I don't have to worry about that character anymore. I do sometimes seed them with 10 million just to ease out the starting boot strap portion. See below links on ways to use the market to generate Inf in without investing playtime. And I think there is room for a lot more Converter Roulette marketers at the moment because a lot of IO Enh seem to have very low amounts for
  3. Most of my characters would make it before Vet Level 10, but I run the Dark Astoria Ch1 arc through Ouroboros a lot. Set it for a difficulty you can solo and it is good for Incarnate salvage and extra E Merits. You can ghost a fair bit of it or recruit a small team of other 50's and defeat a lot of critters for drops and additional I-Exp. regards, Screwloose "I am not young enough to know everythihng."
  4. Freaklympics arc is given by Marvin Weintraub and Colin Larsen. Freakshow War is given by Neal Kirkpartick and Tina Chung. Avoid those contacts and you will avoid those arcs. You will still see Freakshow because they turn up in other missions, but at least you won't get arcs full of them. regards, Screwloose. "I am not young enough to know everything."
  5. I think you can spend as much or as little as you want on any build. One of my friends has one character with 9 purple sets slotted, not sure it is actually the most effective, but it is his prime character so he wanted to spend the Inf. Most ATs and power set combos can be improved by judicious IO Set slotting, but I think the point of diminishing returns is around 400 to 500 mil. regards, Screwloose. "I am not young enough to know everything."
  6. There is no relation between accuracy required and class (I presume you mean Archetype). How much Accuracy you need to slot depends on how many levels about you the critters that you want to reliably hit are. If you mostly fight +0 and +1 Critters then 1 SO (or about 33%) Accuracy Enhancement will be fine. If you want to reliably hit +2 and +3 Critters then you will want 2 SOs of Accuracy. Some powers have greater or lesser base Accuracy and you can see by mousing over a power in the Enhancement screen how much Accuracy Enhancement it has. In gen
  7. The simple rule is that enhancement value diminishes (to basically zero) after 3 SOs worth. So you can slot 3 Damage, One Acc, One Recharge and one and reducer SO in an attack power and not suffer from Diminshment, but if you slot 4 Damage then the last one you will get very little value from. If you are slotting crafted basic IOs then two level 50 IOs will get you close to the threshold. For IO sets there isn't anything you can do you have to take whatever the set gives you. And read the wiki, people have spent time typing out good info there.
  8. Learn to make your own, or to make the Inf to pay the prices. regards, Screwloose. "I am not young enough to know everything."
  9. NPC Vendors and Auction House are both good. I generally don't stress too much about filling my Enh slots at lower levers. Try to get two Acc DOs in each power that takes them early on. At level 22 I buy a full set of SOs from an NPC Vendor and then at 27 start to change over to IOs. You can often buy them from the Auction House for less than the build cost if you put in a reasonable bid and wait a day or two. All that should be achievable if you keep an eye on what things that drop for you are worth on the Auction House and put them up for reasonable pric
  10. Not entirely random. Different factions of critters will drop Enhancements of particular types. Crey will drop Tech, Circle of Thorns will drop Magic. You can get a good guide by the type of Enhancements that the contact who gave you the mission sells as they will tend to send you against factions that fit their theme. But unfortunately what Enhancements critters drop is next to pointless. Might get a couple of drops that are Enhancements that you use, but even if you entirely stick to factions that are likely to drop the Origin of Enhancements that you can use you will
  11. The best non powered stealth is to be a Tank. Just run past stuff and ignore it. If you are in a team it is good form to let your teammates know this is your plan otherwise they might get attacked by Critters that are annoyed they can't stop you. regards, Screwloose. "I am not young enough to know everything."
  12. I usually use the craft and convert method and the below guide is a good intro to that. regards, Screwloose. "I am not young enough to know everything."
  13. The math is quite complex and this may have been patched at some point but according to https://cityofheroes.fandom.com/wiki/Experience there is a final multiplier based on team size. 3.c. Increase the reward based on team size: Team Size XP Multiplier 1 1 2 1.25 3 1.5 4 1.8 5 2 6 2.1 7 2.2 8 2.5
  14. I have Polar Lights, the all dps versions, on a few characters, they seem quite acceptable. I don't know where they rte on teh Ub3r mega nerf them now scale, but they put out an acceptable amount of DPS. And they are relatively small and unobtrusive, which is nice. regards, Screwloose "I am not young enough to know everything."
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