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  1. Oh,ok...I was thinking it was because I copy the character over and not made it from scratch on the test server. But what you say explains it,thank you
  2. Wondering the same thing..I transferred a toon over using the new Beta Character Copy tool. And it transferred with it's Incarnates but I want to try different Alpha and Destiny powers. And do not have enough threads/merits to craft another one , much less craft a couple to try. Is it possible to add the necessary Incarnate salvage like we add the enhancements ( jerk hacking) or maybe threads/merits?
  3. Can't believe I am just seeing this,. I need to check the Beta forums more often. Used it yesterday to transfer couple of toons before the stress test and it worked great. Thank you so much for this Cipher and team.
  4. ParagonWiki says this mission is not available in Ouro: But I have found the Wiki to not always be accurate.
  5. I remember just a few days ago ,couple of farmers discussing this in help channel.They were on the right map and had done the farms on those toons many times before but were getting less infl than normal. I dunno if they ever came to a conclusion as to what the problem/difference was.
  6. As a farmer when I get a full recipe storage,I craft all the yellows,convert them to whatever looks as if it will sell for atleast 1 million and list it. Some nights list around 40 enhancements
  7. yeah,I am downloading what I assume are big geobin_xxx.pigg files
  8. nice update,but man oh man,it is slooowww to download and update.
  9. Thank you for the response,it was really my main reason for posting.I have had a couple of people asking about it since it was posted elsewhere. It seems to me to be a simple question of trusting the manifest file,
  10. So wondering if the leaders of Homcoming have any comment on the security issues posted elsewhere about the launchers we all use. From Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cityofheroes/comments/debb98/sweettea_new_launcher_due_to_major_security_issues/ "
  11. How close is it to what is listed on ParagonWiki? Force of Will
  12. This seems like such a simple no-brainer idea.It makes you wonder why it hasn't already been implemented.....Which makes me suspect there is a serious issue with making it happen. Would dearly love to see it happen tho,and I think it would clearly get more people to test.
  13. Reading through this thread I wonder if their is any concern about the 4 melee ATs becoming to homogeneous? I mean a nerf here,a boost there and soon a AT loses it's distinctiveness. The changes to Stalkers are case in point... I see in-game now are comments about how it's a more team friendly AT now because it does AoEs, that's not what I think of as the stalkers skill set.
  14. This. Altho,I can see A delayed response with TonyV saying one thing last night,and then this morning this other guy Sekoia saying the complete opposite. This makes me wonder about the negotiations too .....I mean how the hell you can't figure out what to do with your own organisation?
  15. So,I'm confused ...do the rikti just stop spawning?If so when? When will the shield go back up? Is the raid now an instance? Are the timers the same?
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