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  1. I've made the same character several times, and each version has different powersets; Shield/StJ tanker, Kin/Nin Scrapper, TW/Nin Scrapper, and will likely make more, thinking another Shield/? Tanker. Basically, she's a merc turned hero-for-hire, who uses the money she's made to learn as many fighting styles and weapons as she can.
  2. The problem is it can't be dismissed. I can get around it following other players, but I HATE being forced into it following me. Sorry, but that was just a BAD idea.
  3. So, my character I was playing today, who isn't a parent, or even human, suddenly has this kid thrust on her and is told it's hers? No, that COMPLETELY ruined immersion for me. I don't mind if others like it following them, but having no way to dismiss it or turning it off is just bad, and ultimately comes off as IMMENSELY creepy.
  4. The bat and brawl patch? Sure, they're great, I'd actually like to have the bat and modified brawl put into the P2W vendor after this. The "kid" thing? No, not funny at all. I was enjoying myself today until it showed up, now it has my anxiety through the roof because this game is an escape for me and now I refuse to play while that creepy thing is following my character around.
  5. Uncomfortable, indeed. Immersion-breaking, immensely creepy, and not allowing us to get rid of it has me shaking my head. Let us dismiss it, please, you've had your laughs. Thing wasn't funny for even a second for me.
  6. This. It's creepy, and what characters I have that -are- parents aren't even human, the rest would have dropped the kid off at the nearest police station. Devs, next time you do something like this, let us dismiss it. You've had your laugh, now move on.
  7. Let me know when this is gone. The rest I found amusing. This? No, not playing with this thing following my character around. At least give us an option to disable it. Otherwise, not logging in until it's gone, even if it means not logging in for a month.
  8. Praetorian Recluse never happened, Stephan Richter was killed by Praetorian Cole when they discovered the well, so he never even had the chance to become Recluse or anything else. I forget exactly what mission states this, but it is stated quite clearly in either dialogue or a clue in a Praetoria mission.
  9. Ritikesh

    burn fear

    It's a bug with taunt auras with a tohit check;
  10. Holy crap, I have a Kin/Nin, PSI/Nin, and TW/Nin Scrappers at 50, and never even considered putting procs into Blinding Powder, instead I've used it as a mule for a Cloud Senses set for the bonuses. Time to rework a few builds... and yes, I'm LOVING my TW/Nin Scrapper, it's one of the most anime combos out there XD I tend to open with Build Momentum and Whirling Smash, love seeing so many crits thanks to the in-set stealth power.
  11. I just barely noticed this XD Didn't expect a rely that late after I made the thread, which is why I only now seeing it
  12. Last night, most of the team I was on crashed while waiting at a mission door. Here's a crash log. cityofheroes-7z05qcz524ekm3dbm92vwg1jgs.report
  13. I find it actually help the set. It not only gives mez protection, but also defense debuff resist. With enough recharge, you can have it perma-double-stacked. My shield tanker has around 85% def debuff resist because of that
  14. That's because Praetor Duncan in the DA arcs can only be contacted via phone, she doesn't have an corresponding in-game model for the crystal to teleport you to.
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