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  1. Somebody slacking on the patch notes, smh
  2. I didn't even think of that or notice it when I was looking at them in the market. It's all about the details! Thank you
  3. Why doesn't Shield Breaker have a Accurate Defense Debuff category in the converter menu ?
  4. I wonder who long this movie is gonna be, since they only know how to show speed stuff in slo-mo this could take awhile.
  5. Easy to tell the difference when the mobs go from level 54 to 50
  6. This has been a bug for awhile now and I am sure it has been discussed here before. I did search it but all my search were to broad and I got to many results to locate one of the post. But I think it needs to keep being brought up till it is fixed. So, when a team lead selects a mission in another zone the difficulty settings the leader has set will change if someone other than the team lead enters mission first. This also happens on Task Forces. On a Market Crash yesterday, doing 4x8, get to the last mission, which is a tram mission. As most people do, team uses
  7. Hmm, the new petless MM : the no primary power sentinel , only it will be an improvement 😆😛 ....joke dont kill sentinel fans
  8. I thought there was but I could not find it. If someone knows of one please link it. LFG = Looking for Group LFT = Looking for Team LFM = looking for More AE = Architect Entertainment AT = ArchType IO = Invention Enhancement AH = Auction House Inf = Influence m- the ingame currency P2W = Pay2Win - A npc available in Pocket D/Mercy/Atlas Park to acquire various items and powers. You can change your XP rate with this vendor Null the Gull = A npc vendor in Pocket D that can change some game options but mainly known for changing your alignment.
  9. Proof that I search before posting! I am a good forumite. But anyways add this to the list of things I would like to see happen but doubt ever will for variety of reasons..........fun to think about tho.
  10. 2 enhancements I would slot in that you don't have is Gladiator Armor +def unique ,it gives 3% defense to all types. Another is Impervious Skin status resistance, which gives 25% regen and that is actually more regen than a Numina Regen/Recov
  11. I always assumed it was because portal corp courtyard is a more open space.
  12. No I am only buying converters not selling. When I checked this morning and couple days ago the current list of completed transaction was for 70k. Oh well, thought I would ask about "time in game" having anything to do with it. Didn't think it did but I been wrong before. Thanx!
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