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  1. The ban on smoking in public places where I live was recently increased to outside store entrances and such. The one responsible for upholding the ban and the one who eats the fine is the store itself. Additonally, just because I said it was reasonable for a government to be able to do a thing it doesn't mean that I said that the exact thing has happened in full.
  2. Governments do in fact do things about health crises that affect their population. Shutting down a company because it has more of a negative effect than it has a positive effect is perfectly reasonable for a government to do. What things people are incentivised to do within a game and the environment this creates is something that game developers do have to consider. It's a sensible concern. I don't have an opinion either way because I don't have whatever demographical, economic and playtime data the HC crew likely have access to.
  3. I mean conceptually, because the Fury mechanic is great for representing savagery. If you wanted a melee set that feels like clawing like a mad beast then Fury would be perfect.
  4. Savage Melee's biggest problem is probably that Brutes already have the fury mechanic so you can't just port a lesser version of it to every melee AT.
  5. Never underestimate the value of "good enough". If your character is 70-80% to reaching its full potential without you needing to prep a lot then that sounds like a better use of your game time than meticulously planning a build. Then you can practice planning builds when the inspiration genuinely strikes you. If you decide that, yes, you really would like to take that Stalker to the next level then you'll be working at it from a place of passion instead of a vague sense of obligation.
  6. Going whole hog on optimising a character isn't really worth it if you don't play that character a lot. I bet a lot of people go for the easy IOs like the global recharge ones and various recovery options as a first step. Having a farming character greatly affects how you approach building a character, too.
  7. That would probably be more effort than is worth it, and would be confusing for players to deal with.
  8. Making tankers more competent compared to brutes isn't exactly a fleeting whim, though.
  9. I'm amazed that Hasten has been kept in the game, considering it's such a strong and ubiqutous pool power.
  10. I think that Rage would be more interesting not as the vital cornerstone of the set, without which it's terrible, but as a situational power or one that required more consideration for when and how to use it. A toggle that improves damage but decreases def and res would be more interesting to me.
  11. Yes, it's a legal matter. So it's a practical concern for the HC team, not a moral one.
  12. "Illegal" and "wrong" aren't the same thing, though. There are plenty of immoral laws currently existing, and the attempt by multibilion corporations to claim legal ownership of culture is certainly among them. So I declare myself a moral leader here and now! And I say this: that there's nothing wrong with playing this game. The people who made it are no longer involved and were paid for their work at the time. No one loses out on something they've earned.
  13. Ah, I hadn't seen that. Quite unfortunate. Controllers, corruptors and defenders would certainly appreciate some more flexibility.
  14. How sensible would it be to open up the two first secondary powers for everyone? It feels more elegant than swapping the order of powers around for tankers. Is it doable? Personally I'm happy for anything that make tankers feel nicer to play. I like the suggestion of giving tankers better scaling for support abilities. Have brutes deal more damage overall but tankers have bigger AoEs and better support. Brutes have a big advantage in having one of the best defined playstyles of all the ATs. You've got mechanical and emotional incentives to keep pressing ahead so that your sweet fury bar doesn't decay which is something the state of tankers can't take away. Better support can open up for adding some buffs and debuffs into epic pools, because tankers epic pools are pretty boring honestly. I'd rather have idk Ice Shield than Chillblain. That'd just be neat. Imagine putting Warmth in Pyre Mastery.
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