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  1. Just wanted to post in this awesome thread full of constructive discourse about something that hasn't happened yet.
  2. While this looks and sounds fun,it also looks and sounds like a level 10- 20 mission arc. Can you confirm level range?
  3. Sonic Manipulation looks really interesting,any idea when this will hit test?
  4. I got 14 I consider finished and 2 that are "works-in-progress" As for slowing down...Started playing day the server went live and played almost everyday for awhile but have not played much these last couple of weeks. Just felt the need to take a break. Been catching up on some movies and TV shows.
  5. Sounds like the something the British would do.
  6. In Mid's I can't seem to get Rad Armour's Gamma Boost regen and recovery numbers. I see the debuff resistance numbers but not the regen and recovery. I know it is a sliding scale so perhaps their is a trick I am missing?
  7. I have bad hearing problems but after seeing it talked about ingame so much I decided to try it. It's hard to explain,but it was like my hearing could not adjust fast enough to the different volume levels. Add in that I had a surgery recently that left half my vocal cords paralyzed I decided Discord was not for me. But really I have never felt like I needed it, get on some teams occasionally that seems like they are using it. I can usually figure out whats going on and what to do.
  8. SuperPlyx

    What to do next?

    Since you have a War Mac scrapper you should do a Titan Wep brute. This way random teammates can explain to you how TW is better on scrappers. At which point you can say you have a War Mace scrapper already..then they can tell you how War Mace is better on brutes.Which leads to them telling you how you got both of them wrong. Now pair Titan Wep with Dark Armour so they may also explain how this is a terrible Armour for TW ...... Fun times are had by all.
  9. I would think Water/Ice Blaster would be closer to what you want.. I mean it has, Frozen Fist and Ice Swords.
  10. Always interesting when this get it's monthly suggestion. Reminds me of how differently we play this game.
  11. Why do you have the Genesis Incarnate turned on?? Also your Superior Winter's Bite set is not giving you any benefit due to the "Rule of 5" The Ragnarok set is also only giving the recharge bonus. I am one who think you should slot procs when possible. You have more than enough fire defense and res to sacrifice some for procs in either Burn,Irradiated Ground or Electric Fences.
  12. SuperPlyx

    Build Up

    Yes, but only if there's nothing else I want I like to try and use it right before fight starts, clear one mob, move on, click build up right before attacking next mob.
  13. Maybe the answer is obvious but I can't figure it out.What do these numbers represent?
  14. Been doing alot of lvl 45-50 contacts/arcs lately and it got me wondering which one people like the most. I am torn between Number 6 and Mr.G ..really like the story in G' arc, a really fun arc. But Number 6 has some great fights,that last mission is an epic fight. What your favs?
  15. Just to clarify TT , doesn't take you tram it takes right into mission. For all intents and purpose it acts as a Transit.
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