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  1. I usually get him by hitting the find contact button. It's how I get most of my contacts to be honest. I only run newspaper missions when I'm close to levelling.
  2. You don't need Indigo for Crimson. If I recall correctly she's a level 45 contact.
  3. When Champions online came out I was quite excited, because Champions is fully customisable. The selling point of the RPG is that you can make practically anything, with any effect, by spending points. You gained more points by having weaknesses, and reduced costs by having powers that have flaws. You could have a massively overpowered blast, but it would only be that overpowered because you had made it terribly flawed, like obvious accessible focus, only works on green enemies, kills user etc. Sadly all we got was a watered down CoX clone that wasn't as much fun or as immediately engaging as the original.
  4. Sadly purple sets are only available to level 50's. But yes they work all the way down.
  5. It was a mystery to everyone in the chat conversation too.
  6. I actively avoid Striga and IP unless a contact sends me there for a mission. Also Hollows and Perez.
  7. Did you read what I wrote? I didn't say they had to defend anything. what I said was, when people started popping up on chat advertising their PL fire farm services for tens of millions of inf several people made their displeasure known. I used the word "defend" to describe the response, but I could have used others like "justify". Of course people can do what they want to do, it has always been like that. And a team leader is perfectly entitled to run their team the way they want to run it and kick anyone who doesn't fit their playstyle. Just as a player is free to quit a team if they don't like the way it's run. I stated my opinion, as have many others on this thread. I have never once said those players who offer paid services should be sanctioned, just that my own personal opinion is that I think it's sometimes a bit naughty. If you want to hang around Atlas and grab new players who have never logged on before and charge them for taking them to 50 asap then don't expect much sympathy from me when the chat starts moaning about you. If it's a player with a few alts under their belt and more inf than they can spend who wants to recreate their main from live but doesn't want to go through the grind to get them to the point they were at when the servers shut down and wants to pay someone for their time, then have at it. To me it's a matter of degree. New players are often under the impression that MMORPG's only start being fun when you hit the level cap, so seek a quick way of reaching that cap. WoW has a lot to answer for in that respect. CoX is surprisingly different in that it is fun all the way through and there really isn't all that much to do once you reach 50. You can get all your incarnates to tier 4 pretty quickly, and then it's a matter of repeating the same arcs over and over or dipping in to ouroboros to find something you haven't done before.
  8. I stated my opinion, which is that I think it's a bit naughty, but I never called for a ban hammer to descend on anyone for doing it. I also stated that people play the game how they want to play it. If someone else has a different opinion to me then I'm not going to start moaning and complaining, we all react differently to things and what sets one person off into a blind rage barely raises an eyebrow for someone else. I still feel it's wrong if it's taking advantage of newbies but if an experienced player with inf to spare wants to pay someone to level their alt then they are perfectly entitled to do it.
  9. Oh lordy yes. I have seen some stunning bases since they became free to build and maintain. True palaces of delight with some real care and thought put into them. The hours it must have taken and the imagination is breathtaking. Mine is as you described, a giant warehouse full of shelves and storage bins 🙂
  10. Awesome. A lot of people have wanted this for a long time. It's going to be so much easier to test builds and stuff if we can copy our live toons onto there rather than try to recreate them from scratch.
  11. I Feel the same way. I will either DFB and DIB for a while, or if there is none of that going then I will PL my toon to 22 or so for the IO's. I only tend to do a couple of farm runs for the inf when I'm trying to get those pesky purple sets on an alt. I did do a 1 to 50 run to A) see how long it would take and B) to see how much inf I could get with double XP running. I probably won't do it again though, as I had no attachment to the toon and found trying to decide what to slot and how to play too confusing compared to playing it properly and levelling normally. I strip mined him for the inf then deleted him.
  12. Recently I've noticed a trend on a couple of the servers for people advertising their services to PL an alt from level 1 to 50 for the "bargain" price of between 20 and 30 million inf. I was wondering what other people thought about the whole situation. The people running the fire farm and charging for the PL defend their actions by saying that at the end the toon will have plenty of inf, especially if they had a purple recipe drop. Now I often do fire farming to get inf for my own toons. I have Pink Pussycat and Blue Barracuda who's sole purpose in life is to fire farm. I often throw it open to anyone in Atlas who wants to door sit and I never charge, I just like the company. It seems a number of other fire farmers feel the same way, and recently I've seen a number saying they are running a free fire farm if anyone wants to jump on board. The reason I find it so concerning is that to me, it seems a lot of the level 1 to 50 PL'd toons are new players caught in the idea that the game starts at level 50 and when they do ding up, have no idea on how to play the game or slot their alts. If they are losing tens of millions of inf to some farmer they haven't got the inf to even slot their alt properly. 20 million inf will slot a level 50 with IO's and a few decent sets with change to spare. If it's a new player then they don't know any of the mechanics such as Auction house, rule of three for enhancements, team dynamics or any of those things we all find out as we level our first toon. As an experiment I PL'd a toon of my own to level 50. After 5 runs of Twisted Visages cityscape fire farm he hit 50 and selling everything sellable on the Auction House and one purple recipe drop he only came out with 27 million inf. Now I did have double XP running so there was no enemy inf dropping, but I doubt if a PL seller would let anyone do it NOT double XP'd, that would take too long. Even charging 20 mil for the run it would leave the alt pretty low on inf to slot properly. 30 mil would leave me in negative. I've seen the argument that if someone didn't want to be charged they should make their own fire farmer and dual box their alts themselves. It's a good argument, but not every system likes or is capable of running more than one instance of the game. My desktop will happily run two games for dual boxing, my laptop won't. We all play the game the way we want to play, and that is fine. From my own personal perspective though, charging new players for something they can get free from someone else is a bit naughty. On chat last night there was a bit of an argument going on and the person charging defended their actions with the argument that it was their time they were charging for, and if people didn't want to short cut to 50 they didn't have to. I get the argument, I really do, but as another player pointed out, if you have a fire farmer and need 30 million inf that badly you are doing something wrong.
  13. Yeah it isn't the fact that inf is pretty easy to get, it's the fact I was so careless in my fat fingered clumsiness. I did pop onto my fire farmer to get the inf back but it's just a pain.
  14. I feel your pain. I was trying to bid 10 million on something and put in 100 million by accident. Just one extra zero. No big deal........ Obviously I got the enhancement and someone else thought it was Christmas, but I went from having enough for a full set to screaming "NOOOOOOOOO" at my screen 🙂
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