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  1. Hi everyone, I haven't been paying attention to this as I sort of drifted away from the game. Thanks ATC for looking after things and helping people out where you can, it's much appreciated. Awesome work! I stopped maintaining the spreadsheet version, but I still get (despite all the instructions) access requests every now and then, so some people must be using it still as well. If anyone here is interested in maintaining the original sheet, let me know your google account in a DM and I'll add you to the sheet. I'll also incorporate what I can of these new
  2. Yep, this ^ There's an open issue to split more (https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db/issues/8) but I still think the splitting causes more pain than a few out-of-order badges. I don't really have the motivation to sort out a proper solution to both problems these days. As for the wiki issue; There's an open issue discussing some options: https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming/issues/113 It sounds like the new wiki is still a bit of a WIP, but won't be any worse than the archive wiki, so maybe a global search and replace is worth the effort to move all the links over. Ass
  3. Ah, yeah... it looks like there's some issues with the paths when uploaded to github pages. I'll take a look.
  4. I had let three pull requests back up... on the plus side, there's a log parser now that art0rz wrote 😛
  5. Sorry, that took me forever o get that change in. I've not been paying attention
  6. The alignment of most badges is so blurred, particularly with the changes in HC, that it's hard to make sense of what to put there most of the time. Given you can change alignment at will now, and the weird way a lot of Praetorian stuff is handled I don't think the alignment is useful at all 90% of the time xD That being said, I'm happy to defer to you guys; if you think it's wrong, then it probably is... and it's easy enough to change back later.
  7. No plans sorry; it was a pain to maintain, which is part of the reason I made the app instead... and since any updates to it don't copy across to people's individual copies, making any sort of export tool would be a ton of work for not much benefit since you'd have to copy to a new version of the sheet anyway. I'm sure I could come up with something on the app side... but, it's still a lot of work that I'd rather not do at the moment ^^;
  8. It looks like they are actually in the same coordinates, just different maps. The wiki even has the same positional text for both... unless the wiki is wrong too.
  9. Thanks guys; I've pushed that fix live.
  10. Hey everyone... I finally got set back up to work on this, and merged all of ATC's work in, as well as the fix for Bug Hunter and Flames of Prometheus showing up in totals. The fixes should all be live now. https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming/issues/48 - [Bug Hunter] and [Flames of Prometheus] no longer count in badge totals. https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming/issues/52 - [Newswoman] is actually [Newsgirl]. https://github.com/n15g/coh-content-db-homecoming/issues/51 - [Repairman] is missing female badge name. https://github.com/n15g
  11. a *lot* of pull requests xD My backup machine isn't set up for this project, but I'll try and get these merged in and deployed in the next few days.
  12. Thanks! I'll fix these up as soon as I can; my dev laptop is being repaired at the moment, so probably some time next year. Does anyone have any more info on Bloody Hands? I'm reticent to change it if it is actually a bug.
  13. For easy stuff like this I'll try to keep it up-to-date. I've removed it from the master doc. If you want to remove it from your personal copies, just delete the checkbox from the first cell and it will no longer be added to the totals.
  14. That's excellent, thanks! It looks like M+ 1c is the console font, with a black shadow and that slight gradient I should be able to reproduce the in-game look and feel pretty closely. Neat!
  15. Anyone know anything about the font used for the console/UI in-game? I was thinking it might be cool to style parts of the site using that font, like the badge descriptions. The marketing material Red Circle font is in the fan site kit, but I can't find anything about the in-game fonts... Though, from what I've heard about the UI code it wouldn't surprise me to learn that text is rendered from some god-awful, custom-built nightmare spaghetti sprite of doom.
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