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  1. I would like to try a powerset team instead of just archetype. Good example would be Beam Rifle. That set is available for Blaster,Defender,Corrupter and Sentinels
  2. I use Ashlocke's and really can't believe I played without it. One nice feature is, if you create a macro you really like,if you put it in the popup menu then it will be there for every toon.
  3. All I know is I built a tank and brute both with the same powersets and as close to same build as possible(variance of ATO sets). Fought the same AV on both at the same difficulty settings. The Brute could kill the AV the Tank could not.
  4. This may have already been submitted and i just missed it in my search: Was wondering if it would be possible to respec a character with a Mid's file? If you could some create a file in Mid's or any builder for that matter. Then import in the respec screen and it would place all the powers and slots. Anyways, 3am here and Insomnia has asked me to dance and this is the outcome
  5. I guess I should have said earlier what the powersets were ,it is TW/DA ..I know maybe not the most ideal pairing but it's more of a concept toon. Which I don't normally do. Of my 25ish 50s I think 1 other is a more of a concept.
  6. Having some Endurance issues with build and was thinking of switching Musculature to Cardiac. And then Switch the Hybrid from Melee to Assault to make up for the the damage lost. I know there is always Ageless but I prefer not to have to rely on that unless I can't fix it any other way.
  7. Yes,this is what I was wondering about
  8. Which Incarnate would add more to a brutes damage output? Alpha:Musculature or Hybrid:Assault?
  9. "Ok,everybody buff up" everybody buffs .....waiting ....waiting ..."umm,the buffs only last so long" ....waiting
  10. Just checked my Cold/Sonic Defender that I split the set, 3 in Sleet and 3 in Scream and I am getting the correct bonuses. Not sure why you are not. ..wait,are you sure both sets of 3 are Catalyst to Superior? I notice you have two 1.80% bonuses which is half of 3.60% so if it was not Superior it would be half.
  11. So here is my bind to get any power you want tied to the forward key W. /bind W "+forward$$powexec_tray 9 9" Just put whatever power you want to "auto on forward movement" to tray 9 slot 9 This way you can easily change what power is tied to W if you should need/want to One use I have for it is the Support Radial Incarnate power
  12. @GM Tahquitz I did what you posted above. And still not getting a notification on the board but I am getting an email about a new post. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
  13. So as someone with a cold/sonic defender this interested me. From what I can tell from my testing is if the mob leaves the AoE you only get 15 seconds of debuff. However if the mob stays in AoE my test show you get around 45 seconds of debuff. Since my defender has no hold I used a pylon to test and consistently got 40-45 seconds of debuff. Only when trying this on other mobs that would sometimes leave the AoE did I get a 15 second of debuff. This is to both resistance and defense.
  14. Also this command will open the costume menu: /window_show Costume
  15. Just want ya'll to take the time and do what's best. I don't mind waiting a bit, just please keep the info and updates coming.
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