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  1. I set up a bind for that; /bind f "powexec_name Ninja Run$$powexec_name Combat Jumping" Just change "f" to whatever button you prefer.
  2. If you're going by Mids' description, it's wrong, Combat Jumping CAN be used with Shinobi-Iri. Edit: Actually, the Mids description has been changed, it no longer erroneously states that jumping powers can't be used with Shinobi-Iri. Shinobi-Iri just can't be used with other stealth powers.
  3. That's where the "follow the same rules expected of the PPD" comes in. And of course there would be rules and regulations for whatever equipment a Hero uses, but those would be covered under their own laws. Also, the most punishment I've seen in-lore for a bad failure is in an Indigo mish, where Malta attempted ruin a Hero's career by blowing up a building, where I assumed the Hero would either just have their license revoked, or contacts simply wouldn't talk to them. Nothing ever pointed to anything close to "dereliction of duty", and the new Atlas arcs point out that there are Heroes who "hung up the cape", so to speak. Can the FBSA command them to do a task, as well? It also doesn't take into account alien Heroes from other planets or dimensions, volunteering their services. Edit: Also, to be clear, I'm talking about Heroes who try their best to follow the rules. Now, for the Vigilante who decided to enganger lives by leaving the disease factory to go after the bad guy? Yeah, I can see the FBSA getting pissed and pressing endangerment charges. A Hero that, for whatever reason, came up short and likely nearly lost their own life in the process? Sorry, but "dereliction of duty" and being ordered around, I see as going too far.
  4. @PiecemealSorry for my tone earlier, I do appreciate the work you're putting in. That said, the way you framed things in the arc; the FBSA being able to order a Hero on a whim, laws that can impose fines and punishment for failure or doing things their own way, I just don't see being beneficial towards maintaining a force composed mostly of volunteers. When most Heroes are risking their lives to protect the city, and most of the time all they get in exchange is some platitudes, who but the most devoted would consider it an acceptable risk when some agent can not only give them a direct order, but charge them with dereliction of duty for failure or non-compliance? What about Hero Corps? It would be bad for business if at any time the FBSA could commandeer a Hero from them for some task.
  5. Wait, what? Dereliction of duty? Okay, I was already heavily questioning how Agent Watkins could "order" my character to do something, and now we're getting into fines and punishment? I call BS. Heroes are freaking VOLUNTEERS, their license is just that, permission to use their powers to fight crime, as long as the follow the same rules the PPD. They don't get paid, unless they work for Hero Corps or are a mercenary. The idea that the FBSA can just order them around is ludicrous to me, and facing fines and punishment for failure on top of that? For risking their lives in exchange for NOTHING? Again, I call BS.
  6. Reactive Defenses: Scaling Resist Damage and Superior Scrapper's Strike: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge cannot be placed in the same build as of 3.0, attempting to gives a message saying the enhancements in ArchetypeE are unique to each other. Edit: Oh, also, in Scrapper Ninjitsu, Shinobi-Iri is able to take jump IO sets in-game, but Mids doesn't allow it.
  7. Title says November 11th, shouldn't it be November 30th😉?
  8. I also have a build I can share, though it'll be in about 6 hours since I'm currently at work. TW/nin is a really fun combo.
  9. ... You're right. Just tested it myself using Super damage inspirations, no difference between 300% and 400% +damage on my 100%-enhanced Greater Fire Sword
  10. Nevermind, I'm an idiot
  11. OOC: It's Established in the SSA that no one even knows that Pandora's Box is even there, until the player character discovers it, finds the secret hatch to the basement, and your NPC partner at that point opens it. If you're a villain running it, you purposely go into the Zig, knowing you'll be suppressed, because you have in your possession the one artifact that can divert Pandora's Box's power away from you. While there, a guard quips about how he never gets tired of watching a Circle mage wave his wand ineffectively before being jumped (and given that the Circle are ancient spirits possessing bodies, I doubt any drugs would affect them to begin with, as their stolen bodies are depicted as decaying). However, the guards are portrayed as having knowledge that people who enter are insta-suppressed without anything extra needed, and it seems to be common knowledge. Just before the SSA, no one really knew -what- was suppressing them.
  12. ((Yeah, I'm guessing the original devs were trying to retcon that with the Pandora's Box SSA, my guess is because it doesn't account at all for heroes who are androids, or who's "powers" are from simple training, or who cast spells. So, they inserted Pandora's Box into a hidden basement as a catch-all McGuffin and made it so simply going past a certain point just insta-suppresses you, regardless of origin))
  13. ((A correction on the manner in which powers are suppressed in the Zig; the second SSA reveals that it's the presence of Pandora's Box in the facility. Just simply walking past a certain point drains all of a super's powers away. If drugs were ever mentioned before, I would assume the Pandora's Box SSA was an attempt at a retcon for that))
  14. "Bentley" (guy really needs to stop using characters that aren't his, and I really wish HC wouldn't let him) never has anything of value to say. Just put him on ignore already, he's not worth the time or effort. Every post he makes is full of self-important elitism and a lot of, honestly, the most mind-boggling garbage I've ever read. Put him on ignore and save your sanity.
  15. I can see the Hamidon, or Devouring Earth, mutating the kitten into a giant cat monster and unleashing it onto the city.
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