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  1. So do you guys think there is any chance we get Water ported over to Doms in some form? Personally I would love to see a Water Assault set.
  2. Yes, the question was could a player add it. And thanks for the answers!
  3. Having a discussion with someone and the question was whether or not DDR could be added or it has to be build into the powerset. I thought it had to be built in ala Energy Aura. But maybe I am missing something. I tried some searches on the Wiki but could not find a decent article discussing it.
  4. Only think I would add about Knockback is the surprising number of players I still run across who do not even know about the KB to KD IOs that are now available. So I don't think it is out of line to at the least ask if they know about them. That said, you can play however you want. But so can I.
  5. I think a lot of this could be helped with fixing the team/league invite system. It has a couple of major annoyances that is playing a big part in all this.
  6. From Issue 20 notes: "Judgement powers are unaffected by standard character buffs to damage or to hit, but have a high base accuracy and are affected by global enhancements such as those provided by the Alpha and Interface slot. " Which means Musculature would enhance the damage of Judgement.
  7. I did a solo ITF with normal difficulty with my Bots/Time MM and Rommy went absolutely batshit. He run all over the map, mostly climbing the cliffs behind the building he spawns at. I was able to hold him a few times spamming my holds but he did a lot of running around. And this made getting the bots into place a serious pain which really added to how long it took me to finish. So you may need at least a temp flight power.
  8. Hey guys, wanted to update the Oracle page since it no longer does SuperGroup Missions but is now a Tip Mission seller. But I was wondering if anyone knows exactly when this change took place ? What Issue ?
  9. Started getting burial insurance junk mail, makes me wonder if someone knows something I don't! I'm only 50 damnit!
  10. When I have had this happen as the team lead it was because one of the other members of the team was not in the zone. Once everyone was in zone I could invite.
  11. Have you tried OuroDev Discord , I keep hearing you need to go through the Discord to setup an account on the Git. The main page at OuroDev has a link to it
  12. Back in 2019 sometime, they had a bug with some zones missing a floor. And people where falling through. One of the Devs called it a "foorl" instead of floor and it kinda stuck and became a running joke. Here is an example post:
  13. Ok, I misunderstood how it worked. I thought the 1 added to the name it was the end of it. So it basically gave me a free name change when I logged the character in for first time, that's actually pretty cool. I moved this guy a couple of months ago and just forgot about him....which is why I didn't put 2 and 2 together. Thanx Apparition
  14. Not sure where to ask this but.. I am curious as to why I was forced to change a toons name today. I hadn't played him in awhile now and got this when I did: To be clear I don't mind changing it. Just wondering why I had to ? What was wrong with Syx1 ? Which was Syx but 1 got added when I moved servers.
  15. -"cancel Magic Legends for poor financial performance" -"game has only been in open beta for three months" -"charging for micro-transactions while still officially declaring it a "Beta." What the hell.....
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