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  1. Hi, We have a player in our SG who cannot play when anyone uses the Thermal shields on the team. Would it be possible to add a costume option like the one that exists for Cold Domination to reduce the FX of the shields? We don't want to force members to skip the powers or the set, make it so that the player with the issues can't play, or for them to use reduced graphics. Thanks.
  2. Whoops! I must have been tired and/or real life bleeding in, and I didn't read the second line of the reply where it was very obvious.
  3. Not sure if I found a bug or if I am incorrect in how the game is operating. I have a build that has 4 LotG: +Recharges and it also has two sets that are giving +7.5% Recharge. This is not showing a problem on the Sets & Bonuses window. Do LotG +Recharges not count towards the "Rule of Five" or is there a bug in Mid's for not catching that?
  4. As an IT professional this is perhaps the stupidest response I could have imagined. Write it down somewhere even though it's already tracked in the system and it behaves differently depending on the status of that flag. Suuuure. You should do that with your bank balance too. No need for the bank to show you what's in your account. You should take that responsibility on yourself. Bounce a draft? Well, you should have known better n00b!
  5. There is obviously a flag on a character that states whether the WST has been completed for the week. At a minimum, can we get a slash command to retrieve that value? It would be nice to check to see if one of my characters has completed the WST. I play with many different people and I DON'T HAVE AN ALT PROBLEM, so it would be nice to be able to just check in game. Thanks for the consideration.
  6. I just did my Alpha unlock arc and both Trapdoor and Echo of Minos broke aggro and ran as soon as I summoned Lightning Storm. Why is there an issue #1 fear effect with power? Both EBs were highly resistant to my *two* immob powers so I couldn't even root them. Same applies to Tornado. Mobs run like rabbits as soon as it is cast and the effect of my Overwhelming Force KB2KD was also ignored by these mobs. This power is rendered almost completely useless in AV fights since the patch that changed the aggro calculations. There's a reason why the issue 1 fear effects were ch
  7. I'd love to see the animation reduced or the duration extended a bit. It's a pain to constantly summon it. Sure it does a good deal of damage over a minute.... *if* a spawn lasts that long. Then it's off to the next spawn while it takes it time getting there.... time to resummon! And the only indicator is the small icon buried in your buffs... I may keep it, but it's extremely annoying.
  8. Whenever I zone with my Necro MM it plays the summoning sound effect but it ignores the volume setting in the game and plays at full volume. Since I have the game sound turned down and my overall volume much higher for voice comms, it is *extremely* loud.
  9. Hi, A friend asked me to help with a build for a Water/Fire build on a budget (No purples, ATOs, Winter IOs, PVP IOs). I can help her with a few of the moderately expensive IOs (e.g. Perf Shifter +End, -KB IO). I'm not all that familiar with Sentinels and I don't usually build on a budget. Does anyone have any suggestions before I embark on this or even a build like this? Thanks for any help. I don't want to screw up someone else's character.
  10. I don't have a problem with the unreliability of the hold (50%), but the immob should always apply. The way that it stands the held targets could start moving sooner than the targets that are missed by the hold. If it's strongly slotted for hold that would be minimized, but I think that should not be expected for Blasters even with a Hold power.
  11. @VandenThanks for that. Perhaps you can also help with the following. Does non-stacking mean that portion does not stack with the same power cast by self and others, while the stacking portion will.... stack? Also, does the change below still hold an LT for the first 6? Hold changed from Mag 3, Scale 12 to: Mag 2, Scale 10 (non stacking) Mag 1, Scale 6 (stacking)
  12. Would you please tag the current Oro mission that it is the old story arc, and add another that lets you flashback to the current arc? If you miss Tina you have to go through the original arc which defeats the purpose of having the flashbacks in the current time line and the original arcs were not designed very well either.
  13. Intangibility enhancers were removed from the game. If it's only occasionally when the triangles are down it's even less useful. The cage powers were nerfed a while ago. They have limited usefulness early if you are playing at normal notoriety. They are a waste of a power at high levels of notoriety.
  14. This is not correct. I just went on the test server outside of AE and fought a +4 Infernal AV. The Sonic Cage hit, the orange text appeared, and he was not caged.
  15. Based on my tests in AE, I doubt that this is still true. One cage was not enough for a +4 Boss (two worked) and it was not possible to cage a +0 Black Scorpion EB even with two cages.
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