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  1. Just wanted to say thanx to you guys I kept watching and I am very glad I did. I really enjoyed it. Interesting to me the number of people who seemed to not care for the finale I thought it was great. One thing that tickled me was through most of the final fight Wanda was wearing a hoodie, sweatpants and sneakers. I am easily amused 😛
  2. Hmm, haven't watched a fan edit movie in a long time. This may be a good candidate
  3. Hmm, that might explain it. I have seen a tank do this recently. He would jump into a group then nothing...just stand there. The team would kill everything and he would run to next group.
  4. Just finished early bird Hami run on Torch, it didn't seem to be as many bud crashes but their was still a few. Looked like 2 for sure after first run but 4 or 5 after the second. Hard to tell after third since alot of folks leave/alt
  5. Personally I play my stalkers as an assassin. Stealth to the end kill boss . Now sometimes you get stuck with kill all maps, which I agree sucks. I will use whatever temp summon powers I have to help speed things up a bit.
  6. I have a TW/Dark Brute that turned out to be a very fun and extremely durable.
  7. Reading this thread got me curious Just did this, I believe it was a with a stack of 4 blood: I have my Hemorrhage slotted with 3 Hectacombs + 3 Damage procs. If you add all that up it is just over 700 damage. And friends 700 damage ain't nothing to sneeze at. Anyways just found it interesting
  8. @Jacktar Try this and see is it works: /macro OilFire "powexecname Blazing Arrow$$target_name Oil Slick"
  9. That's interesting you can taunt her out of the blue, I have done it on a brute and a tank.
  10. Macro question: /macro_image "IceBlast_Blizzard" Ice "powexec_location target Blizzard$$powexec_location target Sleet" I want it to drop Sleet and then Blizzard on my target. I assumed I would have to press it twice but it is only dropping Sleet. A second click only queues up Sleet again.
  11. There is a serious lack of reading comprehension in this thread.
  12. So the majority of us have lots of alts. From reading these forums and talking to people in the game some of you have an crazy amount. I myself have around 30 and recently when I logged into the game I didn't really know what I wanted to play that day. I knew I wanted to play just wasn't sure what alt I felt like being on. So I had a silly idea, what about a button that would just choose a random alt. You would not know what alt had been chosen until you zoned into the game. But what if we pushed the silly to the next level, a random team builder? Say a team got together in game and they all agree and click and "random team builder" button. Now they are taken to the character selection screen for just a second and then back in game. But now everyone is on a different alt picked at random. Ok that's really silly. Now let's make it super silly (it is a superhero game) let's apply the random alt picker to taskforces. A team agrees to do a taskforce with the "random alt picker", it would have to be something everyone has to actually click and agree to. Now after every mission of the taskforce you get a different random alt. So you begin the taskforce on a defender, do second mission on a tank, third is your MM, etc., etc. You get the idea. Now of course we all have alts that are works in progress or need a respec and would not want to play those in this random picker. So this would have to be an option that is agreed to before hand. I think you would need to flag or mark each alt in the character selector screen. Maybe a button, that after clicking will let you put a little check mark next to each alts name that you would put into the random picker pool. We all have lots of alts and we should be thinking of ways to utilize and exploit that.
  13. This is interesting, looking at it in the new Mids and the number changes from AT to AT. Seems Brute/Tanks get 64.58 ( 3.45% ) And a Defender looks to get the biggest number at 89.69 (8.82%)
  14. I would suggest looking in the Brute section of the forum, their is quit a few builds posted there. Also be careful of farming builds vs regular builds
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