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  1. Gotcha, is what it is then I suppose and I'll ignore him. Thanks.
  2. Max is still stuck as an active contact after the 8/27 patch, offering only "You try to call Max, but all you receive is a message informing you that the line has been disconnected." Additional info: Have completed all flashback missions mostly sequentially (blue/red side) Started non-ouro Max at some point in the middle of all that while doing random DA incarnate content, completing all his then available missions After 8/27 and reading the patch notes, I came back to finish up Max Was offered one mission, after completion he is just showing no new missions and contact bar is stuck around 5% I do/did already have Praetor Duncan unlocked Is he expected to move to Inactive/actually finish up or does he properly finish up and leave the active window? Thanks!
  3. Just to note, if you do this part on hero side, you will get the Bloody Hands Badge and be good to go. So don't be confused if you don't see Hero Slayer pop up in that mission.
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