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  1. I really like savage melee. I'm playing a scrapper atm and it is fun and fast.
  2. One of my favourites is "Don't run, you'll only die tired" 🙂
  3. There are some good things and bad things about all the different servers. They all share one thing in common though and that's a love of the game. Human nature will always be such that each group will feel their iteration of something is the best. And that's fine. I've tried different ones and my personal preference is homecoming. Someone else might prefer a different version and that's fine too. I don't think there is much animosity between most of the different servers and their devs, though there may be a few isolated incidents, the occasional chats I've had don't indicate anything more than a respect for going down a different path. There actually seems to be a general discouragement of criticising other servers choices. It seems to be the players who like to stir up non existent trouble rather than any of the admins on any of the servers.
  4. I tend to use blessing of the zephyr in my travel power. It gives a 4 point knockback resistance which is good against most things.
  5. I'm the same. I pop in if Homecoming is being quiet or is down for maintenance.
  6. The new power sets and stuff are up on Cake, but it's a big mess unfortunately. A lot of power sets are missing and bases are messed up. For those people complaining that they want more this and more that it is a good example of the tangled code messing things up that are nothing to do with the changes. Homecoming devs try to make as little impact as possible outside of the changes and so far have been doing really well. Cake tried to do something awesome for the players and unfortunately it's going to take them a while to put right whatever it is that went wrong. It's a shame as the cake team seem to be really nice, and they have worked extremely hard to put new things in that have been asked for by a lot of people for a very long time.
  7. I have a kat/wp scrapper and hes ace. I was fighting orange and red freakshow earlier on +2/2 at level 30 and they barely made a dent. Obviously I'm hampered by the limited availability of slots, so I went for a balance rather than favouring one thing over another. But I can see the potential at higher levels when I have my attacks and defences fully slotted.
  8. If you unsubscribe it just means you can't play for now. If you decide to go back then your account is as you left it. Or does WoW work differently to other MMORPGs?
  9. I have a teeny tiny tank called Fairy Nuff, and a martial arts scrapper called Foo Kinell 🙂
  10. No idea but I should imagine it's possible. Whether it would actually be popular enough to make a league worth of players, that's a more interesting question.
  11. I designed my base to look decent, then decided it was utterly inefficient for quick stuff like levelling, selling etc. So I have a nice medical center, a training room, a large vehicle bay, but I also have the base entry, teleports, a trainer, vendor and nurse all within a few steps of each other. Ouro is in the next room. So for those who just need to sell quick and level on the way to a new zone they can do it with maximum speed, but for those who want to RP or do other things they can chill in the lounge or go make a new costume in the changing rooms.
  12. I have TP set to ask before TP on every alt, but the incarnate version seems to teleport you whether you want it to or not. I've been in a few teams where people have complained about it, and it's annoying in a MSR if you are about to click the bomb and get whisked away. Like all incarnate abilities it can be really useful, but it's the one that can be far more irritating than the rest.
  13. I think they thought we would switch to Champions or Aion. I know they were pushing Aion for ages but nobody was even slightly interested. A lot of the stuff shoehorned in like PvP was to try to appeal to the Korean market which is massive and hugely profitable if it takes off. They wanted WoW numbers but didnt get that that would never happen. It's the same reason futurama was cancelled. They wanted Simpsons numbers and couldn't get them. Some companies look at market leaders and get annoyed that their product is profitable, but not through the roof profitable. WoW and Simpsons are anomalies you simply can't compare anything else to. You may have a better product, but they have a far better marketing budget and strategy. WoW tied itself to the Simpsons in the UK. They sponsored the show and had ads everywhere. City of Heros was almost non existent. The advertising was extremely poor and ncsoft had little interest in promoting it. They also had almost no idea of the market. When superhero movies took off they had the perfect product in their back catalogue to take advantage. All they had to do was dust it off, give it a bit of a graphical upgrade and buy ads in the cinema. By the end of marvel phase 1 they could have had it ready and cashed in big time, but not do much as a flicker of interest. Its interesting that Champions and DCO both failed to market their games to cash in on the trend. I will never understand companies planning and marketing execs. They are paid a fortune to spot trends and to increase market share. Not to sit on the perfect IP and ignore the chance to print their own money.
  14. I mostly farm Twisted Visage exemplar fire farm which is set on the space map. The enemies are set for high perception and insane aggro. If they see you they attack. I have noticed that my health goes down somewhat quicker because some of the mob runs away (not all) and are replaced by new ones, so instead of a steady stream of enemies that stay in burn and have to recharge their attacks I'm getting more attacks per minute than I used to. Even at soft cap with resist and defence there is a chance of some damage getting through so the sheer number of attacks increasing has increased the likelihood of some of them making their to hit roll. Since the patch it's not as bad, but I've gone from being able to AFK if I need to, to having to keep an eye on my health more. It's not game breaking, but it's certainly a wrinkle to make it just that little bit more challenging. I haven't tried Briggs farm, so I don't know how it is on there, but Twisted's has you surrounded by practically every enemy on the map.
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