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  1. Big thanks Piyerus for all the data; It's a huge help. Also, many props for the badge count xD
  2. More badges from AboveTheChemist! 1376/1531 Almost there!
  3. Another update... AboveTheChemist came through with the first batch of scraped badges. The gladiator list is complete now. Ordering may be a bit off, I don't have access to the full in-game list to validate, if anyone does, and wouldn't mind confirming the order for me, that'd be wonderful. Same goes for the other categories, exploration in particular. Now at 896/1531 badges implemented.
  4. Good eye, thanks! I've fixes those now.
  5. Little update for everyone. It took pretty much the whole weekend, but I got through the exploration badge list. There's now 797 of the 1531 badges implemented. AboveTheChemist is working on a tool to scrape and generate the lions share of the remaining badges, so hopefully they'll go in a bit quicker... if only for the sake of my sanity. There's also been a few UI improvements and tweaks - https://n15g.github.io/badger/changelog
  6. I was blissfully unaware of this 😛 Sounds like a good thing to look into when I finish the badge list though. Noted! -https://github.com/n15g/badger/issues/14
  7. Absolutely! Someone else already asked for this too. I'll probably add it as soon as I've finished adding all the remaining badges. https://github.com/n15g/badger/issues/5 That'd be fantastic if you'd be willing to do that! It would definitely speed everything up.
  8. No assembly required, batteries included! All you need to do if you just want to use it is follow the top link (https://n15g.github.io/badger/). It's a normal web site and runs in your browser. It's also fairly responsive too, so it should look and work fine on mobile. If you want to download and run it locally, you can grab it from the github repositories on the bottom links, but I'd only recommend doing so if you're already familiar with NodeJS and Angular. As for the missing badges, they're defined in Typescript files, so a little bit of coding experience is required to manage them, as well as some experience with git and raising pull requests in github, but since the repositories are open source, anyone is free to try their hand at it. The homecoming definitions are stored here: https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming There should be more than enough examples to get started too, as I think I covered off on all the different badge types with the exception of a few outliers like the Praetorian bridges badge, which has a very unique requirement. Before anyone does jump in though, let me know so we can coordinate and not end up working on the same badges. If you're not comfortable with the coding side of things, then checking the existing data for errors or missing information/icons would also be very helpful. Even just helping to collate all the badge data into a more easily consumed format, like a csv file, or something I can write a script to parse would be a timesaver, as the biggest time sink is collecting all the various bits of info (badge text, alignment, links to the wiki, the icon, etc.) from my existing spreadsheet, the wiki and the forums. So much alt-tabbing. I could also use some help with these: https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming/issues/4 - I don't know the correct in-game order for a lot of the badges (I actually don't have that many badges myself ). Anyone with this info would be realllllly appreciated. https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming/issues/2 - The actual level bands for the Ouroboros badges seem to be different depending on where you look... I need someone to confirm the actual levels for each badge. https://github.com/n15g/badger/issues/6 - I'm terrible at design. Anyone with good UX/UI skills who wants to help make the thing look not bad would be great xD Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation, so I'll try and get as many badges done as I can. Though it's almost the weekend anyway and I'll try and finish them all off then.
  9. Thanks! Fixing - https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming/issues/6 Also, I figured I should probably start a new thread for the app, rather than pollute this one for anyone who is just here for updates to the spreadsheet:
  10. Hi all, I've been working on a webapp to replace the badge tracker spreadsheet I wrote previously, and it's available for testing/feedback to anyone interested. You can find it here: https://n15g.github.io/badger/ It's missing a lot of badges right now, I've added enough to test the functionality since it takes me forever to actually collect all the badge data into the new format, but I'll be working on finishing the badge list ASAP. It's no badge-hunter.com (everything is stored locally, so there's no leaderboard to show off with :P) but it should be an order of magnitude easier to use than the spreadsheet, and you won't have to do anything when the badge list changes. If there's enough interest, I'll move the whole thing into a cloud-backed app in the future. It's all open source, you can track my progress or contribute here: The webapp - https://github.com/n15g/badger Data definitions - https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db Homecoming data pack - https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming It's also designed to work with data from multiple server groups, so if anyone would like to work on a data pack for the other server flavors, let me know.
  11. Great idea! Noted -https://github.com/n15g/badger/issues/5 I wasn't sure what to do with this one. If anyone can confirm, I'll split it out. These are all over the place... The badge text doesn't match the oro ranges, and the wiki data is even more inconsistent... The spreadsheet was using the wiki values, but I deferred to the badge text for the app. I've raised an issue to gather more info: https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming/issues/2 Well, crap. Fixing - https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming/issues/1 Thanks for all the feedback!
  12. You never disappoint Chemist! Thanks for the input, yet again xD 1: I completely overlooked this... derp. Noted- https://github.com/n15g/badger/issues/1 2: Correct... I popped the character name and such into the export string to make it easier to differentiate the output if for some reason you wanted to dump all your character strings next to each other... it may have been unnecessary. The character name is actually stored in the output though, if you wanted to play with it. Everything after the triple pipe is the actual content. It's base 64 encoded gzipped json, so to make it legible, just reverse the process with something akin to (bash) echo "the string" | base64 - d | gunzip > result. I'll add the ability to rename characters asap though. The import function could easily be extended to import something to spit out from the game though if somebody felt like producing something like that :3 3: Yep. Good point. Can't believe I overlooked that too. Noted - https://github.com/n15g/badger/issues/2 4: Also a good idea - https://github.com/n15g/badger/issues/3 I can easily extend the text search to search the description as well, or in the case of the inventions, the associated levels. That'd probably be an easy solution.
  13. Just open the link, the app is hosted on github pages, so it's just like a normal website. The menu at the top has the badge list, and you can create a character by clicking on 'My Characters'. I should probably rename that... It sounds like it's linking to *my* characters considering the homepage is written in the first person to a degree. In fact, assume that I've already renamed it to 'Characters', I'll do that now. Alternatively, you can download and run it locally from the source, but I wouldn't recommend that if you're not familiar with node JS.
  14. Well, I've finally got the new badge tracker app into a semi-reasonable state. It's still missing a ton of badges... I'll get stuck into those over the next week or so. Anyone feel like being a [Bug Hunter] for me and testing it out in the mean-time? https://n15g.github.io/badger/
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