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  1. Hi. My suggestion would be to allow an option to limit the fx for the Radiation Armour set. With everything running, it's a little distracting. I see that the option is available for Dark Melee and Bio Armour. Would it be possible to make that option available for Radiation as well? Pic enclosed is at level 8. I can only imagine what this is going to look like in the 40's. Thanks!
  2. Hi Hive Mind - Has anyone ever published/tracked either the Troll Rave in Skyway City or the Hellion Firestarter event in Steel Canyon? I was hoping to use one as a super-group origin story, but don't know if they're on a timer, or just happen at random intervals. Before I start camping out in the zone to see how often the announcements come up, I'm just curious if anyone's ever timed it out before. Thanks!
  3. Hello Hive Mind - I know that we are permitted 5 server transfers every 3 days (last time I checked), but is there a timer somewhere that says when exactly that 3 days is up, or a /slash command one can use to check? Thanks!
  4. All of the feels. People i haven't see for years. SO, so grateful.
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