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  1. It's unfortunate that the worst offenders ruin open discussion for the rest of us, but I will, of course, honor HC team's decisions. Good luck out there ya'll.
  2. I'm not sure there's much more I can add to this discussion without repeating myself. I just want to say that I never approach any discussion (in-game or out) hoping to 'convert' anyone. I approach good-faith discussions willing to listen and be heard. Most of the time I leave those discussions having learned something. That is all. I merely think it would continue to improve our community to have open discussions around improving it.
  3. I agree with nearly everything you say here. However, I have also seen people swing the CoC around in general like a hammer (not GMs, players). This becomes confusing when things like "controversial politics" are non-descriptive in their coverage. To be fair, I actually rarely see a GM intervene unless things get WAYYY out of hand, and I greatly appreciate that. I would just rather not feel like other players in the community have the power to shutdown open discussions while the discussion is being had politely, even if it relates to IRL real-world events. Hopefully that makes sense. Again, I agree with nearly everything in your post, and in Shard Warrior's above as well, but being open to improvements makes any community strong, in my opinion.
  4. Edit: Noticed I said TOC instead of COC. My bad. Edited above. Just wanted to clarify my intent: This post is a slight probe into seeing if HC staff would be open to community input for COC. I certainly don't deny that the buck stops with them.
  5. Just a question for the HC devs, GMs, community at large: Is there any interest in having a dialogue around the rules within COC? Specifically what is and isn't allowed? I can sleep well at night either way, but in my opinion the community would be better served by having a COC that, while appropriate, doesn't outwardly censor large swathes of topics as a band-aid for preventing the "Troll Wars" (tm). For instance, politics (large umbrella term that I'm still confused about) is often shutdown even during polite conversations (as it seemingly violates COC) but people can say the most sexually offensive stuff in general, or in social settings (looking at you, Pocket D) etc., so I feel like there are double standards at work here. Any thoughts? Just spit-ballin' here.
  6. Mentioned it in-game, but I was already (loosely) planning on building a spooky super base for Halloween, so I would be more than happy to contribute towards this endeavor in that way. Great idea, Vile!
  7. I just tried your syntax and it works for me. It displays "Typing..." when I hit Enter.
  8. Certainly the first part of this is true, but you wouldn't be able to cast the buff anyway if the teammate is out of range no matter your binds. Using the above one-liner still does just as good of a job when the team is assembled.
  9. Double or even triple-queing powers in CoH is possible, but it is not very intuitive and only works with certain power combos. Also, in my experience, it requires using powexecauto and powexectoggleon in addition to powexecname to work. Here's an example I've used in the past: /macro 3-In-1 "powexecauto Siphon Life$$powexectoggleon Smite$$powexectoggleon Shadow Punch$$powexecauto Shadow Maul$$follow$$targetcustomnear enemy alive" Description: The targeting and following commands at the beginning of the macro are optional but helpful for melee builds. This macro, if timed correctly, can fire off all 3 attacks with one button. Including "powexecauto Siphon Life" at the end of the macro seems to prevent the first power, in this case "Shadow Maul", which is set to auto, from toggling between auto-ON and auto-OFF. The Siphon Life power is never actually used. Note: This setup will trigger all three powers if you time the button presses correctly and have ample targets. The first button press will most likely trigger the auto-power. The second button press will trigger "Shadow Punch" and the third button press will trigger "Smite" if AND ONLY if the button is pressed right as the 2nd power is being triggered. It's buggy as hell but it serves as a proof of concept that a single-line macro can fire off multiple commands.
  10. Just thinking out loud here, but wouldn't the simplest form of this macro be: /macro teamcast "powexecname Enforced Morale$$targetcustomnext alive teammate" Description: Cycles through all teammates and casts Enforce Morale once on each. No bind_load necessary?
  11. Not to confuse anyone, but this note is regarding code-changes to CityBinder: I wanted to disable the constant self-tells whenever my Warshade changes between forms, so I searched for the text 'Changing to...' in 'speedondemand.lua' and removed each instance of the tell command where I found it in the file. This successfully deafened the form change self-tells. Be careful not to accidentally delete the opening quotation mark at each location or the program will not reopen upon saving the revised file. Also, if you do not have permission to edit the file, copy it to your desktop, make the changes, and copy the file back to the original location, providing administrative permission. Hope this helps someone down the road.
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