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  1. That's excellent, thanks! It looks like M+ 1c is the console font, with a black shadow and that slight gradient I should be able to reproduce the in-game look and feel pretty closely. Neat!
  2. Anyone know anything about the font used for the console/UI in-game? I was thinking it might be cool to style parts of the site using that font, like the badge descriptions. The marketing material Red Circle font is in the fan site kit, but I can't find anything about the in-game fonts... Though, from what I've heard about the UI code it wouldn't surprise me to learn that text is rendered from some god-awful, custom-built nightmare spaghetti sprite of doom.
  3. Guess I should bite that bullet and add a way to make badges not really badges... https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db/issues/4
  4. Flames has been included and removed various times over the life of the spreadsheet and now this app due to it's weird nature; it doesn't actually count as a badge for the badge count... and once you redeem it, there's no way to get it again... I could code a whole system for "badges that are badges but aren't badges"... but the easiest thing do do for now was to just take it out again.
  5. Great feedback... and I agree, there's not enough contrast between the two for it to be comfortable. https://github.com/n15g/badger/issues/22 I like your first option; removing the table striping; It's not really necessary given the height of the cells... I would like to keep the shading though, or maybe change the color... it makes it easy to scan for missing badges without having to look at a single column... at least until I get around to adding in the collected badges filter.
  6. Fixed! No idea how I missed so many ATs.
  7. Probably at some stage, but it involves a lot of extra work... and hosting costs... and I'm not sure if I want to make that leap just yet. I have some more time off over Christmas, I'll probably look at doing something then, if there's enough interest to justify it. For now, the import/export on the character pages is there as a stop-gap to at least be able to back up your data in case of this sort of thing.
  8. I've got a task to look into working with something like Hero Stats to do just this... in fact I can probably make something from anything that can spit out a list of badge names from the game, I'm just flat out with real-world stuff at the moment xD I believe AboveTheChemist has a settitle-based log script that would also do the job, although it takes a long time to iterate over the badge list. If someone can come up with a simple way to get the badge list out of the game, it should be fairly simple for me to write something to import it.
  9. There isn't at the moment. I toyed with the idea of adding an export function to the old sheet, but it has the same problem that to get the new functionality, you'd have to copy everything to a new sheet anyway. Plus, not everything is a perfect match, as there have been tweaks and adjustments to the new data set that possibly aren't reflected in the old. The good news is that the new site doesn't suffer from the problem of updating like the old spreadsheet. You'd never have to copy your badges to a new sheet, just to get the new badge definitions, or updates, and the new site does have an export function, so it'll be much easier to move the data around in the future.
  10. Yep... sorry, very busy weekend. Lots of changes from ATC and Stray! I'll get them all pushed through ASAP.
  11. I've got this on my todo: https://github.com/n15g/badger/issues/19 Should be very easy to add in, I'll hopefully get some time this week to add it.
  12. You've had a busy day! I've pushed all your fixes now. Thanks!
  13. I'm hoping for that API... It's one of the big things that'd push me to move to a cloud-backed approach. Could create leaderboards... badge hunting seasons... all sorts of cool stuff if there was a way to verify the badge list.
  14. It... err... is... yes. - https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming/issues/31 What's a Tanker anyway... Some kind of Brute?
  15. As @Stray mentioned, it's all stored locally, and uncomfortably ephemeral (depending on how often the user likes to clear their cache). That's the biggest caveat with the current approach. I added the import/export as a stopgap to help with this particular issue, but I'll admit it's pretty crap as far as usability is concerned. It comes with a ton of advantages over a cloud platform (for the developer anyway); no worrying about code injection, data leaks, XSS, backups... in fact, 99% of the stuff I'd normally have to worry about are non-issues for a client-space application like this... so it was dead easy to build and deploy. I would like to move this to something with online storage, but there's a bit more ramp-up time in getting that up and running, and I've just started a massive project at work that is sapping my time and motivation, so it probably won't be coming in the next 3 months or so. Now, as to your question. Yep... it's a little bit of work, but it should be fairly easy to do. In fact, I should make some changes to the character service down the line so that it more reliably deals with asynchronous calls https://github.com/n15g/badger/blob/master/src/app/character/character-db.service.ts, this would allow you to replace the calls to localstorage with XHR calls to a backend store, like Firebase for instance, to store the data there instead. If there's enough interest, I'll look at making the storage mechanism pluggable... so it can be switched out more easily if people do actually want to deploy it themselves. The problem is that server-side-storage usually brings other concerns, like authentication and authorization... things the app has no concept of right now.
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