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  1. I use them like so so it's not so obviously cel-shaded, it just gives things a little more pop than the standard tho i haven't poked around a whole lot with them, admittedly, so maybe there's some tweak i would like more
  2. It's too clumsy to have a pool power be mutually exclusive with a power in a wholly different pool. Does that even currently happen? It'd be better to remove Hasten than twist all design around it.
  3. those are just scorch marks from calling a hotline
  4. Willpower is a decent runner-up to invulnerability to represent being super-tough, the quintessential tank power. But why an axe over simply being super strong?
  5. The most basic defender would probably be either emp/psi or FF/nrg. nrg/nrg is a solid call for most basic blaster, too. It's just blowing stuff up with pure energy.
  6. You can point with all fingers at once. I called it "finger guns" to suggest a sort of karate chop pointing as opposed to knuckle or palm guns (which could still work with buckshot and flamethrowers, respectively). I suggested the hand wiggle because I don't think it's a good idea to have mechanically distinct animations for a powerset.
  7. AFAIK the only thing with weapon sets is that they have a little bit of extra accuracy because of the draw animation time. I guess you could replace that with some hand wiggle or something?
  8. The Beam Rifle effects would work as well with typical mitten-emitted animations so it'd be a fine alternative. Some of the others get a little weirder, maybe. Thinking about it, a finger gun animation set would be fun so now I'm for AR and DP getting gunless animations.
  9. "A group of individuals"? Heh. Some people don't read chat, or have other chat channels active instead, or simply aren't very competent. It happens.
  10. There's the angry generically bestial face with tusks that works reasonably well with some slider tweaks, if what you want is more of a cartoon monster ape than anything that has ever heard of the phrase "scientifically plausible".
  11. Oh, that's even better than the world I was operating in. A rare but pleasant surprise. Thank you.
  12. I thought you got xp proportional to the amount of damage you and your team did to the enemy? So if a confused enemy does 25% of damage to another enemy, you get 75% xp. This is what I remember from previous discussions of the mechanic, anyway. The only conclusion to this matter I've ever heard is that confusion can give you less xp per individual enemy but will increase your rate of xp per minute because fights are much quicker and easier.
  13. For practical gameplay purposes it's annoying to play a powerset that becomes less useful the more you progress along the game's intended route, but it's also pretty appropriate that Empathy is best used for supporting weaker characters.
  14. Gotta put in a Norwegian sailor's church somewhere.
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